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Kane Sued Again

KaneThe Attorney General will be facing yet another legal case.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, Graham Moore, the former Human Resources Director of the Attorney General’s office is suing Kane for wrongful termination.

Moore had recommended that Kane not hire Jonathan Duecker to be her Chief of Staff because of sexual harassment allegations made against Duecker.

Kane brought Duecker on despite Moore’s advice and fired Moore. At the time, her spokesman Chuck Ardo said it was a “personnel issue”. Moore was told only that the AG wanted to go “in a new direction.”

In the lawsuit, Moore makes a number of serious claims concerning Kathleen Kane’s attempts to protect Duecker.

He states that the AG asked another top aide what Duecker’s accusers “would need to make this go away”, asserting that she “needed” Duecker on staff.

Additionally the head of the Internal Affairs unit, which produced a report warning Kane about the allegations, told Moore that Duecker asked if the report could “die on the vine.”

Moore also stated that Kane asked the FOP during contract negotiations to make the issue go away. This accusation is being investigated by the FBI.

Currently, in addition to her other legal problems, the Attorney General is also being sued by James Barker as well as Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo and four others.

30 Responses

  1. HaHaHa/Pat Unger, where are you buddy? How about Kane being on the porn emails that she condemns? So she’s incompetent AND hypocritical!! I bet FINA is laughing his ass off!

  2. Isaac – his M.O. also seems to involve illegally leaking things to the Press. Just ask Craig & Angela where they got all the illegally leaked material from the Kane investigation.

    And look at Fina’s other “big” cases. There always seem to be illegal leaks. Coincidence?

    Have you seen the accounts of Sheilah Novasky and Melissa Frameli below? Fina is a sexual deviant and a bully. He thinks the rules font apply to him. But he will soon find out that they do. Hope he looks good in orange. Wonder if he will scream and yell at the other inmates … when there is not a group of Agents in the room to protect him.

    If it is true that Fina prosecuted a woman for paying her son’s Penn State tuition on her State computer, then he is going to jail for a looooooooooooong time.

  3. There you have it: Terrance Healy sees HaHaHa as a kindred spirit! Two peas in a pod, a padded pod inside a secure facility. Hilarious!

  4. Fina’s M.O. was basically to accuse any staffer of having affairs and of all kinds of illegal behavior to try to get them to crack. Some of the stories I heard have been fantastic. Apparently he’s a bit of a hot head and didn’t take well to staffers who knew their rights, knew they hadn’t done anything wrong, and gave as good as he was giving. I’m talking Fina screaming and throwing tantrums followed by storming out of the room. It wonders me how he got where he is.

  5. Hahaha… You oughta read my blog. I am no Paul Harvey… But you and I have THE REST OF THE STORY.

  6. Mr. Nick Field –

    You missed several articles recently. The Daily News had a piece where they exposed the fact that the woman Seth Williams just hired as Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel” is the wife of Fina’s lawyer. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

    Fina’s lawyer’s wife, Kathy Martin, is also the wife of Tyron Ali’s lawyer.

    And now – the rumor is that she is also the wife of Seth Williams’ criminal lawyer (he is being investigated by the FBI).

    If Seth Williams is paying his lawyer by giving a high-paying City job to his lawyer’s wife, then he may be joing to jail with Fina & Costanzo. Same thing if he is trying to help Fina prevail in his $$$-driven lawsuit vs. Kane.

    There is no good explanation for the hiring of this lawyer’s wife (Ms. Martin). She has very little prosecutorial experience and zero general counsel experience. As a taxpayer, I have serious questions about how she got this position. The First Deputy – a respected veteran prosecutor – resigned when Seth Williams refused to fire Kathy Martin’s husband’s client (Frank Fina).

    And who does he bring in — a woman off the street with ZERO QUALIFICATIONS. And we are supposed to believe it is just a coincidence that she happens to be the wife of the con-man’s and the corrupt prosecutor’s attorney? No way. Something DIRTY is going on at the D.A.’s Office in Philadelphia.

  7. Senator Corleone? Governor Corleone? Attorney General Corleone? No, wait.With a little nudge we can knock “Leakin’ Eakins” off the bench and take the vacancy. Get ready, boys. It’s Justice Corleone! We are going back into the family business and we’ll fix anything but your roof!

  8. rsklaroff-

    Of course that’s a fake post. In a real post, you would have Cruz doing the fondling.

  9. Whomever posted the following [easily detected via IP address] should be banned:

    rsklaroff says:
    December 15, 2015 at 4:49 pm
    I would particularly enjoy watching Mr. Duecker digitally familiarizing himself with the members of the weaker sex in the office. In fact, I would like to have a video of said fondling to enjoy in the privacy of my study.

  10. I hear you, @Wait.

    But would Steele prosecute his mother for allegedly jay-walking and ignore the jay-walking of others – over and over.

    It’s one thing to be an aggressive prosecutor. It’s another thing to be corrupt.

    Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. You can look it up!

    And the fact is that Josh Morrow has told two vastly diffent stories about what allegedly happened. He also make a liar out of Tyron Ali (which Steele, admittedly, doesn’t need to be concerned with).

    In my opinion – he will think long and hard about it. After all – everyone who gets involved with this “cast (i.e. – trumped-up charges) gets burned.

  11. Guys-if you really think Steele won’t prosecute Kane, you should rethink your strategy. Anyone who know him understands that Steele would prosecute his mother for jaywalking-and ask for jail time!

  12. I am surprised that these two women are not filing suit against Frank Fina. Their accounts of their interactions with Fina show the type of person he really is:

    1) Sheilah Novasky met Frank Fina for the first time while she was waiting to testify before a grand jury in the state’s case against DeWeese. She said she sat in a small room with seven men – including Fina.

    Fina repeatedly asked bout two things: How many women on DeWeese’s staff were sleeping with Manzo? And did she know about Frameli’s “breast enhancements”?
    Novasky then went before the grand jury. Fina asked her nothing about breasts or Manzo’s sexual relationships.

    “I think it was for their own amusement,” Novasky said. “There is a line between intimidation and interrogation and they crossed the lines whenever they concentrated on the sexual antics, which had nothing to do with [the case] …”

    2) Melissa Frameli remembers: “Fina was saying that we were exchanging political emails on state time and that it was illegal … It’s pretty sick that they were doing the same thing that they were screaming at us for – and our emails were related to political work, they weren’t degrading toward women or towards men, they weren’t pornographic in nature.”

    She recalled that Fina was fixated on her personal relationship with DeWeese’s chief of staff, Michael Manzo, and whether she had spent her bonus money on a “boob job.” He accused her of “whoring around,” unleashing a string of profanity and “F-bombs,” she said. …

    “He was completely putting me down and saying I was going to get in trouble for sleeping with my boss. Screaming at me, and saying that I used my bonus to get a boob job and that I was a disgrace, basically . . . I felt very degraded by him. I felt very degraded as a woman.”

  13. I love watching Pat and H3 converse with themselves. But sure let’s deflect from the purpose of the article. That Kane PROMOTED someone whose idea of fun is to allegedly play a game of grope the underling. Yeah why focus on that when it of course highlights the train wreck of a person she is and what kind of character she has.

  14. Real Ha3 — I agree that kevin Steele is going to have some tough decisions ahead of him. The more public opinion turns against the people that were behind the smear campaign against kane, the tougher it will be for his Office to win that case.

    The smart thing to do would be to cut-bait before he gets embarrassed. He can always fall back on the fact that the star witness is a liar. He told two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT stories in two separate statements.

    My guess is that the criminal charges were always just a tool to try to get Kane to resign. just like the criminal charges in the steaming pile of dung (sting) case. They were never meant to see the inside of a Courtroom (which explains Sert Williams personally begging one of the accused to plead guilty).

  15. Dale – the Democrat in MontCo won’t have any choice but to drop the trumped-up nonsense “case” they currently have pending against Kane. After all – it was a Repervlican Chief justice who authorized the witch hunt. then a Repervlican Judge appointed a Repervlican not-so-“Special Prosecutor.” The laughable indictment was handed over to a Repervlican DA who, after seeing how embarrassing the “case” was – scurried around for months looking for real evidence.

    But Kevin Steele is in there now. He knows that selective enforcement is a form of corruption. It would be idiotic for him to pursue Kane for one alleged leak while ignoring the MANY ILLEGAL LEAKS by Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

  16. The real irony is that she may be elected again, and all the people of the State will watch what happens after the reelection. There will be no barring her to run again, and if enough supporters vote and the detractors don’t, won’t that be something!

  17. I love Kane supporters. The guy gets fired for doing his job and people attack him. Next you will say the women deserved to be harassed because of what they wore or drinking or something else. How sad. Kane attacks people at a moral level but promotes someone who has no respect for women and shows it by not keeping his hands to himself based on what’s reported. She continues to be a source of taxpayer waste because somehow we will have to pay to defend her in these suits.

  18. So, Moore could not go out and find private sector HR employment? Must not be much of an HR talent. Because you have to have LOST wages to sue for wrongful termination. Or maybe he just can’t find work because people won’t hire a rat.

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