Pro Obamacare Group Attacks Trump in PA Ad Buy

The jabs keep coming from Democratic backed groups over President Donald Trump’s response to COVID-19. 

Protect Our Care, a Democratic healthcare group that promotes the Affordable Care Act, is launching a five figure ad buy in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin attacking Trump over the coronavirus. 

The 30 second spot, which began airing today and will run for the remainder of the week and into next week, will air on cable in the Philadelphia media market. 

“President Trump’s failure to protect America for the coronavirus crisis has made Pennsylvania less safe,” a voiceover says at the beginning of the ad. 

The ad includes different news headlines from newspapers around the state, criticizing Trump for Pennsylvania not having “nearly enough tests,” the conditions of hospitals to address the pandemic, and the economic impact it is having on the state. 

“At a time of extreme crisis, Pennsylvania families need a steady and trusted leader, but Donald Trump has failed that test,” the voiceover says at the end of the ad. “Call the White House, tell President Trump that Pennsylvania needs stronger leadership.” 

The Republican National Committee lauded Trump’s response to the virus, claiming that his leadership has saved lives during the pandemic. 

“President Donald Trump’s bold and decisive actions undoubtedly saved American lives,” RNC Spokesperson Michael Joyce said to PoliticsPA. “His leadership is also leading to immediate relief for Pennsylvania families and businesses to weather an unprecedented crisis. Democrats should take notes on what a real leader looks like.”  

In defending Trump’s reaction to COVID-19, Republicans have touted the travel ban to China, partnership with the private sector for equipment, and the stimulus bill that passed through Congress to offer aid to those impacted by the coronavirus in the United States. 

President Donald Trump has received mixed reviews in Pennsylvania over the virus, according to recent polling. 

According to a Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes Poll, in partnership with Oakland University and Ohio Northern University of self identified registered voters, released last week, just over half of Pennsylvanians, 52.2%, either strongly or somewhat approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, while 42.5% say that they either strongly or somewhat disapprove. However, a Public Policy Polling poll released this week showed that 46% of Pennsylvanians approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, while 49% disapproved. 

Gov. Tom Wolf received high marks for his response to the pandemic in both polls. 

Several Democratic backed groups have already hit the airwaves slamming Trump on this topic. Priorities USA and American Bridge both launched ads campaigns in Pennsylvania criticizing Trump on the matter.

On the GOP side, America First Action PAC is launching a $10 million digital, cable, broadcast, and mail ad campaign attacking Democratic presidential frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden, in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Of the $10 million committed for the three state ad buy, $5.5 million will be spent in Pennsylvania, which is the highest total of the three included in this ad campaign. 

While Protect Our Care is just joining the action on the Pennsylvania airwaves on this topic, they’ve boosted Democrats and attacked other Republicans in the state over the past few years. In the Fall of 2019, the group launched a multi-million dollar digital ad campaign that included ads supporting Rep. Susan Wild (D-Lehigh), while also slamming Reps. Mike Kelly (R-Butler) and Scott Perry (R-York) in the Spring of 2019 in a digital ad campaign over protecting pre-existing conditions.

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  1. Better question for all those bumper sticker loving, “I love Obama Care” folk, “ what insurance do you have?” Do you have Obama Care? I bet not. You love your employer based care that you can’t bring yourself to support it by dumping your employer based care for Obama Care even knowing how the program works. It needs more Democrat’s to drop their existing care and to sign up for OC. That’s why it’s failing. Not enough support from its defenders. Name one DC Democrat that has or had Obama Care. I

  2. Trump has proven to be an abysmal failure. Don’t try to make Obama the bogeyman!

    1. You sound ignorant and stupid. The assumption that the Fed government is responsible for every national emergency in any all states is laughable. As is your comment. Bono for bonehead. That’s why governors are in charge of their states and as are mayors. Own it and stop blaming someone else. It’s your state and your city. Seriously, the city of NYC and State of New York don’t and didnt have an NBC, Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical plan? The largest city in the US and they were t ready to respond to the crisis, I’m not talking about it in Jan, Feb, but even March. It’s like the Hurricane in LA and Puerto Rico. Jesus and Mary, you’re below sea level, no emergency plan that covered having state owed generators, stored water, blankets, pillows, cord, MRE’s etc. same as PR. You’re in the middle of the Caribbean man. No plan except the Fed Govt will help us. It’s not their job. You’re the leaders so start leading. Now, we know mask were never replenished . We know this. We know Cuomo balled on purchasing ventilators too. No action plan and hopefully after this the states pick real leaders who want the football. Who own their state and their agencies that are supposed to have plans and equipment to handle an attack. Grow up, boy. Blaming any President for lack of planning at the state and city level is the thought of a child.

  3. Where was this crowd when Obama himself illegally modified Obama care by exective fiat more than 20 times?

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