Reader Poll: Do You Think Scott Wagner Should Run for Governor?

scott-wagnerSubtlety is not State Senator Scott Wagner’s preferred method.

The outspoken conservative volunteered that he is considering a run for Governor in an email to his supporters on Friday.

Wagner is not exactly the most popular person in Harrisburg but that didn’t stop from becoming a State Senator in the first place.

If he does end up throwing his hat into the ring, we could have two York natives facing off in the 2018 general election. Of course, though, other Republicans are sure to run as well.

What we what to know is what you, our dear readers, think about a potential gubernatorial campaign by Sen. Wagner.

Do You Think Scott Wagner Should Run for Governor?

  • No (59%)
  • Yes (41%)

Total Voters: 866

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17 Responses

  1. Scott Wagner has great ideas as to how to run the State like a successful business. And he will out work everyone.

  2. oh so he isn’t one of the privatize everything gang? Cause that would be a surprise

  3. We need people with some real life business experience like Scott Wagner in order to correct our government’s continued lies, fraud and waste. Instead of being closed minded, try talking to the guy so he can share what he has witnessed first hand since becoming Sen. Wagner. It will truly be a shocking and eye opening conversation.

  4. Hey Charlie you already have that in trump are you sure you wanna keep going down that road?

  5. He’s not and never has been part of the establishment, he makes the payroll every week, not a lawyer but a businessman! If this country and the state is expected to survive it needs more business people at the steering the ship and not a collision course!

  6. Please take a run for Governor, Senator Wagner so you know what it’s like to lose. You’ll lose by double digits…. Philadelphia alone will assure you get crushed.

  7. Seems dull. I think he’d be easily defeated statewide. Dems would love this guy running. Boring.

  8. Pennsylvania will stagnate until somebody breaks the power of the unions. This should be a right to work state. The Philadelphia School System should exist to educate children not as a source of jobs for unemployables. Wagner is the only one with the guts to make these changes.

  9. This downmarket Donald Trump will look a lot less appealing after Hillary beats Trump by 10 in PA.

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    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

    Total Voters: 892

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