PA-Sen: Koch Brothers Group on the Ground in PA

Koch BrothersThe Koch Brothers aren’t thrilled with Donald Trump, so they’re focusing their energy on the nation’s Senate races instead.

In fact, according to Matea Gold of the Washington Post, their group Americans for Prosperity is already on the ground in Pennsylvania.

Gold followed staffers who knocked on doors and handed out literature to residents of King of Prussia in Montgomery County.

“You guys get a sneak preview of what we’re going to be doing pretty aggressively over the next few months,” AFP’s Pennsylvania state director, Beth Anne Mumford, told the group of volunteers in King of Prussia last week. The foot soldiers were given a bunch of brochures with a picture of a guy holding a fistful of money on the cover. The caption was “Pennsylvanians Cannot Afford Katie McGinty In The Senate.”

“The Koch operation’s field teams are gathering reams of information on voters in key battleground states, intelligence that filters back to the Republican National Committee and GOP candidates through a data­sharing agreement,” Gold reports. “Even more valuable is the early organizing push by the network’s robust ground force, which far outstrips Trump’s meager field operation and could help prod ambivalent voters to the polls.”

In addition to PA, Americans for Prosperity have also begun working in Ohio and Wisconsin and intend to start soon in Nevada and Florida. All of these states have critical Senate contests this November.

Over the weekend, AFP claimed they reached 375,000 independent and Republican leaning voters in PA.

Many of the people Gold encountered back Toomey but are unsure about Donald Trump.

“I still believe in the Republican Party, but I have mixed feelings about the candidate,” one explained.

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8 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Koch Brothers Group on the Ground in PA”

  1. mak says:

    Thankfully, Toomey’s fate will have nothing to do with the Kochs, or even Katie McGinty, but rests in Donald Drumpf’s incapable, very tiny hands.
    Dem Senate majority, 2017: brought to you by the Donald J. Trump cuff-link collection and line of discount neckties.

  2. PA Parent says:

    Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?

  3. Steve Harmanos says:

    The irony is the guy with the fist full of dollars saying we can’t afford McGintey..we can’t afford Koch dollars trying to buy an election in PA

  4. Delco blue says:

    They canvassed my neighborhood they threw the literature in the school dumpster and sat on corner filling out paper work. When I asked who they worked for they told me to get screwed.

  5. CentPADem says:

    1 person, 1 vote….. That is what the founders of this great nation wanted NOT the top 1% controlling laws, wages, standard of living for the other 99%.

  6. David Diano says:

    We need a “Koch” tax in Philly.

  7. Fed Up & Not Going To Take it Anymore!!! says:

    Here’s how the headline should read, “Koch Brothers Go Shopping For New Politicians”. That’s more appropriate.

  8. Observer says:

    Kochs: despicable sociopaths, seeking a return to a Serf economy.

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