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Exclusive: Fitzpatrick Leads Q2 Haul

Both campaigns outpaced their first quarter haul, but the incumbent maintains his significant cash on hand advantage in the race in the Philadelphia suburbs. 

In an exclusive to PoliticsPA, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s (R-Bucks) campaign announced it raised $455,000 from the beginning of April to the end of June. The second quarter haul from the incumbent is a $20,000 improvement from the previous quarter, when he raised just under $435,000. He raised $525,000 in the final three months of 2019

The second term Republican in the Philadelphia suburbs has now raised over $2.8 million in the election cycle-to-date and entered July with over $1.8 million cash on hand. 

Christina Finello, an Ivyland Borough Councilwoman who cruised to the Democratic nomination over Skylar Hurwitz in the primary, had her strongest quarter since entering the race. 

According to a release from Finello’s campaign on Tuesday, she’s raised more than $310,000 from the beginning of April to the end of June. The second quarter haul is a significant improvement from the previous quarter when the Dem hopeful raised $90,000 from the beginning of January to the end of March

Finello’s campaign added that it raised over $200,000 in June alone. 

The release from the Finello campaign did not specify how much cash on hand that it brought into July, compared to the $80,000 it reported on May 13. 

Both campaigns pointed to their second quarter numbers as proof that momentum is in their favor in the purple suburban district. 

“Being ranked the #1 most bipartisan congressman in the entire nation with the highest score ever recorded in U.S. history, it isn’t surprising that both Congressman Fitzpatrick’s bipartisan fundraising numbers and his bipartisan endorsements dwarf the Finello campaign, who boasts virtually no endorsements and who is ‘celebrating’ a total cash on hand of a dismal roughly $300K in the expensive Philadelphia media market,” said Fitzpatrick spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “It’s one of many reasons why her campaign is peddling fake push-poll numbers in an attempt to become relevant. What’s worse, she wasted no time breaking her word and telling a colossal lie to our community that she would not accept corporate PAC money, because she has done just that. She has already lost all credibility.”  

“We are so humbled by the faith our supporters have placed in me and this campaign,” said Christina Finello in a release. “Our broad network of grassroots supporters shows the growing momentum of this race and that voters in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are ready for a change. Families around here want a Representative in Congress who tells it to them straight and always votes in their best interests.”

“Brian Fitzpatrick sides with Donald Trump when it matters most, whether on the pandemic response, tax cuts for the richest Americans, or affordable prescription drugs for Pennsylvania families,” Finello ends in her statement. 

Two Democratic backed polls were released in June that showed Finello within striking distance of Fitzpatrick. One poll commissioned by the Finello campaign from Public Policy Polling of likely voters from June 10-11 showed Fitzpatrick edging out Finello by 2 points, 40-to-38, with 21 percent undecided. The other poll commissioned by House Majority PAC from Victoria Research of registered voters between June 7-14 had Fitzpatrick leading Finello by 1 point, 45-to-44. 

Finello’s campaign website’s issues page says that she supports a “constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling to end dark money’s influence on our elections,” although the release from Finello’s campaign about her Q2 haul said that she is “not accepting contributions from corporate political action committees.” 

The Fitzpatrick campaign did not specifically point to a specific corporate PAC donation that was received by the Finello campaign in the fundraising release.

Fitzpatrick is currently in his second term in Congress representing the Philadelphia suburban district. He bested pro-Trump Republican Andrew Meehan in the 2020 GOP primary by 27 points, which is a closer margin than his 34 point win over pro-Trump Republican Dean Malik in 2018.

Fitzpatrick’s 2018 bid for Congress against self-funded Democratic challenger Scott Wallace was the most expensive Congressional race in the state last cycle, and the 7th most expensive Congressional race in the country, according to Open Secrets. $18 million total was raised between both candidates. 

Several ratings outlets currently have the race as Leans Republican in the 1st Congressional District. 

Fitzpatrick is one of three Pennsylvania Republicans being targeted by the DCCC’s initial 2020 list, along with Reps. Mike Kelly (R-Butler) and Scott Perry (R-York).

This story was updated to note that the Fitzpatrick campaign did not specifically pinpoint a corporate PAC donation to the Finello campaign. 

9 Responses

  1. Speaking of “push polls” — Fitz’s mouthpiece Kate Constantini referring to Fitzpatrick phoney top “bipartisan” ratings are all coming from corporatist GOP-run shops like the Lugar Center and NoLabelsOrganization (Problem Solvers Caucus). The Lugar Center also gave their Most Bipartisan Award on the Senate side to SUSAN COLLINS.

    Brian Fitzpatrick is the Susan Collins of PA01.

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He couldn’t even beat Thurston Howell last cycle by more than a couple points. Ryan, you fraud.

  2. Finello has no shot head to head. Only chance is if the libertarian gets on the ballot. She is not getting to 50+1

  3. Finello is so desperate for attention, she has to pay herself for phony polls that supposedly show her getting support.
    It’s no secret, Congressman Fitzpatrick is a perfect fit for CD-1, both in BucksCo and MontCo. He has great constituent service, and he is on top of every issue that affects us.

  4. This race is not about Fitzpatrick. It is about Trump. Fitzpatrick decided to stay Republican and basically decided to not opt to jump in a lifeboat from the political Titanic he is on which is the Republican candidates in suburban districts running with Trump in 2020. Being that Fitzpatrick is now on the Republican political Titanic and his opponent is raising money with great success and Trump is highly unpopular in the Bucks County area—Things don’t look good for Fitzpatrick for Congress in 2020.Fitzpatrick had he switched parties to Dem would have a better chance than he does now in 2020.

    1. Fitzpatrick is all-in Trump. He is coy, and won’t admit it (won’t even admit who he is voting for in November) but it started w Fitzpatrick’s support while on the Homeland Security committee and hia vote for the GOP Tax Scam. It continues now, with Fitzpatrick’s breakthrough letter to rogue Attorney General William Barr to demand “antifa be declared a domestic terrorist organization* with absolutely zero evidence backing Fitzpatrick from his former FBI employer. Fitzpatrick took the ultimate bullet by voting AGAINST IMPEACHMENT, even with his background FBI knowledge earned from his 2015 assignment in Ukraine. He knew. Fitzpatrick knew.

  5. The real story is Finello’s Q2 haul – which is over 70% more than her Q1 haul. And raising over 200K in one just one month is impressive for any challenger in our COVID-19 world. Finello has growing momentum.

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