Reader Poll: Clinton or Trump?

Hillary-DonaldIn the aftermath of our April primary, we asked our readers how they would vote in a Clinton-Trump presidential contest.

The former Secretary of State took that first survey with 55% of the vote.

Given that we’ve now reached the conventions stage of the campaign, it’s the perfect time to ask this question again. We plan to periodically test the presidential and other races to see how voters’ opinions do or do not change.

So how about it politicos? Who do you support?

If the Presidential Election Was Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?

  • Hillary Clinton (50%)
  • Donald Trump (50%)

Total Voters: 1,329

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July 26th, 2016 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Poll, Presidential, Top Stories | 49 Comments

49 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Clinton or Trump?”

  1. HaHaHa says:

    Craig – I appreciate that you don’t like Hillary, but comparing her to that dumpster fire is sorta ridiculous. She is smart. She is experienced. And she is not a racist asshole fraud.

  2. Craig says:

    The race for president is not a binary choice between Hillary and Trump. I’m unable to vote in this poll because I plan on voting against both major party candidates and will most likely cast my vote for Gary Johnson.

  3. Unsanctioned R says:

    Who’s surprised that Hahaha took HRC’s released statement today at face value? Trump didn’t ask anyone to commit espionage. They already have her emails from when they were unsecured. And even if he had, didn’t you know about Ted Kennedy. She must. She and the truth are strangers.

  4. Unsanctioned R says:

    Congrats on the grammar, by the way.

  5. Unsanctioned R(ETARD) Voter says:

    Trump down not have “yuge” fingers!! BTW – Only retards like us say “yuge”

  6. Unsanctioned R says:

    What’s crazy is the yuge bounce that speech gave him. He’s now killing HRC in the vote-for polls. LA Times surveyed through yesterday and have him up 7. UP 7!!! I don’t believe it, but Nate Silver has Trump winning too. And he’s never been wrong, ever!

  7. Unsanctioned R(ETARD) Voter says:

    Uh oh …

    Gallup: “Trump’s speech got the least positive reviews of any speech we have tested.”

  8. Unsanctioned R says:

    Thanks Tim. I just watched it. Clinton Cash really makes the case of how the Clinton’s change their tune on despots and policies when their foundation gets millions and millions from stakeholders. It will be interesting to see if WikiLeaks releases the Clinton Foundation emails like it’s promised.

  9. HaHaHa says:

    Trump has made history now too.
    He is now the first ever presidential candidate to encourage a foreign power to conduct espionage against the United States of America.

    Hope the Republicans are proud!!

  10. HaHaHa says:

    OK – RETARD troll. You made your (stupid) point. No need to create yet another screen-name. Don’t you have truck drivers to blow at the rest-stop?

  11. Sean says:


  12. Tim says:

    This poll is meaningless once you come to the realization, that, politicsPA is home base for liberal trolls with flapjaws, who will say or do anything to back their Democrats! I’ll issue you a challenge now. Go watch “Clinton Cash” on YouTube here at this link and then tell me you’re going to vote for lying, crooked Hillary! This documentary shows how she sold out her youthful ideals and long held stances on environmental policy and human rights in order to get kickbacks from the world’s most evil, anti-American regimes the planet has to offer! Based on these facts alone, she is unfit to assume high office! Besides, she couldn’t even get the most basic of security clearances based on what we now know about her! Here’s the link…,

  13. Jules Mermelstein says:

    Why a false dichotomy? There are at least 2 other candidates who will be on enough ballots to theoretically win the electoral college. I don’t like either choice you offered.

  14. . says:

    7/27 10:20AM Clinton 62% Trump 38%

  15. Unsanctioned R says:

    This poll is not like the other ones. I don’t agree with them or Nate Silver either, but have you seen Trump’s lead is bigger than ever today? Even the LA Times, which polled through yesterday has him up by 7.

  16. Pat Unger says:

    Nincompoops and mental patients will vote for this “Gary Johnson” …. whoever that is …. Donald Drumpf is dangerous. And he is a con-man grifter fraud.

    You don’t have to like Hillary to realize she will be a great POTUS. Just like Obama.

  17. Steventodd says:

    Still – as last time – not enough options in the poll

    If you refuse to offer “stay home and continue to do all I can to undermine our #BrokenSysyem,” at least then include more than half the announced candidates.

    Otherwise the reader might accidentally think we have to take whatever our compromised major parties force on us. Which would call into serious question our sovereignty.

  18. Denny Bonavita says:

    And those few among us who aren’t interested in a horse race and who detest (politically) both major party candidates will vote for Gary Johnson. Pity that this site doesn’t recognize that.

  19. HaHaHa says:

    Oh man. The RETARD troll is getting OWNED (again). Poor thing.

  20. Unsanctioned R's Wife says:


  21. bungy says:

    Keep loving those Priest MURDERING MUSLIMS. Playing right into our hands

  22. Berniephile says:

    You down wit T-P-P, Yeah Hil-la-ry!

  23. Trumpanzees says:

    We love Trump!!

    And we hate the Blacks … Puerto Ricans too…. and the queers … and immigrants …. Handicapped people … Mexican judges … and MUSLIMS!!!! We REALLY HATE all Muslims.

  24. Unsanctioned R says:

    What? Does Julien Assange have Trump’s emails too? LOL. Bring on the next 100 days of free trump media.

  25. HaHaHa says:

    Trump can’t even get a speech-writer to help his poor immigrant wife (the college drop-out).

    In the next 100 days, he will get exposed as the two-bit grifter fraud that he is.

    And the tactics of the fear-mongering Trumpanzees will be exposed. They are simpletons. They are banking on Americans being stupid.

    But there aren’t enough stupid people (or Trumpanzees) to get their Orange Ape Lord to D.C.

  26. Unsanctioned R says:

    You’re right–Nate Silver is so wrong. You don’t even need to vote. How could Trump win, really?

  27. .... says:

    ….. says a TOTAL RETARD.

    In Cleveland, we heard from the Radical GOP. They are funded by Conservative Fundamentalists. And they nominated a selfish, bigoted con-man.

    Hillary will win by double digits. And the FOXtards can start their impeachment planning!!

  28. Unsanctioned R says:

    Getting back on topic:

    “Tonight at the DNC convention, the Democrats gave stage time to Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, Lena Dunham, Bill Clinton, and the mother of Michael Brown. For anyone keeping track at home, that’s one mass murderer, one woman who admitted to fondling her sister, one alleged serial abuser and rapist, and the mother of an attempted cop killer. And it’s only Tuesday. They’ve still got two more days to go. Perhaps Charles Manson and Kermit Gosnell will make appearances later in the week.

    The Democrat Party is morally bankrupt. The RNC may be so often stupid, cowardly, and inept, but the DNC is just plain evil. If you don’t believe me, turn on your TV at any point between now and Thursday night. They’re practically advertising the fact. They’re proud of it.”

  29. HaHaHa says:

    Oh boy. It’s really bad this time, Pat. I feel bad for his poor wife.

    He is making mental patient sklaroff seem normal.

  30. Pat Unger says:

    Ha3 – he is coming unglued again!!

  31. Unsanctioned R says:

    The double entendres from Democrat trolls are so predictable. Of course, I predicted they were coming from their limited brains.

  32. aaron says:

    there he goes talkin’ about another man’s dick again. what a pussy he is.

  33. Unsanctioned R says:

    I’d bet HaHaHardon knows for a fact how many of the commenters feel about Hillary. LOL.

  34. HaHaHa says:

    I know for a fact that the real bungy supports Hillary. He hates blow-hards like Trump. And con-men like Pence. He also hates garden gnomes!!

  35. bungy says:


  36. bungy says:

    Figures that the CRIMINAL is a Trump supporter:

    “Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski [was] outside of the convention center in Cleveland wearing a “Make America Great” hat and selling Trump political buttons.

    A photo showed Koplinski wearing the hat with Trump’s campaign slogan and holding a poster board containing an array of Trump political buttons.

    Don’t believe everything you read. There are RETARD trolls on here. LOL

  37. rsklaroff says:

    Gary Johnson, not a member of the uniparty.

  38. Unsanctioned R says:

    How could Trump win, really?

  39. bungy says:


  40. bungy says:

    Hillary one of most qualified persons to ever run for POTUS. Trump is the opposite.

  41. Observer says:

    The worst candidates in my lifetime. Sorry, not choosing either – should have a third voting option.

  42. Gus From Delco says:

    It should be “WHOM would you vote for?” Or better yet, “for whom would you vote?”

  43. . says:

    AT 3pm on 7/26, it’s 66% Clinton and 34% Trump. Just for the record

  44. ummmmmmm says:

    Why would Nick put this up after the R Convention but before HRC even speaks at the D convention?!?

    Maybe he’ll post another poll after HRC gets her post-convention bump?

  45. xeno says:

    I hate our zero-sum, two party system. You’re asking me to choose between a kick in the nuts or a shit sandwich. Clinton is the lesser of two evils, but only because SCOTUS is on the line. Otherwise, I would be voting for Johnson or even Stein.

  46. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    As Bernie declared, any sane person taking an objective view would choose HRC without hesitation.

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