Reader Poll: Should Kane Have to Go to Jail?

kane-sadKathleen Kane was desperate not to go to jail.

She tearfully made her case and even brought in her oldest son on her behalf.

Nonetheless, the Judge gave her 10 to 23 months in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy was unpersuaded by Kane’s argument and felt the damage done to the commonwealth necessitated a jail sentence.

We want to know what you think. Was the former AG’s sentence just or was she unfairly punished.

Should Kathleen Kane Have Been Sentenced to Jail?

  • Yes (67%)
  • No (33%)

Total Voters: 934

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25 Responses

  1. David you continue to double down on your statements about Fina without any real proof. Not too bright.

  2. Tim-

    Joe Pa is in a grave and was exposed as an enabler of a child rapist. I don’t really call that a “win”.

  3. @ Tim:

    Judging from everything we know about Joe Pa, I don’t think he’d have been pleased with anything that has supervened; recall his WaPo interview, the only published recollections of what he thought/felt prior to his death.

  4. Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky got their revenge! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! She’s in the jailhouse now! Go Penn State! Rah!

  5. Kathleen Kane belongs in jail. She broke the law….and then, tried to blame her criminal activity on someone else in the AG office.

    What a fraud Ms. Kane turned out to be.

    Regarding the raunchy emails, we’re still waiting to hear why Ms. Kane raised no objections about her own twin sister who was a participant in this email chain.

  6. Guzzardi: “integrity of the legal system”?? You must be kidding. This is par for the course. By Kane and by her prosecutors. Rife with politics and deception all the way through. THAT is the PA legal system.

  7. What I do not understand is why the Inquirer Editorial Board wants Kathleen Kane in jail so badly when it was their sister paper the Daily News was complicit in her crimes but accepting the illegally leaked information and publishing it. Would not the ethical thing to do be to not publish illegally obtained information.

  8. She didn’t ruin enough careers. Getting two supreme court judges was great. She exposed Fina and Seth Williams showed what a hack he was, which was another public service. A few resigned over the emails. More should have been fired. It’s a shame the Montco DA (current and former) haven’t had to pay a career price (yet), and the judges who were in on this fiasco.

    The longer Kane’s sentence, the more time she has to write a book about this gross injustice.

  9. Democrat or Republican, if you campaign for public office, seek the status, power and perquisites, and then lie under oath, you should go to jail. She ruined more than a few careers and more than a few reputations with admittedly (at her sentencing) criminal conduct. I think the sentence, less than a year, is appropriate.

  10. she of all people understand the law. She knowingly broke it. these are the ramifications. Why should we ever consider anything different for those who are in government/ public office?

  11. Lying under oath, perjury, is a serious crime that undermines the integrity of the legal system when done by anyone and when done by Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer.

    Democrats, of course, do not consider lying or perjury crimes but political campaigning as Project Veritas and WikiLeaks as well as the rigged FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Email law breaking.

    Democrats are usually laughing that they got away with it. What happened this time? Democrats wonder.

  12. I am not a fan of hers but the loss of her position and integrity is sufficient punishment especially when compared to the lack of comparable judgement of so many other pols of both parties

  13. Yes she should go to jail she was tuff on everyone who she went after the guilty and the innocents.

  14. @ d2:

    You just confirmed the fact that your fealty for polls – and their interpretation – is contingent upon your biases.

  15. robert sklaroff-

    1) more people wanted her to stay then wanted her to leave.

    2) It’s a majority of people that expressed an opinion. If people “don’t know” or don’t have an opinion, it’s perfectly reasonable to set them aside and discuss the people with an opinion.

    3) It would be interesting to have a poll if you were sane/insane.

    Unsanctioned R(etard)-
    Unfortunately, we are getting a Dem who is completely unqualified to hold the office and will be spending his “State time” working on items he can use to pad his “resume” for a run for Governor.

  16. I now realize that a Dem will now take over for Kane. So – what was the point of all this?!?

    Shapiro has vowed transparency when it comes to how State employees used State’s time and computers/servers.

    We are just buying time now ….

  17. @ d2:

    As usual, you invert the meme to deflect; I didn’t place much faith in any poll, but you claimed the public didn’t want her to split because only a plurality – rather than a majority – expressed that desire.

  18. robert sklaroff-

    You seem to have a lot of faith in online polls. Are you so far gone that you think Trump is going to win because he claims he won some online polls?

  19. @ d2:

    You are again disingenuous; remember how you argued that a clear majority hadn’t concurred with her prompt departure, claiming it was only a plurality?

  20. Kane will not have to go to jail. She will win on appeal. The people that lined up against her had a lot to lose once she discovered their e-mails. Most of them are criminals. Their buddies are still protecting them to this day.

  21. A clear majority of posters on this site full of haters and shills?

    The online polls on this site are meaningless click-bait.

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