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PA-8: Q2: Naughton Raises $179K, Has $242 COH

naughtonIt looks like we’ll have another competitive Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s Eighth District.

Shaughnessy Naughton, who is embarking on her second quest to win this seat, raised $178,988 during the second fiscal quarter (which runs from April 1st to June 30th).

This is an improvement from her first quarter numbers (when she brought in about $140K) and leagues above her second quarter haul in 2013, which was her first ever report.

She even outraised her opponent, State Rep. Steve Santarsiero, despite his edge in endorsements.

Naughton spent $66,293 and currently has $242,173 COH (Santarsiero still holds the advantage there). She also still has $38,850 in debts from her last race.

We’ll have an in-depth piece on both candidates full FEC reports soon.

The 8th Congressional District contains all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

6 Responses

  1. So getalife, we’re not supposed to care about her record and just vote for her because she’s a girl and PA doesn’t have any in Congress at the moment? We NEED her?

    Let me guess, you support Hillary Clinton too?

  2. TomD, I’m surprised you managed to type that post before your mom came downstairs and kicked you off the computer. Typical (probably) white male pulling the same old sexist tactics to attempt to discredit the female candidate. Shaughnessy is more qualified than her career politician opponent, and here has again demonstrated she can bring in bucks in Bucks. In a state with 0 female members of Congress, we need her perspective.

    Also, “she lost a this same primary”??? Get your hillbilly speak outta here.

  3. Oh great, people are giving money to her again. What the slogan this time? Im Shaughnessy Naughton, Im getting elected to something & Ive got to employ by boyfriend somehow! Anyone remember how she wanted to completely subvert the electoral process (after she lost a this same primary) just so she could run for state senate.

  4. I think from the results in 2014 it is clear that she should have a shot this time and i hope the DCCC doesn’t get involved again and waste dem money on a primary only to lose in the general by 40 points!!! keep going girl and don’t let the haters stop you!

  5. If Naughton passed gas, this website would call it a great triumph. I don’t understand why PoliticsPA has been so consistently infatuated with her.

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