PA-Sen: Toomey Touts Schumer Opposition to Iran Deal

U.S.-IranSen. Pat Toomey has been a fierce opponent of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and now he has an unlikely ally.

Yesterday, Sen. Chuck Schumer announced his opposition to the deal (while America was watching the GOP presidential debate).

Schumer was seen as a potentially important ally for a number of reasons: 1. he is set to become the Democrats’ new leader in 2017 2. he is Jewish, which would give him credibility in the argument against Israel’s concerns 3. he represents New York, a heavily Democratic state and the one with the most Jewish residents.

“Last night, my Democratic colleague from New York, Senator Chuck Schumer, issued a powerful statement announcing his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal,” Sen. Toomey wrote. “I appreciate his thoughtful and thorough review of the agreement. Sen. Schumer shares my concerns about inspections that are not ‘anytime, anywhere,’ our inability to re-impose sanctions, and the damage Iran will do as a result of the non-nuclear aspects of this deal. This Senate vote is momentous for our country. I commend Sen. Schumer for his willingness to put aside partisanship, and I encourage my Democratic colleagues to follow his independent path.”

Still, some have argued that Sen. Schumer would only publicly oppose the plan once he privately knew that his opposition wouldn’t kill it.

Remember, the deal with Iran is an executive agreement not a treaty. The latter needs two-thirds approval of the Senate while the former doesn’t. The only way for Congress to fight against an executive agreement is to pass legislation. President Obama, though, would veto any bill that threatens the deal so Congress would have to override his veto.

At the moment, the Administration is focused on getting the support of enough House Democrats to prevent any veto override.

7 Responses

  1. Republicans will forgive Israel for anything. Jonathan Pollard spies on the US for Israel – no problem. That was an embarrassment when Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress. 70 years and billions of dollars of US tax dollars and what have we gotten in return????????????

  2. Our country has been screwed in the Middle East since the 40’s when the choice was made to support the State of Israel. The political hacks in Congress would rather bow down to BeBe than save our own country.

  3. Republican chicken hawk warmongers, Big Oil and the Israel Lobby all oppose the Iran agreement. The first two are Chuck Schumer’s new pals – the third is calling the shots in the fight against peace. Big Oil doesn’t want to see Iranian petroleum back on the market – but those who’d like to see buck a gallon gas at the pump again should support the treaty.

  4. Hillary, Biden, were the last cowards to vote to take us to war. Did I miss anyone? To bad Toomey wasn’t around last time to vote alongside those losers.

  5. Hey, Pat, you sniveling worm – did YOU ever serve your country? Put on a uniform? Go in harm’s way? I have no time for cowards who try to take us to war. Toomey is Yellow, through and through. He should STFU on anything that relates to military issues.

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