Reader Poll: Who Should the Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2018?

pa-governor-mansion2Now that the long, arduous 2016 election is over let’s talk about the 2018 election!

Republicans will be focused on taking back the Governor’s mansion after their defeat in 2014.

Midterms are generally more favorably for the GOP and Tom Corbett proved it’s possible for Pennsylvania’s chief executives to lose re-election.

Back in March, we sent out our first reader survey on this question. Eight months ago, the plurality went to “someone else”. Let’s see if anyone can stand out this time.

Who Should Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2018?

  • Jim Cawley (30%)
  • Scott Wagner (23%)
  • Someone Else (17%)
  • Mike Kelly (12%)
  • Pat Toomey (10%)
  • Jake Corman (7%)

Total Voters: 1,706

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26 Responses

  1. Any Republican, surely not Democrat Wolf! Pa is corrupted by the Democratic Union based cronies who pander mainly to the teachers who aren’t about students, only their blotted paychecks and pensions Indiana University of PA professors call students “cash cows”! We are over taxed, have the most expensive legislature in the country, and the only state with a state controlled liquor system. Over priced under served. Get real! We need someone with the balls, man or woman who will finally do the right thing for taxpayers not their stinking party!

  2. State Senator Mario Scavello from Monroe County would be an underdog but should be considered. He always has considerable support from Democrats in his district despite being pretty conservative. He’s from the northeast so he’s geographically in a decent spot. Trump won by improving Romney’s margins in the rural-central part of the state as well as northeast. Scavello may not have name ID but he has a path if he were to start making a play for media coverage and such. If not Scavello, Cawley wouldn’t be the worst.

  3. I like Cawley but I think he would still be tied to an unpopular Corbett.

    Wagner has been really laying ground work across the State. Western PA as a whole is becoming a real strength.

  4. I think Jim Cawley is the best choice for Governor. He is moderate and willing to work with the other party to get things done and is therefore very electable. Also, he is from Bucks county, appealing to the more democratic areas. If he won he could really turn our state around from what it is now.

  5. Mr. Saxton, I remind you that Milton Shapp was also a businessman, and you and I are old enough to remember how THAT worked out — not. I’d suggest Corman. He is partisan, but rational. However, it depends on whether the Legislature and Wolf can come together to fix the pension mess in 2017. If not, no incumbent should be nominated in 2018.

  6. Mike Kelly wants to be the cock of the walk. In congress he is just a tiny speck from some backwoods county in Pennsyltucky. Everyone laughs at him! But as Governor, he can wield real power! Another psycho with money like Scott Walker.

  7. What does it matter? The GOP will never win a statewide election again. RSC is incompetent. Asher has ruined the Republican Party first in his home county, Montgomery, and then he took his act to the entire state. The numbers no longer work because the GOP has run the absolute worst candidates possible to win general elections, especially in the SE. It is over, folks.

  8. Wagner… camera b. will have to get a pay day loan from the natural gas industry to pay back Wagner for his massive personal loan to her previously which skirted campaign finance laws.

  9. Never said Mike Kelly is not geographically correct to get to our election forget about a guy named Tom Ridge. Same thing was said about him he won twice . none of the above named have a personality, people personality, can move crowds can speak from the head and heart and it’s about time Republicans quit running boring staid, Cold, personalities be suited to an egotistical old man’s club but not what this party needs. you want a winner a real winner then you want somebody with the brains the business background speaks from the head and heart can move a cloud has integrity and morals then you want Mike Kelly. And you have yourself a winner.

  10. Look, I have been in this game for 60 years, I have seen them come and go! Wagner is a business man, for sure not a politician! He never sugar coats a dam thing. He is not a lawyer, I dont have a problem with lawyers making law, but not running a State! The last Republican Governor and Lt. Governor were both lawyers and they were sent packing! By the way, both of them were good honest people without business experience. To attempt to run a State without that experience is a formula for failure! That is why i like Wagner for Governor!!!!!

  11. It really doesn’t matter, Wolf will crush them. I hope it is Scott Wagner, he needs knocked down a peg or two.

  12. Cawley or Toomey. Both are moderates who worked very well with Dems making them electable I a general. Wagner is about as likely as trump to win PA – he passes on everyone’s feet when he doesn’t get his way. Corman maybe. Kelly is a great guy, but not geographically realistic to make it through a general, generally speaking generally.

  13. Jim Cawley is the hands down favorite to me. He is a genuinely nice guy, smart, and has the experience necessary to succeed as Governor. He is also well-spoken and very personable. He will relate well with PA voters from either party.

  14. The problem is simple–there are no really good choices to date for the R’s in the Gov of Pa race. Toomey has the potential to be a problem for the D’s since he has run well in statewide races but if he wins Senate that choice is out.

  15. I love it, the dust hasn’t even settled in 2016 and we are already plotting the next gubernatorial race! All I have to say is after all the time and money spent getting Toomey re-elected today, he better stay in the Senate for the next 6 years. #ShadyKatie #SheWillNeedAJob

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