Reader Poll: McGinty Leads Toomey

Pennsylvania Governor DemocratsKatie McGinty has the advantage over Pat Toomey at the moment.

At least that’s what our readers think.

We plan to periodically survey our readers to see how they’ll vote in the McGinty/Toomey Senate general election match-up.

This week, a record number of readers voted in our poll.

Ultimately, 3,386 respondents chose McGinty while 3,119 went with Toomey.

The full results are included below:

If the PA Senate Race Was Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?

  • Katie McGinty (52%)
  • Pat Toomey (48%)

Total Voters: 6,505

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12 Responses

  1. These polls are not scientific and are reflective of the audience, which is made up of Pennsylvania politicos. In that respect, they are interesting to see what the prevailing wisdom or will of the PoliticsPA crowd is, but they aren’t useful for getting a snapshot of the wider PA electorate. That’s why we have scientific polling. Anyone who spends anytime on this website should already understand that.

    That being said, looking at polls of the electorate, it’s not looking good for Toomey either, especially with Trump at the top of the ticket and Toomey’s milquetoast fence-sitting, trying to dance the impossible dance between not pissing off his right-wing base who love Trump and not alienating the moderates and independents he’ll need to win.

  2. The poll didn’t have enough possibilities on it to cover everyone. Given that, many probably didn’t take it.

  3. McGinty will never get My vote I am taxed to the max and I resent the amount of money that given to non profits that have high salary’s and take tax money.
    What happens when the people not paying taxes outnumber the ones that don’t. Phila has too many people working under the table.

  4. Your poll results tend to lean conservative. These results do not augur well for Pat Toomey.

  5. Unscientific poll of selected audience yields unscientific results.
    Fascinating. Who would have thought?

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