“Whatever it Takes” to Beat Holden

The Super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability will spend “whatever it takes,” to defeat Rep. Tim Holden, a spokesman for the group told PoliticsPA today.

“We’re planning on spending whatever it takes to get the job done,” said Curtis Ellis.

The group had previously said it would spend $200K in the race, and has shelled out about $130,000 so far – much of it to air this television ad.

The news comes just hours after the League of Conservation Voters announced it would spend $230,000 on an anti-Holden TV ad. Blue America PAC is also spending tens of thousands of dollars on anti-Holden billboards in the district.

The progressive group Moveon.org announced today that it was backing Holden’s challenger, Lackawanna County attorney Matt Cartwright. Their support comes with grassroots organization, their release said.

“Matt is a strong supporter of fair taxes, which means making sure corporations pay their fair share instead of receiving ‘job stimulating tax breaks’ at the expense of the workers they have been laying off,” said April, a MoveOn member from Easton.

Ellis also said that the PAC has stopped airing ads in the 18th congressional district, where Rep. Tim Murphy appears to have a comfortable lead over primary challenger Evan Feinberg.

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6 thoughts on ““Whatever it Takes” to Beat Holden”

  1. Tom J says:

    Cartwright reminds you of Prof. Irwin Corey. I’ll take Holden any day.

  2. Bob M says:

    I love that Cartwright and his people whine about Holden’s attacks as we’re being barraged with Super PAC and special interest attack ads on Holden. It is unbelievably disengenuine for Cartwright to prtend like he is running a clean campaign when others are doing the attacking for him.

  3. PETE C says:

    Why do national organizations from out of the Congressional District spend so much money to defeat Congressman Holden? He must be doing things right in representing his District in Congress in order to attract so many vicious hate ads.

  4. dandelion_wine says:

    Nevermind me, no one is taking Tim Holden seriously! His decision to hide from a debate has offended many primary voters. The funniest part is that he has been to Northeast PA more than a few times for office openings and campaign stops for the past few months, but suddenly he has no time to find two hours for a debate with his challenger.

    Let’s see, time to throw back beers in Pittston and stand with a mere 20 people in Wilkes-Barre at an office opening, but no time to sit down at a table for 120 minutes and defend his abysmal record and shady ties to the Koch brothers and corporate special interests?

    Tim Holden’s campaign, which is fueled on false innuendo about Cartwright’s family and about insinuations that he’s “not one of us” and some how a foreign infiltrator (I’m not making this up, it’s birther-esque, and for the record, Cartwright is from Erie, PA), is the most shady, viscous, ethically questionable, and desperate attempt to attain political office that I have ever witnessed in Luzerne County, and given this county’s history, THAT is saying something.

  5. KateO'Boyle says:

    Thanks for that insight. Maybe if you post on this board 50 more times under more anonymous pseudonyms, someone will start to take you seriously.

  6. dandelion_wine says:

    Tim Holden is a right-wing Republican with a D next to his name. Voted against health care, voted against gay rights, voted against women’s rights, voted for loopholes for natural gas companies and big oil and voted for tax cuts for millionaires:


    Yeah, NOT voting for him.

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