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Trib Poll: Obama 47, Romney 45

The presidential race in Pa. is still close according to a poll commissioned by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Obama leads by just 2 points, a margin similar to that of an internal poll released by the Pa. Republican Party last week.

President Obama has 47 percent in Pennsylvania, Republican Mitt Romney has 45 percent.

The survey of 800 likely voters was conducted from Sept. 18 to 20 by Susquehanna Polling and Research, which is also a frequent pollster for Republican candidates and causes. The poll’s margin of error of 3.46 percent.

Other numbers of interest from the Trib’s poll:

  • 51 percent of voters approve of Obama’s job performance.
  • Romney leads Obama, 48 percent to 44 percent, on the question of who would create jobs to speed up the recovery.
  • Ask who looks out for the interests of the middle class and Obama leads, 56 percent to 38 percent.
  • Obama leads, 49 percent to 41 percent, among likely voters on the question of who would better defend the homeland.
  • Voters who peg foreign affairs and international events as their top concern prefer Romney, 53 percent to 46 percent.

The Pa. GOP commissioned a statewide poll by SP&R last week. That survey from Sept. 15 to 17, also of 800 likely voters, showed the presidential race similarly close: 48 percent for Obama to 47 percent for Romney.

Not including today’s poll, Obama has a 9.5 percent advantage in Pa. according to the average compiled by Real Clear Politics (which also did not include the PAGOP’s numbers because that was an internal rather than public poll).

Republicans have pushed back in recent weeks against the conventional wisdom that Pa. is safely in Obama’s column. All campaigns and parties are off the air in Pa. and have been for a few weeks – though Obama’s campaign has been highly visible on national cable.

16 Responses

  1. Romney/Ryan will issue vouchers for medicare, that won’t cover the costs. They will try to privatize social security and that will just freeze up congress from real work for a couple years.
    Romney/Ryan have alienated too many women with their sexist attitudes. You can’t take away women’s rights. It won’t happen.
    President Obama will win the election.

  2. David Diano wrote:
    “After the way Romney bungled his Olympics trip to London and completely misfired on Libya? Romney is completely out of his depth on foreign affairs. All he know about is foreign tax havens.”

    funny, David, how Romney turned out to be RIGHT about both the London AND Libya issues while idiots like you were eating up his lies about a “film” (which Obummer retracted on 60 mins). Maybe you should think before you type. Or maybe that’s the problem.

  3. Are you looking for a job, lower utility bills, or a lower price at the gas pump. The answer is clear. Romney/Ryan
    On the flip side if you like spend more money on gas, utilities and a weak/vulnerable military. Vote for Obama/Biden

  4. I can’t believe people post on political blogs when they don’t even know what they’re talking about nor do they remember history very well. April 2011, the real leader of the republican party Eric Cantor said “An America with Social Security is not the America we want” –Some of you have some screws lose if you think for a min. the republican party has any plan to keep Social Security or fix it. They have wanted to and they currently want to get rid of Social Security and duh of course their not going to say that during the campaign. Try for once in your life to listen to what these guys say, look at their past actions and you will see they DO NOT want social security. If your voting for Romney because your hoping SS and Med will be fixed, your in for a huge suprise and will be sorry especially if your counting on one of those programs for you or your parents.Then again, people today seem to take whatever they’re fed..a large part of this country has really become seriously weakminded which is not only to bad but extremely scary. When your parents SS/Med get cut off or changes for the worse, I hope you feel good about that.

  5. I find the Obamamanaics amusing. “Romney misfired on the olympics”. Let us see he said they were unprepared, look at the half empty stadiums the misfiring on the tv schedule he got that spot on. Running the olympics is not a Prez job if it was who ran a very succesful one while obama could not run the t shirt concession stand, night shift What has Obama ever run but his mouth? Libya, We have 4 dead americans and Obama lied We have the muslim brotherhood in charge and they want to wipe out Israel first the USA next. they lied . about it being a terrroirst attack err not. like he lied about obamatax err obamapenalty, like he cut the deficit by 505 err he added 50% He would spend a Trillion and keep unemployment below 8%, well maybe not, shovel ready haha not really shovel ready. The middle east is in flames Obama lies about terrror to you refuses to meeet with Israel but parties with beytonce instead, you have a bungler in chief that is partyng while we have $17 trill in debt have the worrt employment or unemployment since 1935 and Iran is getting the bomb and our ambassadors and our country are in jeopardy and you blame romney? Rancid kool aid does that.

  6. How can a country getting deeper and deeper in debt at an astronomical rate take care of the people that need it? Wake up America! Another 4 years will destroy our country from the inside. In the real world someone with Barry’s record, i.e. CEO or coach would have been fired. November is the time to get our country back on the right track…… I hope and pray!! God bless America

  7. Obama and the media must think we are all fools. The last 4 years have seen America downgraded and being torn apart bit by bit. The government wants to control everything and I for one am sick of it. Our children deserve so much better. Handouts don’t provide anything to people, it is another form of government control, you get just what the government lets you have. I want a job so I can give my kids a better life and provide for their future. Obama had control of everything for 2 years and what did he do..nothing, oh excuse me…he played golf.. I hope the people of PA see through Obama and the media backing him and vote for Romney/Ryan.

  8. Bill,how can you expect Romney to save entitlements when he has disdain for the 47 % and Obama supporters that he claimed really uses them although red states use social welfare programs more than blue states? The problem with you Republicans is that you don’t make sense. On one hand you criticize Obama for being a welfare president or helping the poor too much but on the other hand you support Romney who has expressed having a problem with those who depend on the government or entitlements or social welfare programs. Insanity. Only tax and spend Democrats like Obama will fight to the death to keep entitlements alive since they make up the party that the less fortunate look to for help.

  9. Obama had his chance. He never worked with the GOP…not once. He got all of his agenda passed and the results have been disastrous. Romney/Ryan will authorize the Keystone Oil Pipeline on 1/20/2013. Prices will come down and tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians will have new, real, private sector jobs.

  10. If this poll is accurate, them Obama has a house of cards that’s about to collapse. I pray it’s true. The socialists so fear a great working class awakening against Obama/Soros….Let’s hope the hounds can catch the fox.

  11. DGarr,
    If you expect and demand Social Security to be there for you, and your children and grandchildren then you absolutely must vote for Romney, as he is the only one who can save entitlements. Obama is sending us into complete bankruptcy. Believe me – if you re-elect him, it’s going to get much worse very soon.


  13. I am part of Mr. Romney’s 53%.
    I have worked hard all my life. And I pay taxes. Lots of taxes.

    I have never received food stamps, but never begrudged helping those who needed them. I have never needed to use unemployment insurance, but never thought it “wrong” to use something that individuals pay into for just such emergencies. I have never used Medicare, but believe it is a good system I have paid for and that, with careful management, will be there when I need it. I have yet to take social security, but have paid into it my whole working life and expect and demand that it be there for me and for my children and grandchildren.

    I am sick of Mr. Romney.
    His vision of America is NOT mine.
    And want him to go very far away very very soon.

  14. Romney “bungled” his Olympics trip? Really? He misfired on Libya? Only in the minds of the liberal media & their shills. Yes, people concerned about foreign affairs prefer Romney over a so-called “president” who schmoozes it up in Las Vegas after an ambassador is killed & prefers the company of Jay-Zee, Beyoncé, & David Letterman to meetings with the Prime Minister of Israel. And all David Diano can whine about is alleged mistakes Romney made at the Olympics?

  15. “Voters who peg foreign affairs and international events as their top concern prefer Romney, 53 percent to 46 percent” ???

    After the way Romney bungled his Olympics trip to London and completely misfired on Libya? Romney is completely out of his depth on foreign affairs. All he know about is foreign tax havens.

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