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Ups and Downs – July 1

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We’re looking back in the rearview mirror at the first half of 2022, and what a six-month period it was. Does that serve as a precursor to July through December? Bet it does.

Here are our Ups and Downs for the week ending July 1.

Up arrowAshley Ehasz. The Democratic challenger in PA-01 saw her campaign get a shot in the arm with the release of an internal poll by Global Strategy Group. Ehasz trails incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick by seven points overall, but the race shifted 17 points to a +10 when Fitzpatrick’s anti-abortion statement is included. Ehasz also reports setting a campaign fundraising record after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Down arrowBrian Fitzpatrick. See above.


Up arrowJosh Shapiro, Chrissy Houlahan and Dan Pastore. The Democratic candidates for governor and U.S. House reported setting fundraising records after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Up arrowPennsylvania Republican Party. The GOP has picked up over 32,000 Democrats who have changed their party affiliation to Republican in the year’s first six months. The gap between the two parties’ registration numbers entering the crucial 2022 general election has closed to 530,000.

Down arrowTom Wolf. The governor’s plan to toll nine bridges throughout the state was stopped by the Commonwealth Court, citing that the Wolf administration had violated procedures in getting to the advanced stage of considering the idea.

Down arrowUniversity of Pittsburgh. The state-related university is being used as a budget bargaining chip as its annual allocation has been held up. Pitt researchers have used fetal tissue research to better understand the efficacy and safety of certain treatments for HIV, AIDS and cancer. The GOP-controlled House added an amendment to a bill for public funding, stating a State-related university must not engage in research or experimentation using fetal tissue obtained from an elective abortion.”

Down arrowState Lawmakers. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The 2022-23 budget should have been passed and signed into law by yesterday – June 30. Talks did not really kick into high gear until last Tuesday. There is a lot of horse-trading going on. Stay tuned.

Up arrowCorey O’Connor. The Pittsburgh City Councilman has been nominated to become Allegheny County’s next county controller. O’Connor noted his work to balance Pittsburgh’s budget and get the city out of its Act 47 designation as a municipality under duress.

Down arrowLarry Krasner. The embattled Philadelphia District Attorney was the target of a House resolution, creating a Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order. The Committee will investigate, review and make findings and recommendations concerning rising rates of crime, law enforcement and the enforcement of crime victim rights. One outcome could be starting impeachment proceedings against Krasner.

Down arrowSummer Lee. The progressive Democratic state senator saw her 12th Congressional District race moved from Solid Democrat to Likely Democrat by The Cook Political Report. Lee still holds a Biden +20 advantage over GOP challenger Mike Doyle even with the addition of Westmoreland County to the district.

Down arrowScott Perry. The testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6th Select Committee focused on former President Donald Trump and his chief of staff, Mark Meadows. The committee has already drawn lines connecting Perry and Meadows, while Hutchinson also said that Perry asked for a presidential pardon.

6 Responses

  1. When. Corey OConners dad was elected Pgh Mayor his first act was to award over a half BILLION dollars in un necessary refinancing bonds to the Zappala mafia. As County Controller he will have a voice on $ going to banks and investment firms. If the nut stays close to the tree we will continue to grease the Black Hands of. Mob boss John “Stinky” Bazzano’s kin.

  2. The right wing is really giving Atty Gen Josh Shapiro the Gov’s Office with this persecution of DA Krasner. When the State House debts upon themselves to unilaterally decide who should be a DA in Philadelphia you can see all kind of red flags popping up. Telling the voters of Philadelphia County they are unable to have the capacity to decide who their DA is amounts to a condescending insult to the voters and along with abortion and the idiotic case that the fed courts cannot interfere with bogus redistricting—this will elect Josh Shapiro Governor.

  3. Starting any statement with “The testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson” automatically renders it null and void.

    1. Well, no. She offered hearsay testimony in some instances, but direct witness testimony in other instances. If you are more concerned with worshiping Trump than hearing the truth, disregard her entirely.

  4. Scott Perry is a traitor to democracy. Jail Scott Perry and throw away the key.


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