Pittsburgh May Become “Sanctuary City”

pittsburghThe Steel City apparently isn’t afraid of Donald Trump.

The President-Elect made undocumented immigrants the chief target of his campaign and pledged to end so-called “sanctuary cities” by cutting off federal funding.

Nonetheless according to Nick Keppler of Public Source, Pittsburgh is looking to officially join the ranks of cities, Philadelphia among them, that prohibit individuals from being investigated purely for reasons relating to their immigration status.

“The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police practice is to honor requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain those wanted in criminal investigations, but to refrain from working as immigration officers,” said Mayor Bill Peduto’s spokesman Timothy McNulty. “In other words, the PBP does not engage in investigatory detention of individuals based on their immigration status.”

Senator Pat Toomey was a frequent critic of the policy, repeatedly hammering the point home during his campaign. His office has pledged to continue fighting it in the face of new opposition.

5 Responses

  1. I live in Philadelphia two miles from what Trump thinks is a subversive bell interfering in efficient government. I am grateful to Pittsburgh, thank you you make us feel less lonely. Philadelphia besides being harassed by Toomey is being harassed by local State Rep White who doesn’t want Hispanics moving into the upper Roosevelt Blvd area. For more see RichardKanePA at Blogspot dot com or Reader Supported News

  2. Pittsburgh already is a sanctuary city. La Familia has been sheltered here since Uncle John Bazzano ran the mob in the 1930’s. Our current and beloved Godfather is now the Tutti de capo tutti but we have to be quiet about it because his picture is on the wall at Central Catholic. Shhhh!

  3. Hahaha….watch out for those new residents ….they are real nice people that you can beg for money from…hahaha

  4. Can I have sanctuary for begging for money online? What’s a disbarred attorney to do?

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