Nelson Diaz to Run for Mayor of Philadelphia

nelson diaz

Diaz eyes City Hall

PA Society was a big weekend in the Philadelphia mayoral primary.

Not only were all the announced candidates there but a new entrant made his candidacy known.

Judge Nelson Diaz told WHYY’s Dave Davies that he’ll be running.

“I hadn’t been at the Waldorf Astoria hotel for a half an hour when I saw former Philadelphia Judge Nelson Diaz, who’s been talking to people about a mayoral run,” Davies wrote. “I asked him if he was going to do it, expecting the polite brush off. Instead he put his hand on my shoulder like we were old buddies, and said yes, he’s running and will announce January 15th.”

Diaz served on the Court of Common Pleas from 1981 to 1993. He then went on to serve in President Bill Clinton’s Department of Housing and Urban Development as General Counsel. He also worked in for Mayor Street as City Solicitor from 2001 to 2004.

The judge would be the fifth declared candidate. Also running are State Senator Anthony Williams, former District Attorney Lynne Abraham, former City Solicitor Ken Trujillo and former Director of Federal Affairs Terry Gillen.

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7 thoughts on “Nelson Diaz to Run for Mayor of Philadelphia”

  1. steve jones says:

    52nd ward candidates forum saturday may 2nd 2015 at pinn memorial baptist church 54 & wynnefield ave 9:30 person steve jones cell 215-6685401

  2. Brother Tracy Gibson says:

    February 9th, 2015 Monday
    To: Guardian Civic League of Philadelphia
    [An organization that represents Black Police Officers.].
    1516 West Girard Avenue
    Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania 19130-1613
    From: Brother Tracy Gibson,
    Community Activist for the Black Community, Proud Uncle, Proud Great Uncle, Black Executive & Philanthropist
    Dear Guardians:
    First I want to say this is the second time I’m writing this letter. The first copy was “missing’’ from my computer when it came back from the computer repair shop. I don’t know if this is a matter for the National Security Office, my Congressman or my United States Senator to look into, but it will be reported to the proper authorities. I am NOT making any accusations about you or your organization in this regard. The original letter was mostly intended also for the Fraternal Order of Police, and they will get a copy of this letter as well, as will the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter.
    What I’m concerned about is the continued perception and just about proved racism within the Philadelphia Police Department. There is a group called Avenging The Ancestor’s Coalition headed by Attorney and Activist Michael Coard, who helps document police brutality by telling the public to take pictures when they see the Philadelphia Police abusing, beating or otherwise mistreating Black People—especially Black male youth. What I suggested in my last letter was for the good White police officers—the non-racist ones and the ones who want to do their jobs and be fair about How they treat all People regardless of race and skin color—we asked them to form their own union representation so they can stop accepting union representation from the Fraternal Order of Police [FOP]. On more than several occasions the FOP has proven to be overtly racist in many of the decisions and actions they have taken. This new formation of police officers would more accurately reflect the true diversity within the police department and would probably represent, in my unscientific estimation, about 30 % of the White officers on the force. This could be a formation of more Progressive officers and undercut the racist political power of the FOP which stems all the way back to when the Philadelphia police served under Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo and Mayor Frank Rizzo who perpetrated the beating of innocent school children at a school board demonstration in the 1960’s; the stripping and beating of Black Panthers in the 1960’s; and the first MOVE incident which resulted in an incident where a police officer was killed and MOVE members were, some quarters say, imprisoned when the actual shooting could have most likely been traced back to so-called “friendly fire’’ from other police officers. Many White officers are sick and tired of their uniforms, their humanity & their positive, honest Spirits being soiled and defiled by the racism and unethical behaviors they know are still pervasive on the Philadelphia police force to this day. The first letter was lost. This letter is even stronger and will be shared widely to city council members as well as with other governmental officials and Avenging the Ancestors Coalition; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; and The Congress of Black Women in Washington, D.C.; as well as other Black and civil liberties organizations. [The Southern Poverty Law Center and The American Civil Liberties Union among them.]. How an effective process starts to defuse the racism within the FOP and how this other formation is started, I don’t know. This is why I’m writing the Guardian Civic League and the other organizations. Please feel free to write me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. Or call me at 1 (215) 921-2065. I am not an immobile statue of radical salt who will not listen to reason. I am a person who likes to hear all sides and talk to all different types of People before I decide How I feel on any given subject. [For example I feel that Mumia Abu Jamal should have been given a new trial, not just set free which would have just sparked a right-wing backlash and lost even more seats in Congress to Republicans. I also think Blacks should vote Republican at least in a reasonable percentage. This, I feel, can be a road to stop the ultra right wing of the Tea Party from continuing their corrupt domination of the primary system during voting years in North America and help promote and put forth more moderate, less racist candidates on the Republican rostrum—at least in theory. I have also written articles about how sad I feel when police officers and Black youth are hurt.]. I Hope & Pray to hear from you.

    With Black Pride, Decency and Good Ethics,

    Brother Tracy Gibson,
    Poet, Wisdom Seeker, Earth Father

    Post Script: One last thing I want to mention here is that I feel the sacredness of life is often lost in this culture we live in. It doesn’t take nine months for a human life to get here. It takes thousands of years because each and every one of us have to come through other people—our parents, our grandparents and our great-grand parents. This is why I find it reprehensible to take part in violent exchanges where human lives are lost and this is why I continue to use non-violent tactics in my work as a human rights activist.
    Another Word: There are several Progressive and Black organizations that have written detailed suggestions about what the Philadelphia Police Department can do to make the way they confront the public more fair, non-violent, non-threatening, open, equitable and ethical. I have NOT seen the Philadelphia Police Department actually take up and or review these suggestions.

  3. HerpaDerp says:

    Herpaderp bruh.

  4. Anonymous City Resident says:

    I’m excited to see Judge Diaz as Philadelphia’s next mayor! His commitment to education and housing means he has his finger on the pulse of the city’s woes and he has what it takes to turn things around. Philadelphia will flourish under his warm leadership.

  5. Myles Gordon says:

    It should be an interesting primary campaign.

  6. jose Candelario says:

    I think his history speaks to a bridge builder and his interest in education, housing, and economic development shows he’s focused on the real issues facing Philadelphia.

  7. ABCDEF says:

    I think that from now on all candidate announcements posted here should include a picture of the back of the candidate’s head.

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