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BREAKING: PA-16: Lloyd Smucker Announces Congressional Campaign

SmuckerState Senator Lloyd Smucker is running for Congress.

Sen. Smucker will be seeking the seat in PA’s 16th district, which Congressman Joe Pitts has represented since 1997. Rep. Pitts announced his impending retirement last week.

Smucker has represented Pennsylvania’s 13th Senate district since 2009.

“Today, I am excited to announce that I am running for Congress,” Smucker stated. “As a small business owner who understands what it takes to make a budget, I promise to be an effective problem solver who will go to Washington, D.C. to build consensus on issues that will benefit the residents of the 16th Congressional District, including improving efficiencies in government and ensuring fiscal responsibility.”

“Since Congressman Joe Pitt’s announcement last week, I have received an outpouring of encouragement and support from all across the 16th Congressional District for my candidacy and that played a major part in my decision to seek this important office,” he continued. “We live in a diverse district made up of hard-working people with strong values. I want to take our shared commitment to commonsense problem solving, hard work and strong family values to Congress.”

Lancaster County Commissioner Scott Martin is considered to be a possible GOP competitor although he has not made his intentions known.

The Democrats, though, already have a candidate in Christina Hartman.

The 16th district includes parts of Berks, Chester and Lancaster County as well as the city of Reading.

15 Responses

  1. If candidate Smucker is willing to overlook Trups’ character, statements, and the rules of civilized human behavior, then my family will find someone who will.

  2. We have been trying to reach you as we represent the veterans and sidled veterans of Lancaster and Berks County via Veterans for Independence as well as CVA – Concerned Veterans of America
    We would like to meet with you but you list no phone numbers or way to contact you Christen Hartma people have contacted us as well as persons with disabilities I am the founder of the 12 state funded centers for independent living in Pennsylvania for persons with disabilities a consumer directed model as well as the Attendant care Program for persons with disabilities ages 18-60 Why were you not a supporter of these programs??

    Having dealt with Congressmen Pitts office he had not one member of his legislative nor service staff who was a disabled veteran or a veteran. Further college students non veterans handled and dealt with veterans problems who were incompetent here in berks County. Comngresmen Pitts never sponsored any legislation nor actually co sponsored such legalization nor has he supported our right to have private care versus the VA which he thinks can be fixed ..

    It is why this election older adults and veterans and is bled persons are angry ibn the district. Berks county isn’t even talked with by your office . You were the only republican to create and the sponsor of a bill allowing free or state tuition charges for illegals . Not one of your fellow republicans including our Senator or rep Cox supported you while guy also have nixed Pences visit to your district as he is with Trump .Remember why Trump has support as we fellow republicans need to get rid of sellouts to the tea arty. When and what sp[ecifically will you ever do fr veterans and disabled veterans and our right to quality and immediate health acre for us vets ?? Do you even have any vets or disabled vets on your staff??

    Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS

  3. how about cleaning up your signs littering the roads, almost everyone else cleaned there’s up

  4. Any candidate that offered to pay for an individual’s vote should be excluded from ever holding any public office. Persuading someone to register or to vote should never include the dangling of any benefit to the potential voter other than civic duty. Any candidate for public office that used money to persuade a citizen to vote should receive a constant drumbeat of vilification for doing so. A “constant putdown” of that Candidate is justified.

  5. I had planed to vote Lloyd Smucker but I have been turned off by his constant putting down of Chet Beiler. I want to know what Smucker has done, what he is doing now and what he intends to do. I am tired of backbiting politicians.All his tv spots do is down someone else. State the facts and let the voters make their choice.

  6. Larry: I know. I’m not arguing that the Democrats have much of a chance here, but they might make a play for it just because they have so much ground to make up. The only obvious Democratic target right now seems to be Pileggi’s seat.

  7. Schmucker opposed making English the official language of the commonwealth. A credible right-winger would mop the floor with him.

  8. Smucker? He’s running for Congress because he wore out his welcome in the Senate when his leader Pileggi left. This is a guy who voted for Medicaid expansion (PA Obamacare) and has his own version of Obama’s Dream Act for right here in PA. Any real conservative can beat him in this race — provided they don’t have flaws of their own.

  9. Lost Dutchman, with the last election and the special election for Matt Smith’s seat, the Senate is getting more Republican, not less.

  10. Will this leave his state Senate seat open? The Democrats would have only a slight chance at winning (it contains the city of Lancaster), but they have to win six seats to capture the majority, so they’ll need to compete anywhere they can.

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