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PA-Sen: Toomey Still Seeking to Distance Himself From Trump (VIDEOS)

Pat Toomey just can’t escape Donald Trump.

The freshman Senator has remained non-committal for months but the recent revelation about Trump’s comments (and actions) against women has Toomey stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In his latest ad, Sen. Toomey tries to assert his independence from the man atop his party’s ticket. The thirty-second spot, which is actually titled “Independence”, features the GOP nominee talking straight to camera.

“I have a lot of disagreements with Donald Trump. I’ve been very clear about that,” Toomey begins. “But what’s important for Pennsylvanians is having a senator who will stand up to any president’s bad ideas.”

“Katie McGinty was hand-picked by Washington political bosses,” a narrator adds. “She won’t name a single thing she disagrees with them on.”

“In Washington, if you don’t have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there,” Toomey concludes.

Despite the Senator’s call for “some backbone”, his lack of decisiveness about Trump has reached the level of a national joke.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the show created a mock commercial making fun of Toomey.

18 Responses

  1. I’m not so sure Toomey will lose, Bob. I am certain that it will be close; well within 5 points no matter who squeaks it out.

    Regardless, he must take a stand on POTUS. McGinty has, and will reap the help and the hurt that comes with that.

    Just as I say bravo to Charlie Dent for coming out against Trump, taking a stance is required.

  2. Toomey reminds me of that old joke (but not a true story) from 40+ years ago about Edmund Muskie. Muskie was asked by a reporter, “Is it true that you’re indecisive”, to which Muskie replied, “Well, yes and no.”

  3. Ever noticed that Toomey’s first name spells where his political strength is: PA-Tee. Or Tea. Same difference.

    At any rate, will they still be there for him, given his stand on taking away their guns and turning his back on their man Trump?

  4. Toomey is wholly owned and operated by the Kochs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and The Club for Growth. McGinty is wholly owned and serves as a useful idiot for the DNC. Surely we can do better here in PA.

  5. Pat Toomey will lose because he abandoned his base that elected him in 2010 just as Tom Corbett abandoned his base by betraying his promises to those who elected him.

    Pat Toomey allied with incompetent losers: Gleason-Asher-Toretti-DiGiorgio-Rahn-Deon-Poprick-Reilly-Nyquist-Long-Zaborney-Hallowell-Branstetter-Brabender-Susquehanna Partners are losing his campaign with their self-serving incompetence.

  6. The “Ida Temple” below is not real. What Trump did was not “trash talk.” He was bragging about sexually assaulting women. And now we know that he really does it too. He is a depraved man.

  7. Toomey is a fraud and always has been. He prostituted himself on gun control and now he is in a real bind on what to do about Trump because his base in the “T” supports Trump and everyone else does not. The “REAL” Toomey Has been exposed.

  8. I have been around a long time. Worked at Nabisco for 32 years. My daughter-in-law is in politics. Trump is the worst candidate I have ever seen. Not only is he volatile and mean-spirited, but he is also dumb and ignorant. Our great country deserves someone ready for the job. Someone smart. Hillary has her warts, but she is smart and prepared. I will vote for her. Really like Kaine too.

  9. What Trump said about women is horrible. However, as a senior citizen who has done many things wrong in my life, I cannot or will not condemn those who talk trash, just because I would not do it. I go by how successful a person has been in business, politics, (protecting the citizens), and an everyday person.
    Senator Toomey, although I do not agree with you on Trump, he is the better choose to keeping the greatest gift God ever gave to you and I, United States of America. That being said I am voting straight Republican because they seem to be more concerned about the USA than words.

  10. In his latest attempt at a corporate media in-kind political donation, Kimmel has a lengthy setup and receives 2 laughs. It’s not comedy if you have to take 2 minutes beforehand to explain to your audience why you think it’s funny.

  11. “I have a lot of disagreements with Donald Trump. I’ve been very clear about that,” Toomey begins

    Can Toomey name 3 of the “a lot”.

  12. Perhaps Toomey should put his Country first, then. He should have denounced Trump a long time ago …. before it came out that Trump is a sexual predator.

  13. I’d call Toomey a spineless LOSER, but that would be an insult to LOSERS (like my son).

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