WaPo: PA-Guv Most Likely to See Party Switch

Tom CorbettFor the third month in a row, the Washington Post named Pennsylvania as the state most likely to see a party change in the governor’s office.

In August and July, the newspaper had listed Tom Corbett as the country’s most vulnerable governor. “The Fix” had previously ranked Pennsylvania’s leader as third in June and fifth in May.

In addition, “The Fix” called Rob McCord’s entrance a complication for Allyson Schwartz.

Here’s the WaPo writeup:

1. Pennsylvania (R): State Treasurer Rob McCord (D) officially jumped into the race this week, which could complicate the life of Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D). Still, Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remains the most vulnerable governor in the country and holding his seat will remains a tall task for the GOP no matter how competitive the Democratic field gets.

The Washington Post is not the only publication to call out Corbett’s election chances. The magazine Governing called the Pennsylvania race a toss-up two months ago.

The five states most likely to flip parties in the governor’s office in 2014 are:

1. Pennsylvania (R)
2. Maine (R)
3. Florida (R)
4. Arkansas (D)
5. Virginia (R)

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5 thoughts on “WaPo: PA-Guv Most Likely to See Party Switch”

  1. Paul Rosenbaum says:

    Eric Bradway Former Constable of lower Merion is Running against Tom Corbett

  2. Paul Rosenbaum says:

    Former Lower Merion Constable is running for Governor against Tom Corbet

  3. PAINDY1 says:

    Washington Post’s THE FIX should take a look K12 Inc.’s (LRN:NYSE) IMBED Charles Zogby in the Tom Corbett Administration and the strange case of the political assassination of Former Secretary Bill Harner. What is the going price for an interest group to get a Budget Secretary and a Shadow Secretary of Education position? POLITICAL NECROPHILIA: IT’S ALL GOOD!

  4. TNardi says:

    Simply based on the nature of the three-way race in Maine, I’d rank that slightly lower than 2. Probably still in the top 5, but I can see a scenario where Paul LePage will slip by despite being overwhelmingly unpopular, just like 2010.

    I would think Virginia would be ranked higher. Terry McAullife doesn’t have a great lead, but it’s been pretty durable around 5%.

  5. We’re Number 1 !

    but only because our Gov is like number 50.

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