They’re Back: RSLC Debuts Familiar Radio Ad Against Kane

The Republican State Leadership Committee continued to push its narrative of Kathleen Kane in a new radio ad released today, accusing Kane of being dishonest about her record.

The ad is set to air in the Philly and Harrisburg regions, and its buy is estimated to be in the low six-figures. Listen to it here.

If you’ve seen the television ad released by the RSLC, you’ll notice that the pro-GOP group keeps hammering away at the same narrative: Kane is dishonest about her record and has a sloppy track record.

“How can Pennsylvania trust Kathleen Kane,” the ad’s narrator asks, “when she’s not been honest about her experience, lets others take responsibility for weak plea deals, and failed miserably in one of her only trials?”

The ad reiterated a claim that has been so controversial in the past week: Kane had “gone soft” on a rapist during one of her trials. A similar claim had been widely rebuked by Kane’s former colleagues and even the victim’s father.

Freed’s campaign has not responded to a request for comment on the radio ad.

The PA Dems have also sounded off on the ads released by the RSLC, and calls upon Kane’s opponent David Freed in a statement  to stand up against the “false claims”.

“Despite continual requests for comment, David Freed remains silent on this issue. His inaction speaks volumes as to what kind of Attorney General’s Office he would run in our state if his campaign for Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement job doesn’t value the truth.”

5 Responses

  1. Desperate Dave’s Phony Ad

    Tom Corbett’s Man Dave Freed is desperate with phony negative ad against Kathleen Kane.

    How many people believe a woman and a mother is “soft” on rape?

    How many cases did Dave Freed try to verdict in his career?

    READ MORE FactCheck; ‘Soft’ on Rape 28 September 2012 Inquirer Annenberg

    Tom Corbett’s Man Establishment Dave Freed = Cover-up; the expected consequences of Thirty-Two years of One Party Rule have become unavoidable evident.

    Dave Freed = Cover-up Leroy Zimmerman/Hershey Golf Course, Senate Bonus Gate Non-investigation, Harrisburg Bond Holder Bailout/Greenlee Associates, Jerry Sandusky three year slow rolling secret grand jury investigation while Tom Corbett collected 100s of 1000s of dollars from Second Mile and Penn State donors

  2. Dave Freed is the phantom candidate… propelled by criminals to run so that he can execute the cover up for Zimmerman and Corbett.

  3. Why hasn’t Kane responded to these attacks? Releasing a press release and acting outraged is not going to help her campaign.

  4. These good ol boys Corbett & Freed have a track record of putting politics before concern for children. It always seems they can allocate the resources then when it involves their own advancement.

  5. This says a lot about Freed’s character and fitness as a Lawyer, much less a candidate. It’s practically suborning perjury, to advance his own career. As the Inquirer described it today, it’s “one of the most blatantly false attack ads of the political season,” and Freed is behind it.

    Freed is unfit. For any public office.

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