Reader Poll: Toomey Favorite PA Senator

Official PortraitIt seems all those polls and surveys showing Congress at historically low approval ratings apparently don’t apply to Pennsylvania’s two current Senators.

According to our latest reader poll, Senators Toomey and Casey are their favorite representatives from the upper chamber in the modern era.

Pat Toomey took home the prize with 495 votes while Bob Casey finished second with 433.

Among the Keystone State’s ex-Senators, Rick Santorum came out on top with the support of 265 readers while John Heinz pulled in a respectable 238.

Unfortunately for Arlen Specter, it looks like his party-switching left him without a base of support as just 186 respondents chose him.

Finally Harris Wofford, who served the shortest tenure, received the fewest votes, 133 in all.

The full results are included below:

Who is your favorite modern PA Senator?

  • Pat Toomey (28%)
  • Bob Casey (25%)
  • Rick Santorum (15%)
  • John Heinz (14%)
  • Arlen Specter (11%)
  • Harris Wofford (8%)

Total Voters: 1,750

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11 Responses

  1. Do you also think Toomey did a good job when he and several other Tea Party Senators wrote a joint letter to the House Republican Tea Partiers to vote against the debt ceiling legislation? Do you remember one of the results of that foolish move—the rating agencies lowered the credit rating of the U.S. Yes very admirable on his part. He goes to the middle when it’s convenient for him, like gun control, then reality is he’s far right and doesn’t represent the majority Pennsylvanians. By the way if Pa. had an open primary I would be an independent and oh yes righties and lefties wouldn’t survive an open primary.

  2. The lefties are nuts that the poll doesn’t help do nothing Casey, and the righties are angry that Toomey was smart on gun control. I think Toomey must be doing a great job.

  3. Ahhh, the value and validity of Polls?????

    It wasn’t so long ago when we were told, by the Polls, that Mr. Romney was going to beat Pres. Obama by a wide margin. We all know how that went!!

    And the Polls are also telling us that Gov. Corbett has made up 20 points on Mr. Wolfe, SURE, do you really expect me, or anyone else, to believe that?

    Now you tell us that Sen. Toomey is more popular that Sen. Casey. Who was questioned, the PAGOP?

    As for your first paragraph, “It seems all those polls and surveys showing Congress at historically low approval ratings apparently don’t apply to Pennsylvania’s two current Senators.” That was not the question you were seeking an answer to, but had it been a choice, the number would have been overwhelmingly negative.

  4. This is more of a commentary of your readers’ politics than an actual poll of likely voter preferences. I am frankly disappointed that I share my thoughts with such a reactionary bunch.

  5. I think the poll response tells us how ill-informed your readers are, rather than how well our Senators, particularly Toomey, are doing!!

    I’m hoping I don’t have the shame of saying that he is my Senator in the future.

  6. PA has two weak senators- Casey the do nothing and Toomey the two faced!you continue to shrill for Toomey who shamed our state by supporting McConnell for leader and lying to voters about gun control and taxes. Have the courage to let people look at record- Toomey will be new term because he is at core a LIER!

  7. I’ve commented on Toomey and will again. He is Senator because he ran against Sestak. Rendell cleared the field for Specter and dried up the money but Sestak wouldn’t get out and won because it backfired on the boys. Sestak went on to run a fools campaign and gave the election to another fool. The Lehigh Valley crowd didn’t call him “looney Toomey” by mistake. Now he’s our mistake and has to be taken out.

  8. Remember when the reader poll said Erin Molchany was going to beat Harry Readshaw? Now it says Santorum is one of our favorite Senators when the guy didn’t even carry the state in the 2012 primary…Case in point, these polls may be fun and funny, but they mean nothing.

  9. Tommy, maybe it’s because Arlen Specter had as much integrity as Bill Clinton. Specter would change his position on issues based on the shifting political winds. It was all about self-preservation for that guy.

  10. I wonder about the people who voted on this. Arlen Specter, highly respected, moderate, hardworking, bipartisan, a U.S. senator for 30 years, comes in next to last? Behind such fools as Rick Santorum? You guys have to be kidding.

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    • Joanna McClinton (68%)
    • Mark Rozzi (27%)
    • A Republican TBD (5%)

    Total Voters: 315

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