F&M Poll: 51% Believe Kane Should Resign

KaneA majority of Pennsylvanians now believe that Attorney General Kathleen Kane should resign.

That is the finding of the latest Franklin & Marshall poll.

This is a five point increase from their latest survey back in August.

When broken down by party, a majority of Republicans (62%) and Independents (56%) favor Kane’s resignation. Just 40% of Democrats, however, want the AG to step down.

Among those who want Kane to resign, 57% think the state legislature should start impeachment proceedings. Overall, 35% of voters favor impeaching the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, Kane’s favorability rating stands at 14% while her unfavorable rating went up to 42%.

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. They surveyed 614 registered Pennsylvania voters from October 19th to October 25th. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%.

50 Responses

  1. Hmmm … Feudale mistakenly cc’d Fina at his old OAG e-mail address. that must mean he MEANT TO cc him at his new e-mail address …. here in Philadelphia … where the man that sent the following in an e-male to his white male buddies still collects a pay-check from the City’s taxpayers. Shameful.


  2. I think F&M should do a poll on weather or not the Pa House & Pa Senate should be removed from office…..!!!

    I’m thinking high 80’s to mid 90’s % of Pa voters feel they should be removed from office.

  3. @ Ha3:

    Your wishful-thinking [“He must have seen that Cruz is down in the polls.”] is erroneous, and I daresay he will soon emerge @ the top of the 2nd-tier candidates within a week…along with Rubio…as Jeb! sinks.

  4. E-mail to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Craig McCoy from Barry F. Feudale dated July 8, 2013:

    “Subject: Re: nice meeting you “two” Craig forwad this to Angela I don’t have her email handy

    I am also considering giving you the brief Order initialy removing me and the Order denying reconsideration with explanation why I was removed…Since…you and Angela seem to be aware of the content of such (I believe you said it, or parts of it was read to you and or parts of the Application for a Writ of Prohibition,) it seems to not in the interest of transparency and completeness to not “confirm” what was said in the order. My Problem is that the Application for a writ was sealed (as are all Kings Bench matters) so I need both your assurance it will only be used as background and you will not reveal me as a source of such.” (emphasis added)

  5. DD – I hope you learned your lesson about engaging in a back-and-forth with sklaroff. Please refrain in the future. He pollutes this board every day … but more so when someone actually responds to him.

    “mike” asked him a legitimate question the other day and all he did is insult him and copy/paste his crazy tea-party stuff.

  6. Democrats for Sandusky! Free Jerry! Long live Krazy Kane and Joe “Pedophile Enabler” Paterno!

  7. Oh boy … sklaroff is really off the rails now. He must have seen that Cruz is down in the polls. The post below displays the ramblings of a mental patient. I hope for the world’s sake that he does not have any children … Yikes …

  8. Nice of Kane’s top deputies to give the Senate an example of how she cannot do her job.

  9. Krazy Kane’s top lawyers are leading a revolt against our most beloved leader. They must be stopped so that Sandusky can be freed and the Paterno statue can rise again. In solidarity with Jerry and Kathleen, I have taken my Krazy Kane Barbie doll and jammed it directly up my ass. The long locks of hair make me look like a pony! And, as a pony, I now ride to find and conquer Fina and his Clown Car full of Corbett Pervs!

  10. @ d2:

    You engage in historical revisionism, predictably, when you summarize the posture you have allegedly consistently harbored.

    You also unjustifiably attack the wording of the poll by creating an assumption [of conviction] that you then claim could be harbored by an unsuspecting citizen; obviously, the plain meaning [“filed criminal charges”] neither denotes/connotes what you imagined [“she has not had her day in court/trial and had not been convicted”].

    You also have not dealt with the additional revelation regarding how she abused the privileges of her office:


    “A Democratic political consultant connected to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane shopped printed copies of personal emails of a former grand-jury judge to members of the press, calling them “toxic,” and said Kane was aware the messages existed.”

    You have consistently downplayed the import of her pattern of [mis-]behavior and, thus, your submission of your completed homework assignment continues to pend.

  11. rskarloff-

    I don’t have to retract anything.

    The poll finding is based on a ridiculous premise:
    “The Montgomery County District Attorney has filed criminal charges against Attorney General Kathleen Kane for obstruction, conspiracy, perjury and abuse of office. While the case against her goes through the criminal justice system, do you think that Kathleen Kane should resign as Attorney General or do you think she should continue to serve as Attorney General? ”

    This makes NO SENSE as a premise, because she can’t un-resign if she emerges not-guilty, and the question doesn’t not explain that she couldn’t be reinstated.

    The wording of the question also does NOT make it clear that she has not had her day in court/trial and had not been convicted. It could be interpreted by those unfamiliar with the case to assume she’s been convicted but the appeal “goes through the criminal justice system”.

    But the opinion in a poll doesn’t change Kane’s right to face the charges in a trial nor her presumption of innocence. The most “serious” charges are a perjury trap fabricated during the grand-jury (which seems to be the primary purpose).

    If the poll flips next week to more people wanting her to stay in office, you aren’t going to suddenly “bow to the poll” and call for Kane to stay, so stop being such a bullshitter.

    My position has been consistent that Kane should not resign nor be removed prior to a trial. Also, that the license suspension, prior to a trial, is a gross abuse of discretion (especially given how unevenly this has been applied to other lawyers).

  12. Someone yesterday alluded to Fina’s involvement in the Salvation Army case – suggesting it was Fina that gave immunity to the white guy so they could prosecute the Black guy. Is that true?

  13. Agreed, Larry. It’s the fake Ha3 that needs to get banned. The real Ha3 may be opinionatrmed, but he has been on-point about many things in this Kane story. He said that there were powerful people that Kane has the goods on – and we now know that she does. Ha3 called that a long time ago.

    The idiot using his screen-name is just a wanna-be.

  14. Thank you, mods. While you’re at it, please ban the IP address of the poster who was littering the board. He does that all day under various screen names, usually HaHaHa.

  15. sklaroff, by now you should understand that Diano and HaHaHa/PatUnger never concede when they are clearly wrong. They will obfuscate, prevaricate, spin. But never concede. As has been noted by others, Kane could be caught on video murdering puppies and children and these stooges would try to change the subject to Fina and porn emails. Pathetic.

  16. @ d2:

    Now that a clear majority of Pennsylvanians want her OUT…ASAP…you have been reduced to expressing the hope that she’ll be acquitted [presumably, by the one juror you hope would believe her rather than all the documents/people around her].

    You should schedule a vacation from your ‘puter job, so that you will have sufficient time to list all the PoliticsPa postings you will have to retract WHEN she has been relieved of her duties…probably by year’s end, possibly by month’s end [November].

    The new reader is redirected to the hyperlinks previously provided regarding the rationale for pending Senatorial action, both on this website and elsewhere:



  17. 49% have Tourette’s Syndrome and repeatedly shout out “CLOWN CAR, FINA, REPERVLICANS!!” Why does nobody take them seriously?

  18. 14% favorability rating….wasn’t that Bush territory at the end of his last term?

  19. 49% believe that Joe Paterno, as channeled through a medium, should be the Governor For Life of Pennsylvania and Kathleen Kane should be his earthly representative.

  20. OMG, Politics PA finally found a majority (barely at 51%) instead of a plurality of past postings that want Kane gone.
    But of those NOT wanting Kane to resign, 2% want impeachment. Both Republicans who were drunk and did not understand where they were and what the question was about.

  21. I am starting to think that SG Kane should be allowed to serve out her term.

    Her case needs to play out in Court – where all the people involved in this can be scrutinized. The public would benefit from that (especially if Kane is to be imprisoned).

    The recent turn of events has me convinced that she really dos uncover corruption along with all those vile e-mails.

  22. I have to agree with MTG. You DO sound like a cry-baby. No one is forcing you to read comments here. Quit the martyr act. There are bigger problems to ponder – bipartisan problems … like climate change …

  23. WAH !!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …. ….. WAH !!!!
    My name is spongebob and I am a crybaby Repervlican … I say nothing when Repervlicans come here and spew their garbage. I say nothing when, for months, Repervlicans called the Attorney General of PA every name in the book … but now I am here crying like a baby … Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. You know the thing I have learned from participating on this site is the people here who act foolish and use adjectives like Repervlicans are the reason why people today hate politics. At least Diano comes on makes a statement and for the most part keeps it above board and does not resort to low brow name calling. While I usually disagree with many of his comments at least its someone being passionate about what they believe. I don’t know who HaHaHa is or who the other posters who are flooding the boards, but damn if it doesn’t show how bad the political divide is. Now I will be called a shill or in the clown car or whatever nonsensical comment the others will come up with but what a sad commentary on people these days. The things we see here are why politics and the idea of political parties are failing the American people.

  25. These polls are stupid. Of that 51, 45% are Repervlicans trying to overturn the election.

    The 45% believe that homosexuality is evil.

  26. The 12:19 post is not me.

    Let’s see how the trial plays out. I’m glad Kane is still in and releasing these emails.

    Who thinks that any replacement for her would release emails?

  27. I choose to interpret this as saying that 99.7% of Pennsylvanians want our most wonderful Kathleen Kane to remain in the AG’s Office for good.

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