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PA-Sen: Quinnipiac Poll: Toomey 49% McGinty 39%

Pat-ToomeyWhat a difference a day makes.

According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Republican Senator Pat Toomey leads his Democratic opponent Katie McGinty 49% to 39%.

So how did McGinty go from her best polling performance to possibly her worst? Well, for that answer we have to dig into the crosstabs.


McGinty leads among just two groups in this survey, Democrats (79/9) and non-whites (54/23).

18 to 34 year-olds were tied between the two candidates (40/40).

Meanwhile, Toomey is ahead among: Republicans (86/6), white men (59/31), those without a college degree (56/32), independents (55/30), 50 to 64 year-olds (55/33), whites (55/35), those with a college degree (54/40), men (53/35), white women (52/38), 35 to 49 year-olds (50/42), 65 year-olds and older (49/42) and women (45/42).

There is still a fifteen point gender gap but it must be massively disappointing to the McGinty camp that Sen. Toomey leads among women.


Sen. Toomey’s approval rating is actually lower than his level of support in a head-to-head matchup with McGinty. 47% approve of the job he is doing against 39% who disapprove. His numbers are only underwater with Democrats, non-whites and 18 to 34 year-olds.

At the same time, Toomey recorded a 44% favorable rating as well as a 34% unfavorable rating. McGinty has an even 29/29 favorable/unfavorable split with 41% saying they haven’t heard enough about her.

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones from June 30th to July 11th. They contacted 982 registered voters in Pennsylvania. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%.


“Republicans, at least in Pennsylvania, can exhale. Sen. Pat Toomey has a comfortable lead in his bid to keep this GOP Senate seat safe. A welcome development in the turbulent and polarizing landscape where Donald Trump roams,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Altogether, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Quinnipiac’s results were so different from NBC’s. After all, their presidential surveys vary from showing Trump up two to Clinton up nine.

We’ve touched on the issues some have with Quinnipiac’s survey but in reality these results are almost exactly the same as last month’s.

Ultimately, this contest will be decided by whether the demographics of voters on election day looks more like Quinnipiac’s sample or NBC’s.   

31 Responses

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  5. Thank goodness the NBC poll came out to ramp up Toomey’s fundraising.

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  6. Sestak is home in Virginia. Writing letters to people in all 67 counties to support HIS candidate for his old congressional seat. The answer is we have our own congressional candidates to support financially. Gloves off this is the arrogance of Sestak. It is why he was clobbered in the primary and will never be a relevant candidate again. While John Fetterman actively endorses and supports Clinton and McGinty Sestak still rides his crazy train not helping the Democratic Candidates.. Democrats out number Republicans in Pa. Only when we are divided and don’t turn out the vote we lose. Winning the White House and the majority of the Senate is way more important then some loyalty to one arrogant little man. Get over it. Support Clinton and McGinty. If not I wish you a good ride on the same crazy train that will elect Trump and Toomey.

  7. Oh, holy moly. Did you guys bother to look at how this poll was conducted? Registered voters and not likely. In PA Dems have a huge registration edge, but only 35% of the respondents were Democrats and 25% were Independents? Oh . . . and 80% of the respondents were white.

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  16. A McGinty win wouod result in a tear in the karma-space continuum. She just can’t win for the sake of humanity. Such an awful, lying person should not be rewarded with a Senate seat nor should the party be rewarded for sherpaing such a terribly weak candidate to the top of the primary.

    PS. Has anyone seen Joe?

  17. HaHaHardon messed it up. The lie McGinty repeated over and over was, “…the first person in my family to go to college.”

    She got caught lying to everybody with this bold-faced Clintonian falsehood. Are there no honest women Democrats can choose from?

  18. This is where my husband pretends to be a million other people. He needs help.

  19. Yes. I am inspired by McGinty. Daughter of a Philky cop. First female in her family to graduate from College. Super smart.

    And then there is the most important thing: she is not a pathetic, do-nothing garden-gnome like Toomey.

    Toomey and Trump — both soon to be defeated by women.

  20. Corporate Kate is such a good candidate! Fast Eddie can really pick ’em, can’t he? She loses Independents 55 to 30!! lolol… Corrupt Hillary is going to drag her down too. My old party is really self-destructing this year – picking the most OBNOXIOUS candidate in race after race. I’ll be glad to see it die!

  21. The Democrats continue to frustrate me, with the party machine choosing nominees apparently because ‘it’s their turn’; this leads to uninspiring foot soldiers rather than dynamic leaders. McGinty is another one; the only reason I support her is because I want Toomey and the GOP to lose.

    Can anyone here honestly say they are excited about McGinty or that she inspires them? I follow politics closely and even I’m not sure what she stands for. Where have you gone, Joe Sestak?

  22. The poll in the crosstabs shows 15% of Republicans approving of Kathleen Kane’s performance. …what?

  23. It’s pretty early and most people aren’t paying attention to this race, with all the focus on the Presidential.

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