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Where Have You Gone, Tom Corbett?

Despite accomplishing much of what he promised to do on the campaign trail, Governor Tom Corbett is receiving little to no attention from the national party.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett can’t seem to get any love these days – even from those within his own party.

Corbett set out what he promised to do if he were elected – but fulfilling those promises may be why neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have had him come along on their campaign stops.

Philadelphia City Paper reporter Daniel Denvir reported Wednesday:

As presidential hopeful Mitt Romney blazes his campaign trail, he’s been calling on Republican governors from New Jersey’s Chris Christie to Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal for help. Not, it seems, invited to the party: Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Corbett.

A new Franklin & Marshall College poll might hold a clue as to why: Corbett isn’t winning any popularity contests these days. The proportion of Pennsylvanians who view him unfavorably has shot to 42 percent; just 32 percent hold favorable views. His job approval fell below 30 percent for the first time.

Corbett’s public relations difficulties have prompted an early discussion of which Democrats might run against him in 2014 (it’s a long list). It also means the governor might not be a helpful advocate for Romney’s presidential campaign in this much-watched swing state. If Corbett does appear on behalf of Romney, Democrats might focus attacks on the governor’s unpopular cuts to education and the safety net (the Democratic National Committee has already run an ad slamming Corbett’s social conservatism, highlighting his infamous comment that women, who under a now-shelved bill would be forced to undergo a pre-abortion ultrasound, “just have to close your eyes”).

Despite being a Republican governor in a state that has already had a few visits from the national GOP ticket – with Romney having stopped in Pittsburgh in May, Irwin last month and Ryan making his first appearance this week – it’s odd that the Republican Governor hasn’t been present.

The Morning Call reported Tuesday – the same day Ryan made his PA campaign stops – that Corbett spent his time visiting Westport Axle, a newly opened manufacturer of Mack Trucks in Upper Macungie, emphasizing the need for a revitalization in domestic manufacturing.

“We need to put America and Pennsylvania back to making things,” Corbett said making a tour of the plant.

Also this week, Corbett took time that would have been spent gearing up for an reacting to the Ryan visit to promote state tourism. WNEP 16 in Scranton reported on the Governor’s kayak tour on the Delaware River – although the trip was not without incident.

Anti-gas drilling protesters abounds and Democrats calling the trip hypocritical, given the cuts to the state’s second-largest industry (next to agriculture). Corbett did, however, state that most of the cuts to tourism began before his time in office, and said he plans to increase its funding in the budget next year (though he wouldn’t say how much).

Denvir points out correctly that such examples of Corbett’s unpopularity, which has grown steadily since he took office – would create a distraction for the candidates that they do not need, especially with a state that already leans toward Obama.

From criticism from the left on Voter ID, to his handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation as Attorney General – tying Corbett’s name to the ticket would probably not help

But Corbett hasn’t remained entirely absent, either.

The day after Denvir made his report, Corbett sent out a press release openly endorsing Romney’s energy plan. He said that a Romney presidency would end the United States’ reliance on imported oil and natural gas from outside North America.

“I applaud Governor Romney for his bold leadership in outlining a sensible plan to let our nation harness its abundant and clean energy resources,” Corbett said in a press release.

“Securing our energy independence and developing our diverse natural resources in a manner that protects and enhances our environment is critical to long-term, sustainable job creation.”

11 Responses

  1. Governor Corbett, I have appreciated you since you got into office and admired your stand on moral principles for Pennsylvania. However, I was very disappointed in your decision to not appeal the judge’s decision to overturn the ban on same sex marriage. I think I know why you did not pursue this, because you felt it would hurt your chance to be re-elected. I can understand that feeling somewhat but why give up on your own moal standards to be re-elected again? I think the people of Pennsylvania have made it quite clear that we don’t approve of same sex marriage ad there is no doubt where God stands on this issue if you believe that the bible is the word of God. For one judge to overturn a decision held by the majority of the people I n this Commonwealth is just not right and not what our founding fathers intended. I urge you to change your mind and appeal this decision. Do not be afraid to stand up for what is right. I will be praying for you and God will bless you for your courage in choosing His ways rather than the ways of the world. God bless and know that many people are praying for strength for you to make the right decision. Thanks for your time.

  2. I don’t understand all the political mumbo jumbo
    and certainly don’t understand why or what medicaid has to do with my getting health care coverage from the market place if my income is so low I’m not eligible for coverage??? Then the state wants to pick up the tab instead of the government?? because you didn’t expand medicaid?? Just doesn’t make sense

  3. i am deeply disappointed in tom corbett’s decision to offer subsidies to energy companies and his failure to address important issues such as property tax relief for the elderly and handicapped. tom corbett is out of step with the republican platform. tom corbett’s policies have handed pennsylvania to obama

  4. I trying to tell my story to someone that cares, I have posted my story in the Wayne Independent Newpater in Honesdale Pa about being double billed on a ambulance run by Hawley ambulance and Honesdale EMS Hawley ambulance took me to the hospital after a low blood sugar episode about 1 mile bfore reaching Wayne memorial Hospital they stoped and a EMS person from Honesdale Ambulance got o board and gave me an IV and and then on to the hospital anothe mile, well guess what nest your right I recieved two 600.00 bills one from each ambulance co. medicare paid Hawley ambulance ther bill and did not pay Honesdale EMS so guess what they sued me for the money that Hawley kept for them selves, Now what kind of a racket is this and how many people are getting taken by these companies I went to court on 8/21 and the judge found in honesdale EMS favor, I I have to say it looked like a everyday thing doe the judge and Honedsale EMS they new just about everyone in the court room laphing smiling joking around it reallt made me sick afer hiow decision I call BBB of Wayne county and they said I could file a complaint agaist honesdale EMS or Hawley, I contacted the Attorney Generals office and consumer affairs and you know what they told get a lawyer, now what kind of an anwer is that, I can even afford to pay the idiots from Honedale EMS and I am getting answers like this, This is exactly what is wrong with this country its all set up for big bussiness to keep ripping people off and nothing a normal, person can do about it I want a public defender to appeal this decision and to help every onr that has been ripped off bt Honesdale EMS I f I had your email address I can send you the articals printed in the Wayne Independent from Honesdale, please help us,, thankyou Gary L Williams and please feel free to give this to the TV stations my phone 1-570-704-5545 352 Honedale Rd Waymart Pa 18472

  5. Corbett has nobody to blame but himself for being a 1 term governor. Why is he hiding out in Harrisburg rather than out doing his job!
    Where’s Waldo?????

  6. Only one diagreement with Alex. It is not the D’s who will make Corbett a one termer, it is the republicans who will. Corbett will not even win his own primary as an incumbent governor. A Total Jerkweed.

  7. Nope. The reason is simple: Bob Asher. Pennsylvania’s erstwhile National Committeeman, Corbett champion and campaign chair and, uh, convicted felon who went to jail for political corruption. Asher’s codefendants, state treasurer Budd Dwyer famously killed himself on TV. Four years ago, a connection with Asher helped sink Rudy when it was profiled on ABC News. That is why Corbett is absent. He’s considered the mental midget puppet of a crook.

  8. The National GOP is ignoring him because he’s what we call in the medical community “mentally retarded”.

  9. The Dems have a huge opportunity to beat Corbett. They better not blow it with another weak candidate like Onorato and I hope Patrick Murphy isn’t thinking of running either.

  10. I truly believe that Democrats will make this man a 1 term Gov in 2014. He is so unbelievably unpopular that it would take a Christine O’Donnel like pick from the Democrats to insure a 2nd Corbett term

  11. As someone who regrettably voted for this lame excuse for a leader, I’m not surprised he hasn’t be invited “to the party”. Democrats obviously don’t like him for partisan reasons, after the primary disaster, republicans don’t like him for being a coward and he has not convinced the independents that he is worthy of the job. We won’t mention his questionable activities during the Sandusky investigation or the fact that he’s part of the “Good Ol’ Boys” establishment that is quickly, and thankfully, losing its grasp on Pennsylvania politics.
    I hope Romney picks Corbett for some obscure White House job so Cawley can take over and give republicans some hope in 2014.

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