Stilp Campaign Ad: “I Can Take The Heat” of Congress (Watch Video)

The Stilp campaign released a hilarious new ad Thursday, promoting reasons why he can “take the heat” of Congressional corruption if elected.

The ad, which is being promoted through Stilp’s twitter and facebook, cites Stilp’s fight against corruption as to why he can withstand Congressman Lou Barletta’s recent attack ad on television.

“Gene fought the illegal pay raise and won,” the ad says. “He took on corrupt officials all across Pennsylvania, and won. Now, he’s taking on the incendiary lies from his opponent. He is ready to take on the firestorm of corruption in Congress.”

In typical Stilp fashion, the ad shows the Democratic hopeful for PA-11 in a $5,000 fire suit, which he owns for his volunteer work as firefighter and first-responder in Dauphin County. As an activist, Stilp is best known for his bizarre props, such as a giant inflatable pig, wheelchair, and his pigged-out pink bus known as “Pignelope.”

While Stilp’s ad won’t be airing on television, his advanced use of social media will certainly help his case when trying to get publicity for the ad.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the Barletta camp.

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6 thoughts on “Stilp Campaign Ad: “I Can Take The Heat” of Congress (Watch Video)”

  1. thomshubilla says:

    He should have said “Come with me if you want to live”

  2. Sal Nar says:

    Stilp is a fool. He makes me embarassed to be a Democrat.

  3. Bill Brunswick says:

    Gene doesn’t need to raise money to win. That’s conventional thinking. Gene is anything but conventional, and will win this election.

    Watch and see!

  4. Elizabeth Grieco says:

    Keep up the great work Gene! May God Bless you forever!

  5. mblue says:

    That’s a great commercial. Don’t know how Gene will fair on Election Day, but that ad’s a winner.

  6. tommy says:

    If Gene could raise money, he could be a serious threat to the demagogue from Hazleton.

    He had great ideas, just wish he had a way to expose more people to them.

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