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PA16: Kelly Raises $245K in Q2

His second quarter haul wasn’t as strong as his first. 

Rep. Mike Kelly’s (R-Butler) campaign raised just under $245,000 from the beginning of April to the end of June, while spending roughly $110,000 during this time period. The $245,000 raised in the second quarter is $215,000 less than he brought in the previous quarter to start off the year. 

The Butler County Republican in his fifth term has now raised over $710,000 in the election cycle-to-date

Just under $150,000 of his funds raised from April to the end of June came from a wide variety of joint fundraising committees, including over $30,000 more House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “Take Back the House 2020 PAC.” 

Kelly’s campaign entered the month of July with over $530,000 cash on hand. In comparison to this point in his previous bid in August 2017, he’s raised roughly $140,000 more in the election cycle-to-date, but has less than half of the cash on hand he had in this point in his previous bid, when he brought in just under $1.1M into the second half of 2017. 

His most recent bid for Congress was much different his several previous runs due to the redrawing of the state’s Congressional boundaries. Kelly’s closest contest since winning his Congressional in the old boundaries was his first victory in 2010 when he won by 11 points. In November 2018, he defeated Democrat Ron DiNicola by just under 4.5 points.

President Donald Trump carried Kelly’s previous district by over 25 points, but with the new boundaries he slightly won by over 20 points.

Kelly outraised his opponent in the previous election cycle by nearly $750,000, by bringing in $2.5M from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2018, while DiNicola’s campaign raised just over $1.75M during his bid.

Kelly’s 2018 bid proved to be much more expensive than his previous three victories. His campaign spent $3.3M during the last election cycle. He entered 2017 with $740,000 cash on hand and ended 2018 with just under $40,000.

Since Kelly’s previous campaign finance report, one Democratic candidate, Daniel Smith Jr., a Senior bank manager, has officially filed with the FEC to make a bid for the Western Pennsylvania district. 

Kelly is one of three Pennsylvania Republicans being targeted by the DCCC’s initial 2020 list, along with Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) and Scott Perry (R-York).

5 Responses

  1. kelly could only win in a heavily gerrymandered district & funds from the scumbagilian elite in the kremlin & the orange ahole squating in the white house. after all thoose hostile teabager blow hard antics but the dushbag cant take what he dished out when was the last time this piece of shit been to a town hall. he’s afraid & considering the guy in philadelphia who shot 6 cops he should be afraid & with 50 cop cars or more being held off by one bag guy so much for the N uerotic R ussian’s A sshole therory of a good guy with a gun their were 50 trained cops!! fuck trump fuck kremlin kelly fuck the 2 trillion tax cut for the rich That has all ready added to the national debit!! KREMLIN KELLEY IS A GOD DAMN UNAMERICAN RUSSIAN TRADER SEND HIM TO THE SOUTH LAWN GUILLOTINE WITH ALL THE OTHER TRADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If Ron DiNicola couldn’t beat Mike Kelly, the DCCC are going to be hard pressed to find a better candidate. Ron has now run for that office and lost all three times. I can’t imagine they would run him again.

    1. Agreed, if he can’t beat Kelly then I think it’s an unwinnable district for Democrats in its current form. Ron was the perfect candidate: former Marine, high profile attorney, could race a lot of cash, etc. Someone from down in Kelly’s area would probably have the best shot since you cut into his margins there and do well in Erie regardless.

  3. >Just under $150,000 of his funds raised from April to the end of June came from a wide variety of joint fundraising committees

    Not exactly a sign that Mr. Kelly enjoys popular support, but the rich Republican elite sure do like him. More folks should understand how joint fundraising committees work. I can tell you they aren’t made up of men who work for a living.

    1. BINGO

      Kelly does not care about the people in his district. Only staying in office and trying to make America like 1950 again.

      Total buffoon (but a rich and powerful one at that).

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