Reader Poll: Corbett Won the First Gubernatorial Debate

Corbett-Wolf-DebateWell, it was a rout.

The reader poll that is (although some said the same about the event).

In the wake of last week’s premiere gubernatorial debate, we asked our readers who they thought won. The incumbent Governor was judged the victor by a landslide.

1,969 readers, nearly three-quarters of respondents, voted Corbett the winner of the debate.

Meanwhile, just 743 respondents feel Democratic nominee Tom Wolf prevailed.

The full results are included below:

Who Won the First Gubernatorial Debate?

  • Tom Corbett (73%)
  • Tom Wolf (27%)

Total Voters: 2,712

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5 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Corbett Won the First Gubernatorial Debate”

  1. M. R. Birkos says:

    The real Tom Corbett emerged in the first debate? Could not agree more.

    Millionaire Governor Corbett was stupefied when confronted with the General Fund overdrawing two weeks ago, 2 1/2 months into his “balanced” 2014 budget.

    Millionaire Governor Corbett refused to take the NO NEW TAX pledge, so from who and whither thou thinkest HE will seek to gather funds to heal his hemorrhaging budget?

    Millionaire Governor Corbett’s response to 27,000 teachers losing their jobs was that they were not all teachers.

    Millionaire Governor Corbett revealed his ongoing education matrix studies, so he knows there is a problem. Yet – he gave no budget numbers.

    Millionaire Governor Corbett loudly trumpets his ending of the capital stock and franchise tax, then condemns Dr. Wolf for his ties to the business community.

    Only tangentially related to this thread – as in talking about things “real” – you gotta admit using a fake photo of a Smiling Tom Corbett surrounded by smiling people was pretty darn funny. They had no real photo of Corbett surrounded by smiling people – outside of a big gas office party.

  2. David Diano says:

    “Wouldn’t commit to a damned thing except higher taxes.”

    That’s actually a rather strong position, as most candidates are willing to raise taxes, but do their best to deny it during debates and dodge the question.

    Voters aren’t going to complain about extraction taxes, nor a tax on the top incomes. An increase in the state sales tax would be more of a problem for most voters.

  3. Josh says:

    I watched Corbett and Wolf. Corbett started out weakly, gained strength. Wolf started out weakly and stayed weak. Wolf was playing it too safely. Wouldn’t commit to a damned thing except higher taxes. One expects the poll numbers to tighten soon, and then Wolf will have to be specific about his plans, or get labeled as a tax-and-spend guy, which voters don’t like. Yes, Rendell got away with that, but he had an incredible personality and drive. Neither Wolf nor Corbett match Rendell that way.

  4. Chris Martinez says:

    davis daino that jest aint true what you says bout goevnor corbitt, he aint higher nobody to say he win debate, he reely did win the debate and he gonna win electon in a land slide yeah he will that aint no dout about that fact,

  5. David Diano says:

    So, Corbett won the battle, but has lost the war? Because, he’s going to get slaughtered on Nov 4th.

    Second possibility is that he hired 1,500 people to vote that he won the debate.

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