Reader Poll: Who should Democrats support for PA-13?

PA13 Dems
Registered Dems in PA-13

The race to replace Allyson Schwartz is on. Who should Democrats support now that the Congresswoman is running for Governor?

PA-13 is a dafe Democratic district, and there has been a surplus of interest in the open seat.

Primary voters have several candidates to choose from. Who should they pick?

Who should Democrats support in PA-13?

  • Dr. Valerie Arkoosh (29%)
  • State Sen. Daylin Leach (28%)
  • State Rep. Brendan Boyle (10%)
  • Montco Commissioner Leslie Richards (8%)
  • Former U.S. Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (7%)
  • Montco Commissioner Josh Shapiro (4%)
  • Former Philly Controller Jonathan Saidel (4%)
  • Someone else (2%)
  • Montco Prothonotary Mark Levy (2%)
  • State Rep. Mark Cohen (1%)
  • State Sen. Mike Stack (1%)
  • State Sen. LeAnna Washington (1%)
  • Philly Councilman Bill Green (1%)
  • State Rep. Ed Neilson (1%)

Total Voters: 1,380

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61 Responses

  1. Called Leach a racist is like calling the pope a heretic. He’s fought valiantly many times to conquer horrible human-rights violating procedures from being performed on women (trans-vaginal ultrasounsds) not to mention he constantly talks about his strong wife and brilliant daughter in all of his speeches. He truly respects the women and to my knowledge has never uttered a single statement to the contrary.

    Supporting Daylin, obviously.

  2. I have known Brendan Boyle, his wife, and some of his staff members over ten years. I have never met a more disciplined, hard-working, and thoughful public official and staff.

    Here is a guy who came from nothing – no money, no influence, no family connections, nothing – yet still educated himself to the highest degree and became a leader in his community and Harrisburg. I believe that the other candidates are fine people, but Brendan has the up-from-your bootstraps background which can appeal to both Republicans and Democrats.

    So I have to laugh each time I read a comment on a blog which says Brendan is going to lose the next election or I speak to a handful of people who say that Brendan is out for himself. The only people spouting such nonsense are those who want to increase their own power and expect Brendan to be in their back pockets. They become quite annoyed when they realize this is never going to happen. Brendan is an honest guy, and so he has made his some enemies in the political world. His integrity in the face of such opposition is alone enough to recommend him for the 13th.

    I have found Brendan will work with anyone on a reasonable basis, but he is not going to represent one or two special interests. He represents all of the people in his district which is borne out by his margins of victories among all demographic and soci-economic groups. He is unbeatable in his district, and he would be unbeatable in the 13th.

  3. I know most of the names on this list, but who is “Doctor” Arkoosh? Where does this person practice? What makes this person so impressive?

    If you are looking for a female progressive from Montco, why not Leslie Richards?

  4. Dr. Valerie Arkoosh would definitely continue Allyson Schwartz’s work in the Congress. I am supporting her wholeheartedly. She lives in Montgomery County, and as an ordinary citizen has taken an active interest in our most pressing challenges.

  5. Daylin Leach consistently addresses the needs of children, people with mental and physical illnesses, and low income people. He is a very dedicated public servant and would do a very fine job as a congressman.

  6. We need a progressive liberal like Dr. Arkoosh who hasn’t been immersed in the corruption of politics. She’s smart, pro-healthcare, LGBT rights, and she’s a truly kind woman. Let’s get her in!

  7. Daylin is a great guy, but I think it’s time for Dr. Arkoosh to take office! She and Daylin together would make an incredible team!

  8. These comments are becoming ridiculous. Especially these allegations that Daylin is somehow “sexist”. He sure has an odd way of being sexist by fighting for women’s reproductive rights and equal pay!

  9. @MontCoDem: I’m not going to waste anymore time trying to respond, when it sounds like we’re pulling the same lever next May, and when you clearly are not getting my point that painting any candidate as a fraud (be it Boyle, Saidel or anyone else) or anything else is counterproductive and does nothing to help identify the best person for the 13th. Like I said, I think Leach is further in front on the social issues that are most important to me (pro choice record, LGBT rights), so he gets my vote. Simple. Let’s have a civil discussion about who the best candidate is, shall we?

  10. If you want a respectable Democrat, and that district is secure for the Democratic Party, MMM would be fine, Arkoosh would be fine, and Boyle would be fine. Daylin Leach has “Alan Grayson” written all over him. If you don’t know who that is, search Google for “Alan Grayson quotes.” I shouldn’t waste my time thinking of Leach in Congress, though, considering that the MontCo Dems won’t get behind Leach in the primary seeing as that honor is probably reserved for an Upper Dublin, Abington, or Cheltenham liberal (like Valerie Arkoosh). Leach could play a spoiler role, though, and tilt the primary field to a NE Philly Dem considering that this is really a tug of war district between Montgomery County and Philadelphia Democrats.

  11. I don’t understand why some progressives are rallying around a sexist pig like Leach when there is a talented progressive woman in the race: Dr Valerie Arkoosh.

  12. I know the Boyle’s they work hard on the Streets. My personal view is that they are all about themselves. I know that they are looking at this and going nuts with the negative comments. They probably were calling there staffers to write on this site to defend them. It looks pretty clear that’s what happened here. Good luck with canceling each other out and letting someone from outside the city take the seat

  13. It’s hard to tell at this point since I haven’t heard their platforms. I do think Bill Green does a good job in City Council. I’d like to know more about Jeff Harbison’s wife. I really like the emails he sends out to the Wyndmoor community.

  14. The city was a safe place under Frank Rizzo? Not if you were a teacher on strike getting hassled, or a black person getting beaten, by police.

  15. Well go on and tell us about their legislative achievements?

    No ad hominem attacks were flung here. I pointed out the utter hypocrisy of you defending a politicians while offering no substance, while criticizing those “attacking” him on the Internet. Mr.boyle will survive!

    Like I said before. Rather than telling me about his father and roots in Olney tell me about his achievements. Your pity party in the comments may be worse than your lecturing.

  16. @MontCoDem: A couple of points. First, I’m not interested in your assessment of my intelligence level. Again, ad hominem attacks are just garbage flung from behind a keyboard. You don’t hear me calling you an idiot, do you? Second, I’m not “propping up” anyone. In fact, I’m leaning toward supporting Leach (just like you!) on the basis of his stances on various social issues. I defend Boyle because I see people giving the guy shit that is totally personal and in no way based on his record as an elected official.

  17. To be honest I agree with other steve. This comment thread has gotten really trashy and over the top. Trolls abound.

  18. Lol @Bob. You’re right, it seems like some of these comments were lifted out of the Boyle Wikipedia page!

    Steve, how much do they pay you? You complain about the discourse on the internet, that alone makes me question your intelligence.

    People have given up on the electoral process because of self serving politicians like the one you are “propping up.” You complain about the substance but all you have done is defend one politician? Irony at its finest. You’re lecturing is getting old.

  19. I am a 15 year marine veteran. And Yea, Allyson Schwartz, Brendan Boyle, M.M.M. and Daylin Leach all knocked on my door just a few days ago. I was hesitant to commit to any of them at first, but Leach won my vote when he offered me a joint.


  20. As someone who has lived in Phila. and followed their politics, I always appreciate someone who bucks the machine…so I think Boyle is something to look twice at. While I seem gravitated towards Leach, my concern is that he’s just another all talk, all pomp, no substance guy.

  21. I live in Krewstown/Bustleton area of Philadelphia. I am a retired police officer and have been in and out of Politics all of my life. I was a Frank Rizzo guy. That’s when Philadelphia was a great city to live in and a safe city. I don’t know what Boyle brother I talked to on election day, but son have respect for your elders. I had a concern on Bloomfield and you basically talked down to me and to make matters worse when I walked away I heard you call me a crazy old man. I protected this city for 36 years. I pay taxes to pay you. I deserve to heard. You couldn’t even give me 5 minutes. I can’t see me ever voting for you again. When you knock on my door again I will address you with this. I promise.

  22. Can we be serious? Boyle is the only person who would actually represent both parts of this diverse district. Montco is well educated and well heeled territory and NE Philly is urban blue collar union territory. Look at who Boyle is! He’s an Olney guy whose dad is an immigrant janitor and he has a degree from Notre Dame and Harvard. Isn’t it time for a representative who can actually represent both parts of the district rather than diss the other part?

  23. Steve I have to agree with you. I live on the border line of Philly and Allyson’s office helped me a great deal with my grandfather to get his things in order before he died from his long battle of cancer. Hate to see her go. I am looking up these candidates. I definitely hope people get there acts together and stop the child games. The phones are ringing tonight. Please be safe driving I have to work a 12 hour shift in the Emergency room tonight.

  24. Well said Jennifer. I cannot stand this kind of forum being used by people with agendas who don’t give a shit about either propping someone up on a stick or tearing them down with no justification. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for polluting the electoral process. You are what turns people away from civic life.

  25. Why can’t people just discuss the policies that these people have stood behind or voted on? I’m so tired of seeing this website being used as a forum for people with axes to grind to trash candidate x or y. Maybe Snyder and co. should consider some kind of moderation? Disgraceful excuse for anything approaching a substantive discourse.

  26. Josh would be my vote for the 13th. I hear alot of positive stuff about him.To much drama from the Philly people. Keep your personal stuff to yourselves. I can see why people stay away from voting. I dont like all of this bashing.

  27. Hands down, Daylin. He is not afraid to lead and makes the case every time with supporting data. Works for the people consistently-never walks away from a touchy issue. Works always for the people, not his next election.

  28. I strongly support Daylin Leach for his strong stand in protecting our health and environment. I a world of get big or get our, Daylin supports the small farmer in their quest to produce non GMO and chemical laden food.

  29. I am a 100 percent for Brendan Boyle. As a resident in the Parkwood community of Philadelphia, I am proud to say he is our state representative. For years we were a gerrymandered community between pa 8 an pa 13 and then state rep districts 169 and 170 with no representation. Brendan is a fighter for the community and middle class. Our community has benefited from his leadership and if he brings that kind of leadership to congress it will only make America better. He understands it must first begin with communities to build a better America!

  30. As of now Daylin has my support. Arkoosh is an interesting candidate, I’m happy she is in the race. Actually excited to see how this plays out.

    Boyle, Saidel, and Stack are frauds who I hope stay in Philadelphia. We dont need self-interested fake democrats representing the 13th.

  31. I live in Montco and I like Brendan Boyle alot. He is not the typical thuggish Philly politician. Watch him speak on PCN sometime, or on youtube; he is well spoken and very intelligent. He has a good grasp of policy. And of course he went to Harvard. I know he is really popular in Northeast Philadelphia as well, at least according to my cousin who lives up there in Parkwoods. I see nothing in his legislation, on his website, or on youtube that would make me hesitate to pull the lever for him.

  32. Well I guess we know who’s writing for Boyle’s now ( Kevin or Brendan) you two are the only ones that like each other. Come up with better names next time. All that I am saying is I don’t want your type of nonsense in the suburbs. Stay in your seat and let the big boys fight in Washington for us. That’s why I moved to Abington to get away from politicians like you. Always thinking your better then people who put you in office.

  33. I’d also add: if you want a real progressive who is pro-woman, then Val Arkoosh is your candidate! NOT DAYLIN LEACH. His personal behavior around women will not be tolerated by progressives. It’s time to vote for the most qualified progressive: Dr. Val Arkoosh.

  34. Daylin, all the way! He’s smart, funny, and progressive. Harrisburg’s loss will be Washington’s gain.

  35. Saidel has ZERO chance. Way too much baggage that would come out. Folks in Montco aren’t going to vote for someone like him.

  36. Fritz has once again had too much to drink and Tabott can’t do Math. Boyle is so entrenched that no one will run against him, it’s a suicide mission. I real the bio’s, look at the success and wait and see. You realize that the one who calls someone, “little man”, is usually compensating.

  37. If the City people don’t like the Boyle Brothers do you really think Brendan has a shot at the suburbs. Know your limits little man. Stay in the city.

  38. Wow, John. I’m sure the 99% of voters who supported one Boyle and the 67% who supported the other would probably disagree with you. Take your ad hominem attacks elsewhere if you have nothing constructive to do except trash fine public servants. This is supposed to be about electing the best candidate for the 13th.

  39. Saidel should be the one and only candidate. Hes the only one that could support the hard working middle class. The Boyle brother’s only back stab people and talk behind peoples back. They have only one party : The Boyle Party. Its time to take these two out of politics.

  40. I am a woman and I support Daylin. He has been fighting STRONGLY for woman’s rights since he was a state rep. He is the best!

  41. Daylin Leach has been a soldier for progressive politics in PA. There is no stronger voice for liberal issues on this list. He has my vote.

  42. I support Dr. Arkoosh because she will represent our district fairly and intelligently. She is an active member of the community, a mother and humanitarian who cares about the welfare of others while being fiscally responsible.

  43. You need to let people who vote in your poll know the running tally of how many votes people are getting along with the percentage. I gave 1 vote to Shapiro and he got 10%. The percentage alone can be deceiving.

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