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Leach: “Truly Sorry” for Making People Uncomfortable

In an op-ed, state Sen. Daylin Leach apologized for conduct that made people uncomfortable, and said he was “sometimes impulsive and thoughtless.”

The op-ed, published in the Inquirer, Leach said he is “truly sorry for ever saying or doing anything that has made anyone uneasy, uncomfortable, or distressed.”

Leach explained his actions that led to the accusations he inappropriately touched staffers saying “I have always been a somewhat touchy person in conversation with both men and women and, therefore, I always assumed it was OK. But not everyone has the same comfort level with touching.”

Since the accusations, Governor Tom Wolf and other Democrats have called for Leach to resign his position and end his congressional run.  Leach announced he would be “taking a step back” from his campaign, but has not officially exited the race.  

The op-ed could be the beginning of Leach moving the conversation forward past the accusations in order to continue a run for Congress.  

“I believe that there must be room for growth and forgiveness on this issue and in all areas of life,” Leach wrote.

25 Responses

  1. @DD- Lib Lib is on target with the statement on 1/10@8:15PM.
    I know one of these Montco bleeding heart female Leach supporters. She is hard core pro Leach & is giving him money this week (incredulous font here)! She doesn’t believe any of the “alleged” accusations, though she viciously calls for accused republicans to be ousted from office, no proof needed. Double standard applies when you’re a snowflake.

  2. It’s really bugging me to see David Diano come out so strong against someone accused of sexual harassment.

    I guess that must mean that David has never behaved in a way that someone could feel was inappropriate. Right?

    Care to comment David?

    1. Huh-

      Unless the keyboard has a problem with me stroking it, I’m on safe ground. As a computer consultant, I’m dealing with the client, who has control over my employment, not the other way around. But, mostly, I’m working from home or in a reserved cubicle with no staff of my own.

      I’ve never employed anyone or in been a position of relative power like Daylin (or these other @ssholes have). I’ve simply had no interns or underlings to harass.

      I’ve been known to tell a crude joke or two, but never with people whose job/career was dependent on me or who couldn’t tell me to “f*ck off” and have any fear of reprisal.

      And, I’ve never been a government employee on the tax-payer dime.

      Now, if someone wants to hire me and give me a staff of harassable young women, we can see if I handle the responsibility better than Daylin did.

      I say plenty of “inappropriate” things on PoliticsPA, but the standard for all of this is the workplace, and the power-dynamic.

      So, if you told a girl at a bar that she had a nice @ss and asked to buy her a drink, it would be socially inappropriate. The bartender might ask you to leave, but the context would be different than a workplace.

      1. I want to make sure I understand what you are saying David.

        When it comes to you, you don’t work with anyone so you can’t harass anyone in a way that is offensive because the only offensive harassment is in the workplace or in government which is the only place that power dynamics exist? Is that it?

        Or is it just that you don’t have a staff or “harassable young women”?

        This is how you are defending your behavior. Not your behavior on Politics PA, but your behavior in real life.

        I understhand.

        1. Huh-

          I gave an example where someone like you could make inappropriate comments to a girl at a bar. Is that “harassment”? I doubt it, but I don’t have an opinion on it, either. The girl and the bartender/owner would make that judgement. If you “whipped it out”, then that would be harassment.

          BUT, it’s a completely different situation when there is a power dynamic, like with Daylin, and job/career is involved.

          I’ve simply never been a situation with a power dynamic were I could possibly engage in the kind of unacceptable behavior that Daylin did. I just don’t have any behavior to defend because I’ve never even had the opportunity to engage in behavior that needed defending. It’s just completely outside my experience. I’ve never had any staff, harassable or otherwise.

          A woman that I work for did give a shirt for Xmas that said “Trophy Employee”, but I wasn’t offended.

          I’ve called for the resignation of the state party chairman. Some people find that inappropriate (others cheer me on). If people find such comments inappropriate, I don’t give two f*cks, as long as they’re on equal footing with me to say something back.

          However, any form of harassment, not involving a power-dynamic, is completely off point in a discussion about Daylin’s behavior and calls for his resignation. It looks like an attempt by you to divert attention from Daylin to hypothetical nonsense about his detractors.

          Try posting under your real name.

          1. Thank you for clarifying David.

            I now understand that you have no power, so you are absolved from any of your inappropriate behavior. (But that’s mostly because no one has hired you a staff of “harassable young women” yet)

            You are here to speak truth to power as the great male defender of all women who have been harassed, so any discussion of your behavior is “off point”.

            Given your behavior in the past, I’d rather not give my name. I may have been stupid once, but I’ve learned.

            Have you?

  3. I am truly sorry that I wasted ten minutes reading Daylin Leach’s “Truly Sorry” editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  4. I must be missing something….

    Daylin has not apologized for:
    -any of the sexually violating touching mentioned in the article.
    -any of the sexually explicit behavior or objectification of women that is part of his typical persona. (e.g. calling an intern “thong girl” or going to watching breastfeeding moms in a coffee shop calling it “milf and cookies”…. see Matt Goldfine on Facebook for details)
    -intimidating the women into silence for decades
    -ramping up intimidation prior to this story being released
    -having the Party move one victim out of state at the beginning of the #metoo movement to silence her
    -calling one victim a “hateful monster” and “wrecking ball of hate” on Facebook.
    -spreading lies about sexual affairs the women were having with his competitors’ campaigns
    -His initial non-apology attacking the women and claiming victimhood for himself
    -Lying in this “op-ed” that he was “oblivious” since even the initial article cites that he was FORMALLY REPRIMANDED by the Dems MULTIPLE TIMES.
    -NEVER acknowledging the women he has actually hurt and their careers that he has ruined, the pain and suffering on them and their families.

    The Inquirer should apologize for publishing this drivel and giving voice to a predator claiming victimization and further traumatizing this actual victims.

    Can Daylin be redeemed if he REALLY apologizes? Probably for private life. But that should be done in therapy, not in public office where he is making laws to protect women in the workplace. He is the embodiment of male privilege.

    You want to make amends, Daylin? Don’t tank female candidates. Drop out and fundraise for one in the 7th or the many running for the state house. Accept the consequences of your actions and remove yourself from power.

  5. Daylin Leach still running for Congress at this point is like a Pat Meehan plant!! If he won the Democratic nomination it’s over. DCCC won’t put in a dime. Zero tolerance!

    1. Daylin won’t be endorsed. And the women will be up in arms if he’s invited to events. The Delco Dems have officially condemned him and asked him to resign the Senate. He won’t get committee support for his campaign.

      If he can read the writing on the wall, he’ll pull out before the primary when he sees how little support he has and how fundraising is drying up.

      1. David, where did you see that about Delco Dems asking for resignation? Can you share your source or link? Is it public?

        1. Jack-

          In a statement, the chairman of the Delaware County Democratic Party, David Landau, called Leach an “a tireless fighter for progressive causes” but said, “None of that can excuse his inappropriate conduct and the toxic environment he created. He should immediately suspend his congressional campaign.”

          That was Dec 17th. Daylin’s behavior since then has deepened his problems, and Leanne Krueger-Braneky and other leading women in Delco have been applying pressure for Senate resignation. Leanne is very powerful in the Delco Dems right now, so I fully expect the party is behind her on this.

          1. I did see those statements. He’s been making the committee rounds in Delco with lots of support so I question the assumption that the exec board is siding with Leanne. She’s prominent but not that popular, especially among the newer and older faces of the party. I’ve heard people say Leanne is taking a hard line because she wants the seat if there is redistricting, and resent her for it. Not that this is true, but I don’t see Delco Dems falling in line with her given people’s distaste for her constant personal promotion.

          2. Jack-

            I did hear he was at a Radnor meeting/event, but I heard it from people complaining about it on my Facebook feed. His district is 2/3 in Montco and only 1/3 in Delco. He does his main fundraising for Montco Dems, and isn’t around that much for Delco. So, Daylin doesn’t have that much “juice” in Delco. And, in Montco, the current chairman, and Marcel (the former chairman) haven’t uttered a word of condemnation for Daylin, that I’ve heard, let alone asking him to drop out of congressional race. That shows where they are on women’s issues.

            If Leanne raises more money for Delco Dems than Daylin has or gets more Dems elected, that’s how “support” is dished out. I don’t know if any candidate will get enough votes for a county endorsement, but Daylin certainly won’t.

            But, Daylin just keeps digging himself a bigger hole with his ridiculous non-apologies.

  6. We have too many pompous arses in both parties at all levels of government. Long gone are the days of the true civil servant replaced with all these “great I am” faux leaders.

  7. It Truly amazes me how many extreme left liberal women still support Dayling . If it were anyone else these women would be screaming from the roof tops that such a person should be tared and feathered for what Daylin has Done . So should I infer that it OK to be a bad boy if you are bleeding Heart extreme left liberal ?

    1. Liberal Liabilities-

      Hate to clue you in, but the REAL left liberals are the ones abandoning Daylin. They are NOT “ok” with him.

      The fake liberals, who want to be in the liberal club, but don’t have integrity to stand up for principles are the ones supporting Daylin. With them, are the clueless ones who have heard only Daylin’s side and are too gullible question it or to see through it for the horsesh*t it is. Add to them the sycophants who can’t get a job working for a decent candidate. That’s who is left supporting Daylin.

      The REAL party, the REAL workers know who and what Daylin is. They know he’s a toxic asset that needs to be dumped. Sure, people like Marcel will be the last to dump him, because they brought Daylin along (and likely covered up for him because he was a “breadwinner” for Montco Dems).

      1. @David ::praise hands::

        Leach is going to take a lot of others down with him, possibly the whole chance at winning the 7th and the Montco/Pa Dems establishment if he fights this.

        It would be better to have nobody on the 7th ticket than Daylin. He will be a GOTV gift for Meehan and all the GOP reps running throughout the 7th and tank every single Dem running for state house. He cares about gerrymandering? GET OUT, so we can take back the state house.

        1. jack dean-

          Without a redistricting, there is NO CHANCE to win the 7th. ZERO. If Hillary herself ran against Meehan she would lose by 10 points, instead of the usual 20 or the 15 points Daylin would have lost by (pre-scandal).

          The “viability” of the 7th is a complete f*cking lie perpetrated by political and media consultants to pocket the $2-$3 million that would be raised in this losing fight.

  8. Consent is required for everyone. Except Leach who thought being a touchy person was OK. Got it.

  9. Neither he nor any other person who has done this has nay place in the halls of government. He attacked his victims for speaking out. Let that sink in. Not only that, he does not apologize for anything he did, only the “impression” that he left. What a waste

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