Poll: Who will win the Democratic Primary Between Altmire and Critz?

Our poll question this morning is who will win the 12th Congressional District Democratic primary?

Will it be Jason Altmire who has lead most of the polling conducted in the race and has a territorial advantage or will it be Mark Critz, who was endorsed by former President Bill Clinton and backed by labor unions in the area?

Vote here!

Who Will Win the Democratic Primary in the 12th Congressional District?

  • Mark Critz (53%)
  • Jason Altmire (47%)

Total Voters: 555

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And thanks to everyone who voted in our most recent poll about whether we should split the state House & Senate updates into a separate story. Leave everything as it is won by a decisive margin, and so we shall.

Should PoliticsPA split state House & Senate election updates into a separate daily article?

  • No. It's fine where it is, as part of the Morning Buzz. (59%)
  • Yes. (29%)
  • Yes, and there should also be a separate daily email. (12%)

Total Voters: 326

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9 Responses

  1. Donny B – Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats in the 12th district will stick together in November and elect Mark Critz to represent them…If he doesn’t win the primary next week though, there’s no chance of that…I am sick of people saying they have to settle for Altmire so a Tea Party conservative doesn’t win in November.

  2. There goes Scotty again, popping off on the internet about things he knows nothing about! You’re as bad as the Save Western PA Middle Class folks.

    Save the Health Care vote, Jason Altmire has always been on the side of labor. Had he voted for Obama Care, you same people who are ripping him now would be crying about Keith Rothfus pushing a right to work bill. WAKE UP.

  3. Altmire cannot be trusted. He boast about him never missing a vote. The truth of it is, he does vote on every piece of legislation, however, he never committs to anything and cast his vote when it is totally meaningless. Altmire will destroy the middle class and is attacking our seniors! He wants to get rid of social security! Watch for him to turn Republican. Vote for Mark Critz and you won’t have to worry about your job being shipped overseas and you won’t have to wait until you are 72 to retiree. Do not trust Jason Altmire he is the same old politics!!!!


  5. Altmire is the “incumbent” for a larger part of the newly redrawn district than Critz. Most voters don’t even realize they’ve been redrawn, so expect them to vote for whom they voted for in 2010.

  6. Howie, Altmire beat an incombent, well funded Melissa Hart to win this seat 6 years ago. If he was “progressive” Hart would still be in office. Keep attacking Altmire and you’ll be dealing with Tea-Party Rothfus. Your choice.

  7. These are two of the most reactionary “Democrats” in Congress. Altmire might be a tiny bit worse, but both are so horrible than neither one has earned the support of any self-respecting Democrat, let alone a progressive.

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