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Kane Blames Beemer for Previous Inquiry into Eakin’s Emails

KaneWhy did the Judicial Conduct Board largely exonerate Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin and his emails?

Well, according to Kathleen Kane, it is because First Deputy Bruce Beemer wasn’t doing his job.

Kane asserts that Beemer signed off on the report from Robert Byer last year that Eakin’s emails were did not provide sufficient evidence of judicial misconduct.

As Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review points out, relations between Kane and Beemer have been frayed for quite some time.

Beemer testified against Kane during the investigation into whether she leaked grand jury information. He defended James Barker and asked to be fired instead, yet the AG chose to expel Barker anyway. Finally, Kane transferred control over personnel matters from Beemer to her Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker despite sexual harassments claims made against Duecker.

At the moment, Kane is releasing all of Eakin’s questionable emails.

38 Responses

  1. Apology to everyone here: I went off my meds for a while. I am OK now though. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  2. Why is Beemer still there? And why is he basically now the acting AG??? Kane should have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

    Kane continues to be three steps behind in this ongoing, never ending saga. JUST RELEASE EVERY LAST EMAIL THAT YOU HAVE–don’t release them in a drip, drip, drip fashion…from EVERYONE’s ACCOUNT. FIRE BEEMER and put someone in charge who you aren’t going to accuse of something tomorrow morning.

    Really KGK–Stop the nonsense and just tell the public everything and release everything. Unfortunately, your time to do so is ticking away fast.

  3. rskla – I am going to follow the lead of others here and not engage you in a “conversation” on this (or anything else). You seem to be a dyed-in-the-tea type of guy and I don’t want to waste my time.

  4. Fake aaron/H3/whatever other names you’re using: I never predicted she will be removed today. I said it would begin today. And it did. The Governor wants Kane out in a bad way, so he fully supports this.

  5. @ Pat Unger:

    You cite the Editorial from…

    ..but neglect to note a key excerpt therefrom:

    “4. And yet, the demon in this story is Kathleen Kane.

    “A state Supreme Court judge has an alias email account to receive pornographic messages from a ring of state officials and others. And people are complaining that Kathleen Kane should be kicked out of office for leaking stuff from a grand jury report? The attorney general is being accused of selectively releasing the porn emails in order to protect herself from her enemies. Which, if true, sounds like the smartest thing she’s done so far in office.”

  6. LOL … they are forming “a committee to explore” … That is pure comedy. If they could do it, it would already be done.

    Can’t wait to se the Ds on this “committee.” They probably have buddies involved in the scandal … KANE WINS AGAIN … You can’t make this stuff up!!

  7. LOL, sorry Observer3, I’m just MTG 24/7. H3, your first comment at 9:54 (before you descended back into lunacy at 10:09) was surprisingly level-headed and gets to the big picture. I, for one, think Kane is a criminal AND Eakin is a perv. I just don’t understand the hate for Fina. But you, H3, have responded reflexively to every story about Kane’s misdeeds with an immediate reference to completely unrelated porn emails (and your unfortunate tick with ‘Repervlicans’ and so forth). So, don’t pretend to be reasonable on this issue. You are one of the far-left D monkeys.

  8. Perhaps this will be AG Kane’s opportunity to fire Beemer? If he helped Eakin avoid responsibility … or simply dropped the ball on his review of the material …. that’s grounds to get rid of him.

  9. O3 – You are correct. The “fake” conversations between MTG and Jessica are the same as the ones previously between kanesdriver and Jessica.

    Good detective work!!

  10. Dear Shills,

    There are reasonable people who question Kane’s competence and fitness for office and also question the tactics and ethics of the prosecutors and judges who are being dragged into the light of day by Kane.

    There are people commenting here who are not just R-monkeys or D-monkeys running around spewing talking points.

    The “you are just defending Kane” nonsense is just more R-monkey propaganda. The “Eakin is bad b/c he got dirty e-mails” nonsense is just D-monkey crap.

    It is entirely possible that Kane is a criminal AND that Fina & The Corbett Pervs are criminals. But only one is facing criminal charges. And that’s the rub. Why is Kane the only person facing charges? Why is Fina being protected? Why is one leak criminal (when it comes to Kane) and hundreds of leaks are not criminal (when it comes to the people attacking Kane)? Why is there a grand jury empaneled to investigate one alleged Kane leak and no grand jury investigating the hundreds of leaks from Fina & The Corbett Pervs?These are legitimate questions – even if they do not affect the outcome of Kane’s trial.

  11. Calm down, elroy. Madden is just a good guy and a good lawyer who left the OAG for private practice. In your zeal to defend your girl Kane, you seem to assume that Fina has a cult following or something. He doesn’t.

  12. Why was Clark Madden’s name introduced into this story? What was his background and allegiance to Beemer? Wes he also a Fina associate?

  13. I was rather fond of Clark’s statement, as well. Everyone was. It was simply perfect.

  14. Maybe so, Jessica, but I really enjoyed Clark Madden’s public departure from the OAG in which he concluded that it was great to work for the First Deputy (no mention of the AG herself).

  15. Bruce Beamer is a coward and a fraud. Bruce has been whistling through the graveyard for the past year while Kathleen Kane and her apparatchik have trampled on peoples’ careers and lives.

    Shame on you, Bruce.

  16. Why did Kane keep Beemer on staff, knowing he agreed with Fina that a Sandusky child victim was “not credible”? Obviously, both Fina and Beemer were proven wrong, so their judgment should be in question.

  17. H3 – Was it really Beemer who aligned with Fina to discredit that final Sandusky child rape victim?

    I guess Beemer, too, really had a lot to lose when Kane took office on the promise to review the Sandusky investigation.

    Even if Sandusky did not attack additional children, it is clear he continued to rape children while Fina and his buddies sat on their hands mis-using their State computers on vile, disgusting material. Wonder what Beemer’s role was in allowing Sandusky to remain a free man for sooooooooooo long after victims had implicated him. Normally – sexual predators are taken off the street immediately – for obvious reasons.

  18. I have only one thing left to say:

    BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Way to go, Kane! Right out of our Democratic Playbook: It’s never your fault, blame someone else! No personal accountability, blame someone else! Pass the buck, blame someone else!

  20. Of course Kane attacks Beemer. He has something that neither Kane nor the “hands on” Chief of Staff has…. The respect of the employees of the OAG.

  21. Beemer is not the sharpest guy around. Probably didn’t realize that Eakin was “John Smith” and Byer didn’t review Robert Graci’s written report.

  22. i mean … how can beemer have it both ways. he either signed off on byre’s fraud of a report or he didn’t. which one is it, beemer?

  23. Of course!! Now it is all starting to come together. Beemer is a Fina guy. He probably saw an opportunity to be Interim AG. LMAO. Now he is getting exposed … just like the rest of the attackers. This is great. Popcorn would be nice with this show.

  24. If I remember correctly, Beemer was the guy who, along with Fina, called that final child victim of Sandusky “not credible” … Wouldn’t know the guy from a can of paint – but I distrust him if he is a friend of Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

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