EMILY’s List Endorses Houlahan

Chrissy HoulihanEMILY’s List, a political action committee (PAC) which provides support for female Democrat candidates, announced their support for Chrissy Houlahan in her run for in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.

“Chrissy’s patriotic service in the Air Force, success as a small business leader, commitment to the environment, and long history of working on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania make her the best candidate for the job,” EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock said in a press release.

EMILY’s List joins VoteVets and Union Plumbers Local 690 in endorsing Houlahan.  

The endorsement continues Houlahan’s consolidation of support from national Democrats.  After National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers called the race a “bellwether” election, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee touted Houlahan’s candidacy.   

These endorsements can help Houlahan build her donor network and support among party insiders early in the election cycle.  

Houlahan will face Bob Dettore in the Democratic primary next year.

The race is receiving major attention from both political parties. Then presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton won the district by .6 points, while Costello won his race by 14 points.

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  1. Great to see! Wish her luck. She’s a better candidate no matter what the trolls say. They’re out on force

    1. Hope Parish or someone else beats her in primary. She is a disgusting representative of the far left- that would undercut values most Americans value. Emily’s list is an extreme group that supported deals with North Korea and Iran. Even Costello would be better than Houlihan. It’s not her gender- it’s her pathetic lack of real accomplishment -will she denounce criminality of Loretta Lynch ? Hilary Clinton? Bill Clinton? Houlihan stinks

      1. I like this bubbaclin. I hate the gender thing. It holds no water here. Her resume looks good on paper, but that is it. The views she has stated, which are few, are soooooo far left that I don’t think this is the race for her in PA-6. Statewide, she would do much better I think. But in PA-6 a Parrish type of moderate has a much better shot. Does anyone know where Detorre stands on the issues?

  2. Amazing how the troll-posters on this site go after her and link her to Katie McGinty – because, um…they are both women.
    Chrissy Houlahan is a breath of fresh air who should be considered on her own merits. I, for one, want someone in my congressional district who will have the guts to actually perform as an independent branch of our government should. Not like our current one who runs and hides.

    1. Very good, I see it took your critical thinking ability to be able to tell that they’re both women. Congrats. But your very comment in suggesting that that is their only connection is sexist in itself. No one here linked them both as women..just you. They were linked because THE SAME GROUP ENDORSED AND POURED MONEY TO MCGINTY IN HER RACE. Wake up. Not everything is about race or gender, this is about policy and FACTS. And I’m extremely sorry for you that these facts, they don’t care about your feelings.

      1. Jeff – you need to improve your reading comprehension skills – or possibly your scroll down ability. (click on the little arrow at the bottom right of your browser and left click on your mouse – see! you can do it!) EVERY mention of others who Emily’s List got behind are women. Duh – they support women. My observation sexist? Get a clue and read the comments. Those are the facts in black and white and you still can’t recognize them?

        1. Wow, weird how you use the same typing style as Critical Thinker 10? Looks like a troll, sounds like a troll, probably a dirty liberal troll. Emily’s List only supports women…ever. Even your PAC is sexist. Imagine a PAC that publicly stated they would only support men. Just like reverse racism isn’t a thing, neither is reverse sexism. Fact of the matter, this CANDIDATE, who only realized politics was a thing on November 9th, is inexperienced and hasn’t felt the weight of public office or a high profile race. If THE CANDIDATE wins the primary, THE CANDIDATE will see what I mean.

  3. Houlihan is trash! I don’t like Costello but this loser should disgust us- her being a vet is for show- NO accomplishments and she has not called for congressional investigation and criminal investigation of two criminals- Hiliary Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Like John Kerry and Wendy Sherman she has supported those great nuclear deals with NK and Iran. Better the devil we know than trash like Houlahan

    1. Wow,so a woman is a Veteran, that is “just for show”? Misogyny is not patriotic.

      1. You need to drink some kool aid and chill out. It’s not about her being a woman- it’s about her standing for values that would disgust most vets and for supporting policies and people that shame our Nation- and were rejected by election of Trump. The extremism she represents is in opinion of some of us more of a threat to our Nation- than Putin. Get real- turning this into a gender thing is just an effort to cover up Houlahans lack of character,

        1. Very well said Sovie. I appreciate the move back to talking about policy. In her opinions she has released, basically just her extremely liberal, drive-thru stance on LIFE, I agree they are dangerous. But more than that, she hasn’t come out with many opinions! Detorre, her only official primary opponent is not very strong and it has allowed her to hide so far.

    2. I’m not sure what you mean about supporting nuclear deals, since Houlahan has never held public office. Yet as a veteran, businesswoman, and creator of jobs in a family-friendly workplace, she has already accomplished much more–and done more for our local economy and our country–than Costello, who’s done nothing but waffle through various political jobs since he graduated from school.

      1. Your skewed opinion is interesting. You are correct, she has no official opinion on the Iran deal, but then again she has no opinion on anything. So far as I can see, she has sat back and criticized everything Costello has done and THATS IT. She has been a backseat driver, or your typical Eagles fan who screams at the TV, but has no idea how to play the game. Would you say that the “Non-Politician” thing has worked out lately? Do you support President Trump? If not, I would think we can both agree that we would rather have the person that makes out food have had some prior food prep experience, that way we don’t get poisoned and die. I see this the same way.

  4. Thank you Ms. Houlahan for standing up for a woman’s right to choose WITH NO EXCEPTIONS! Very important that we not only have choice, but choice with no barriers!

  5. EMILY’s List is a putrid organization. They stand for nothing and in reality, are openly sexist. They say that they stand up for women’s choice, but they have backed women who are more pro-life then their male counterparts, strictly because they are women. They also are partially responsible for putting Elizabeth Warren into elected office, can’t think of a much worse crime than that.

    1. Oh, I can think of quite a few crimes worse than that, starting with sedition.

  6. EMILY’s List is a fine organization and they do their main job (raising money for women candidates) very well. However, they still function very much like the DCCC in that their braintrust in DC has a thing about steamrolling in with little regard to those on the ground, and they have a fairly cookie cutter approach to campaigning. In turn, most of the dollars they raise for you they will just “strongly recommend” be steered to their preferred consulting teams.

    My advice to Ms. Houlahan would be a big congratulations on that direct backing, which really is a great thing and a big deal! But tread cautiously if they decide they want more direct control over the campaign. No amount of promised dollars (that may not necessarily come) is worth your candidacy being driven into the ground by people in DC who think they know everything.

  7. She won’t win. Emily’s List always backs nutty losers like Lindy Li and Erin McClellan.

    1. Wait, Emily’s List supported them? Better go look that up, then come back and correct your post.

      1. She withdraws from every race she thinks about entering with her parents’ money.

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  9. Observer shows how clueless he is. Emily’s List has been successful in helping win races for hundreds of women at all levels of government across the country. I wouldn’t expect a misogynistic uniformed person to know that though.

    1. There was not a single thing misogynistic about Observer’s statement. You sound a lot like Hillary Clinton and the Dems here, showing your hand. The “Uninformed People” are the same ones that pushed our President across the finish line last year. And just last year, this organization threw it’s weight behind a female candidate from Chester County that talked herself out of the race in Corporate Shady Katie McGinty. Houlahan looks to be made from the same mold. Questionable corporate backing, something shady looming in the air that is sure to air it self with due time.

  10. That will guarantee that seat stays red. Emily will give enough cash to win a primary, but not enough to win a general. See, e.g., Katie Corporate McGinty. Notice how well that worked out for the Dems? If women actually WIN these seats, Emily’s fundraising dries up. They want women running in the general, but not winning. Dem Establishment too stupid to notice…

    1. I agree Observer. Didn’t work for Shady Katie and won’t work for Corporate Chrissy either. Far too liberal of an endorsement for the district she is running in.

      1. So she’s both too liberal AND too corporate. Got it. Funny how we never seem to hear these objections to male candidates who have built companies, created jobs, and served both their country and their communities. Meanwhile, we have the useless and spectacularly unimpressive Ryan Costello, who waits for orders from Paul Ryan before committing to a position on anything. Chrissy Houlahan is eminently qualified, and the district she’s running for voted for Hillary in 2016. Try another argument, troll.

        1. Not everything is about sex and race, sometimes, believe it or not, people care about the substance of their Reps. Yeah the district went for Hillary, you can google. I can google too, it also went for Costello and Toomey by large margins (who did Toomey beat again, oh yeah Houlahan’s twin). What positions has Houlahan laid out? Stance on healthcare? ANYTHING??? She is hiding because she knows that her dangerous, extreme liberal lean will basically disqualify her in this race. Oh well, there is always Parrish.

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