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EXCLUSIVE: PA-8: Q4: Petri Raises $300K, Has $276,000 COH

Scott-PetriState Representative and PA-8 Congressional candidate Scott Petri has revealed the first fundraising numbers of his campaign.

PoliticsPA has learned that Petri raised $300,000 during the fourth quarter of 2015. His campaign also has $276K cash on hand.

The fourth fundraising quarter of 2015 spanned from October 1st to December 31st. The Petri camp filed with the FEC on Oct. 1st but didn’t formally announce their entry into the race until November 30th.

Additionally, in mid-December the NRCC put Petri in their “On the Radar” program.

Petri has two Republican competitors in April’s PA-8 primary, Andrew Warren and Dean Malik. Recently, though, incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s brother has been making noise about a possible campaign.

The 8th District consists of all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

8 Responses

  1. How much of Petri’s haul came from rich donors and special interest PAC’s? I suspect 75%. I would be more impressed if Petri raised that amount through small donations. What it does tell me is Petri doesn’t have the average Levittown voter supporting him.

  2. Scott Petri, has the legal background and human connection needed for this job. His ability to negotiate is outstanding and he is definitely a man of good moral character…..he has my vote.

  3. Wow. Impressive. I was told Petri wouldn’t be able to fundraise those big numbers. I was waiting to get behind fitzs brother once he moved back from California and definitely got into the race. I’m feeling more confident in Petri…

  4. My extensive discussion of this situation is found on another page on this website.

    Essentially, assuming Dr. Duome and Andy Warren can’t raise sufficient $ [and, thus, create a viable organization], a putative race would develop between Petri and Malik; as noted by Tom Falk, Brother Brian’s entry would besmirch an otherwise “clean” competition.

    A key tidbit that is worth mentioning is that I’ve heard incremental thresholds raised as “red lines in the sand” regarding how much $ Petri would have to raise so as to dissuade Poprick from opposing him; the scuttlebutt was that it rose monthly from 100K to 200K to 300k.

  5. $400,000 less COH than Naughton.
    Andy Warren has the best resume.
    And a Fitzpatrick is entering the race?

    Thanks for participating Scott.

  6. Now I’m not a big Petri guy, I think its going to be tough for him to win over the lower end, but he’s at least lived in Bucks County the last five years. Mike Fitzpatrick and Pat Poprik want to instead run a guy who doesn’t even live in the district. Go ahead Mike, run your brother, cause a war like never before seen, bring down the entire party apparatus, and turn Bucks in Montco.

    Now you know why I got out of Republican Politics in Bucks County.

    Pat Poprik and Mike Fitzpatrick–dividing the Bucks County Republican party like no one else before or after them.

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