Reader Poll: Kane Should Go to Jail

kane-sadJudge Wendy Demchick-Alloy made the correct choice.

At least that’s how our readers feel.

On October 24th, Judge Demchick-Alloy sentenced former Attorney General Kathleen Kane to a 10 to 23 jail sentence.

628 readers agree with her decision.

On the other hand, 306 respondents felt Kane shouldn’t have been given jail time.

The full results are included below:

Should Kathleen Kane Have Been Sentenced to Jail?

  • Yes (67%)
  • No (33%)

Total Voters: 934

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13 Responses

  1. I’m not sure what the pervert pedophile is accusing Ha3 of ….. is he back to the “Brett Cott” stuff again? I haven’t been reading PPA ….

    Looks like Sponge Bob is definitely a pedophike though.

  2. Ha3,
    So by the same token you lack of denial about being a felon prison wife means that’s true of you too? I guess I can allow you to post lies about me if it allows you to accept the truth about you. Well played New Yorker, Well Played….

  3. Look at the pedophile!!! Still not denying it …..

    It’s okay. Just admit it. We won’t report you to the Feds!

  4. Disgusting cowardice from present AG that the Gansler report and/or all porn emails have not been posted for all to see.

  5. Pat,
    Ha3 seems to fantasize about me in that way in what I am guessing are latent feelings he earned while being a prison wife. If I responded to every falsehood posted by Ha3 how on earth would I get anything done?

  6. LMAO @ Sponge Bob. He addresses Ha3’s post but does not deny being a pedophile.

    Proud of it now, Sponge Bob?

    BTW – I doubt Kane will succeed at Superior Court. The only argument that holds water is the Selective Enforcement argument. There is no question that illegal leaks (by the people who attacked Kane even) were not prosecuted. And it is true that they are rarely, if ever, prosecuted at all. But Kane’s perjured GJ testimony may doom her with that one.

    I am glad she is no longer and glad that Shapiro is going to replace her. Can’t wait to see the FULL Gansler Report!!!

  7. Awwww, look who woke up from his New York nap. It’s Ha3, the felon. Can you send some tips to kane on how to handle things while in an orange jumpsuit? I mean she likely won’t serve as long as you did…..

  8. @ Julie @ Ha3:

    She will lose her appeals and will be jailed; the rest is irrelevant, for PoliticsPA readers know that x-AG-KK will be punished for having besmirched her office.

  9. Poor retard SpongeBob. He knows Kane will win on appeal. He also knows Shapiro will release the Gansler Report. Wonder how much of his stuff will be revealed. It is said that Spongie is a pervert pedophile.

  10. Lol. Is Julie Kanes middle name? Looking for silver linings in a guilty conviction and a jail sentence. Sure sure. I hear county jail is lovely. The put mints on your jailhouse pillow every night before bedtime.

  11. But she is not IN jail. She is out on bail, which she was entitled to get, though the DA didn’t know that. The judge did, however, and so did Kane’s lawyer. The case was so screwed up by the Montco judiciary and the Montco DA, that it will surely be reversed on appeal. Kane will never spend a day in prison. The judge saw that coming, and decided she better mitigate the damage she had already caused with her outbursts from the bench, dead wrong rulings, and inexcusable lack of judicial temperament. Hence when the DA asked for a decade in state prison, the judge sentenced Kane to the county jail where, with time off for good behavior, she would, at most, spend seven months inside. 10 years or more the DA demanded where there is no time off for good behavior. Seven months with appeal bail is what the DA got. This was a major spanking to the DA and a victory of sorts for Kane.

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