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PA8: Chrin Releases 1st General Election Ad

It’s TV time in PA8.

On Monday, GOP candidate John Chrin of Pennsylvania’s newly drawn 8th Congressional District  released his first campaign ad of the general election cycle against incumbent Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna). This ad comes out just one day after 2Q filings were made available from the FEC, which shows Chrin’s significant self-funding.  

In the 30 second advertisement, Chrin credited his upbringing in Northeast Pennsylvania for giving him the “tools” to succeed in Congress.

“In Congress, I’ll put those tools to use for us; fighting for good paying jobs, quality affordable healthcare, and banning sanctuary cities,” Chrin says in the ad.

Cartwright’s campaign says they aren’t worried about the advertisement.

“I have not seen it yet,” said Colleen Gerrity, Campaign Manager, Cartwright for Congress. “Does Mr. Chrin from New Jersey explain why he wants to cut social security benefits while raising taxes on social security at the same time?”

The Chrin campaign ad comes out at a time where it believes it is gaining momentum. Last week, Inside Elections changed the status of the race from “Likely Democrat” to “Leans Democrat”. Chrin was also named a “Young Gun” by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Thus far, Chrin has loaned his campaign $900,000, some spent before the GOP May primary, with $205,000 of it from late April to the end of June. Despite these large self-funding numbers, Cartwright’s campaign nearly doubled their campaign in money raised and cash on hand after 2Q filing.

From late April to the end of June, the Cartwright campaign raised slightly over $280,000 while the Chrin campaign brought in close to $110,000.

The Chrin campaign spent more during this time period, over $360,000, which included some time leading up to the contested May primary. Cartwright spent slightly over $65,000 during this period in which he ran unopposed in the Democratic primary. Cartwright enters the beginning of July with more cash on hand as well, slightly over $1.8M to Chrin’s $840,000.  

The newly drawn 8th district went for President Trump by close to 10 points.


9 Responses

  1. A man born in Bethlehem and lived most his life in New Jersey while working in New York City runs an ad attacking Philadelphia in order to win a seat in Scranton. Give Jersey John some credit, he’s been putting some pins in his map lately.

    1. Wow the Munleys and the Cartwrights must be pretty scared. Their Democrats only line of attack from this guy is that he used to live in New Jersey. Who cares? Don’t you want someone who does a good job for you in Congress?

      Matt Cartwright has sat on his hands for far too long. He is one of THE LEAST EFFECTIVE INDIVIDUALS IN CONGRESS, factually. I’d vote for Gus the Groundhog over Cartwright. Just so happens that Chrin is a smart, caring business man on top of it.


  2. The problem Republican candidates will have in 2018 is timing. Trump is in office and Hillary is as relevant as the hoola-hoop or pet rock or an episode of Hogan’s Hero’s. Also, Trump dominates the stage with his act. Warm up acts get very little time before the cane goes and yanks them off the stage for Trump’s show. So, with all that in mind we have a multitude of races–Congress, U.S. Senate, Governor. Good luck cutting through the Trump noise! Chrin will spend a lot if he is up on the air now because candidates usually stay up once on air with ads and this means campaign personnel, media outlets will be doing well financially and good for them. But with Trump’s taking the political air out of the room and Chrin’s district not voting for an Rep since 1982 Cartwright will win.

  3. Sanctuary city is such a meaningless term in any legal sense. Cities shouldn’t be required to utilize their meager resources to do the Federal Government’s job, often to the detriment of their ability to police their own communities.

    Of course, we all know this is just Southern Strategy 2.0. Stir up some racial resentment amongst the plebes and ride it to victory to make sure they keep paying for the tax cuts for your billionaire buddies. Maybe it will distract people from the fact that he’s a carpetbagger who went shopping for a district twice in one year.

  4. Is the “quality, affordable” health care he touts any different than the best, cheaper health care that Trump promised and the GOP failed to deliver on? Details, details!!

    1. Scott Wallace running in Bucks voted absentee from South Africa, want to denounce him while you’re at it?

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