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BREAKING: PA-6: Parrish Enters 2016 Contest

Mike-ParrishMike Parrish declared today that he will run for the 2016 Democratic nomination in the race for the Sixth Congressional District.

“There is a fundamental lack of leadership in Congress today. Politicians are putting their own interests and narrow ideology first, and as a result, the challenges facing everyday Americans are no longer the priority,” Parrish states.

“I was taught to be a leader in the United States Army. Serving my country has been a lifelong honor and privilege. Now it’s my turn to give back to the American people and lead our nation toward a bright and prosperous future. Today I’m announcing my candidacy for Congress.”

This actually isn’t the first foray into politics for the former Army Aviator. Parrish announced that he was going to run for this same seat back in 2014 with the support of the DCCC.

That race was upended, however, when Jim Gerlach surprised the political world by announcing his retirement.

Soon afterward, previous Democratic nominee Manan Trivedi jumped into the race. Suddenly, Parrish’s past donations to Republicans became a much larger issue and he dropped out.

The DCCC is staying on the sidelines for now but former Governor Ed Rendell is throwing his support behind Parrish.

“I’m very impressed with the work Mike’s done with the local party leadership and the support he’s been building over the last year,” Gov. Rendell said. “We need more Veterans like Mike in Congress.”

Two weeks ago, West Whiteland Township Supervisor Joe Denham told PoliticsPA he is “aggressively looking at running for the Democratic nomination”.

The 6th district consists of parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties. It is currently represented by freshman Republican Congressman Ryan Costello.

12 Responses

  1. There many fiscal republican people fed up with the neocon far right. There may be some making the registration change but still more willing to make the voting change. Mr. Parrish is somebody that can capture some of those votes from the other side. We need somebody with real world business experience to help re-build this countries infrastructure… I’ll keep my eye on this guy

  2. Mr. Ferraro that’s an interesting viewpoint. Especially since a few years ago in our local community you vomited all over a Republican candidate who won on the Dem ballot as a write-in and refused to support him. And you’re such a purist you’ve been known to spout off about the audacity of Republican candidates to use blue in their campaign signs when ‘everyone’ knows they “should” be using Republican red. I guess some of your ideological purity has gone out the window to support Parrish. I do agree, though: most voters don’t like it when candidates switch parties for political convenience. One only has to look to Arlen Spector for proof of how that usually works out.

  3. As far as Mike Parrish coming over to the Democrats; once he’s here he is here.

    There are some really shortsighted Democrats in the party who think some sort of penance needs to be delivered before he is worthy.

    Mike Parrish is representing those who were members of the GOP and have found it to be a place of insanity. There are a lot of people who have left the GOP who can relate to that.

    The 6th is not a dark blue area by any stretch of the imagination. Parrish matches up better than Treveidi did last time.

    The fact he looked at playing GOP politics before coming over to the Democrats will test how the Democrats can handle people wanting to join them.

  4. One would think there is enough room in the Democratic Big Tent for Mr. Parrish. If there is not, kiss that seat good bye forever as well as many other offices.

  5. Parrish was a registered Republican until 2013, which is why he supported Republican candidates in the past. When Congress cut off Veterans Benefits during sequestration, Parrish got really upset, and decided to run for Congress to do something about it. He is a leader and puts his money where his mouth is. He has joined the Democratic party and was a “good soldier” by stepping aside when Mannan Trevidi decided to give this seat a third run. Parrish supported Mannan and has stepped up to support the Chester County Democratic Committee (Joe Denham has not!!) Parrish has been “paying his dues” and has become a reliable leader and strong Democrat.

  6. I would like to hear his answer on why he donated to Republicans before I proclaim him not Democratic enough. I’ve seen Mike Parrish at Democratic events supporting candidates and committees alike. I can not say the same for Joe Denham up until last week I had never heard of the guy

  7. @KSDF: Pretty cowardly to google me and attack me personally while posting anonymously!

  8. Oh, great. Another Pro-Fracking Corporate Dem running for office – no wonder Fast Eddie likes him. I’ll take the Doctor any day of the week.

  9. Denham is a Doctor at CHOP and a war veteran. Would like to know where Parrish stands on respect for women.

  10. That’s rich. A career campaign staffer who wants to compare resumes. If you did your research, you’d know he was an attorney before then.

    On a related note, are you officially disqualifying yourself from running for anything in the future?

  11. The GOP alternative to Parrish is an incumbent Congressman who has never had a job other than “politician”. CEO and Soldier might not be the most progressive jobs out there, but at least they are jobs.

  12. The past donations to Republicans issue is not going to go away with the Democratic base. He supported Corbett in 2010. He cannot be supported by Democrats in 2016. Democrats do not need any more CEO Congressmen.

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