PA-9: Shuster Posts New Web Ad (Video)

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair) released a web ad today, entitled “Shuster Works,” that allows voters to follow him on his bus tour of Pennsylvania’s 9th District in his quest for re-election.

“My new web ad that I’m sharing with you today tells a story about a place that I couldn’t be  more proud to call my home,” Shuster said. “It also tells a story about the fight to protect our way of life here. You sent me to Washington to do a job- protect our communities.  For the past five years, that has meant standing up to President Obama and his liberal policies that are stifling our economy and destroying Pennsylvanian’s jobs. Over the next few months I will continue to tell the voters a story about our home and the work I’m doing to protect it from the President’s overreaching agenda.  But I can’t do it alone. I’m asking for your help, and to share this story with your friends, family, and neighbors.”

shuster web adAs the video goes on, there are various shots of Shuster on the bus, speaking at rallies and meeting with constituents.

“I look around the room and I see faces that have been supporting me for over a decade, and I can’t thank you enough,” Shuster says to a room of supporters at one of his stops.

Several voters make appearances to let the watcher know that they do support Shuster, and for a couple of different reasons. One man says it’s because Shuster is a true conservative. Another says that Shuster’s helping veterans means the most.  “We can always count on Bill,” a woman says, proudly wearing a “Congressman Bill Shuster Works” sticker at a rally.

Shuster has previously released an ad for his campaign where he attacked President Obama for his energy policies that led to the closure of a power plant in Greene County.

Recently, Shuster reached 1,000 signatures from circulating petitions, making him the first candidate with a spot on the ballot.

He faces two Republican challengers: Art Halvorson, a wealthy conservative activist who has never been shy about speaking his mind in regards to Shuster, and Travis Schooley, who conducted an amateur poll earlier this month showing him just five points behind Shuster. Schooley had tried to get on the ballot in 2012 and failed.

3 Responses

  1. If he has been a proven conservative why does he have a 33% rating with freedom works for 2014?

  2. i heard he kicked people out of a republican event who wouldn’t sign his petition- what a punk. it’s really time for somebody new. i’m voting for halverson.

  3. He talks about deficit spending like he’s had nothing to do with it for the last 14 years. And now, after his $8 billion water bill, TARP, Cash For Clunkers, and 13 debt limit increases, he comes back to PA and tells us all how he’s working to cut spending and reduce the size of government.

    Not buying it, Bill.

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