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Muhlenberg/Morning Call: Clinton 48 Trump 42; Toomey 43 McGinty 42

hillary-clintonJust days before voters go to the polls, a new survey finds a split result.

The latest Muhlenberg/Morning Call poll, shows Hillary Clinton and Pat Toomey leading their respective races.

Clinton holds a 48% to 42% advantage over Donald Trump in a two-way race. When Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are added, Clinton is ahead 44% to 40%. Johnson and Stein get 7% and 2% respectively.

Last month, those leads were five and six points.

In the Senate race, Sen. Pat Toomey got great news as they found he had a one point lead of 43% to 42%. This is the first survey to show the Republican ahead since a Quinnipiac poll in mid-October.

The previous Muhlenberg/Morning Call survey had Toomey and McGinty tied.

They also found all four candidates have terrible favorable/unfavorable splits. Clinton got a 35/60 split while Trump’s was 34/61. The Senate candidates didn’t do much better. Toomey recorded 33/41 favorable/unfavorable ratings against McGinty’s 31/46.

Finally, Muhlenberg/Morning Call provided crosstabs of the presidential race which are presented below:


The Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll was conducted by Muhlenberg University from October 30th to November 4th. They surveyed 405 likely Pennsylvania voters. The margin of error is +/- 5.5%.

18 Responses

  1. God bless the desperate posters if they are not as publically humiliated NATIONALLY as HRC was because of her husband.

  2. Observer, FACT the case has been dismissed! Now if you’re too stupid to use google to check it out for yourself, then I can’t help you idiot!
    Too bad Crooked Hillary’s health issues will bring her down. I doubt if she will even finish out her term if elected. My prediction…., Trump wins in a landslide, PA goes red!

  3. Tim, you are so wrong. The child rape case goes to court in December. Just one of many Trump cases headed to court in next 3 months. He needs to fit them in before Hillary is inaugurated, then he can ask her for pardon.

  4. Unsanction R, Crooked Hoillary made at least 6 trips to Jeff Epstein’s “lolita Island” in the Bahamas along with the 26 trips her husband Billmade. Epstein has his “insurance files” videos of the Clinton’s engaged in sex with minors.

  5. Diano, Bill Clinton committed perjury under oath and was going to lose his law license as a result so he voluntarily surrendered it. By the way, the so called “child rape” allegation against Trump in civil court has been dropped you putz!

  6. DD – Don’t fall for their switcheroo.

    Hillary Clinton is not accused of any sort of sexual misbehavior.

    Trump, Hillary’s opponent, is a sexual predator.

    Dirty Don admits to doing exactly what those 11 women have accused him of doing. He is more likely to end up in prison than in the White House.

  7. Unsanctioned R-

    1) Bill Clinton was never going to practice law after being president.
    2) the money was payment to end a nuisance suit.

    Why did Bill O’Reilly pay his ex-producer $2 million after she accused him of harassment to settle the case?

    (hint: she had tapes of him calling her while he was whacking off to a porn movie and other perversions)

  8. Why was it again that WJC had to surrender his law license and agreed to a $850,000 settlement to Paula Jones?

  9. Observer-

    Clinton’s relationships/affairs have been consensual (and the few claims non-consensual have the accuser making contradictory testimony under oath, so even Ken Starr didn’t pursue them).

    Trump publicly cheated on his wife and BRAGGED about it.

  10. Somebody better teach Shady Katie where the coattails are – she seems not to know ow to grab them…

    Can someone get gulag to stay on topic? What a troll… Anything bad Trump has done to women, Bill Clinton has doner twice as often for twice as long – starting in the 60s.

  11. My party will pay for nominating that Orange Ape. He is a lunatic. And he is an ignotamus. Bad combo.

    Toomey will pay for it here in PA.

  12. gulag-

    “Tim” would say: “.. but he’s going make America great again”. LOL 🙂

  13. Trump is a serial sexual predator who rapes young girls, cheats on his wife, and gropes women.

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