Reader Poll: If the AG Contest Was Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?

Rafferty-ShapiroAs you might have noticed, incumbent Attorney General Kathleen Kane is in a bit of trouble.

As a result, she decided not to run for re-election and Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro and Republican nominee John Rafferty are seeking to replace her.

Just like the Presidential and Senate contests, we’re going to be doing periodic polls of our readers to see how (or if) this race changes.

So how about it dear readers? Which candidate are you currently in favor of?

If the Attorney General Contest Was Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?

  • John Rafferty (55%)
  • Josh Shapiro (45%)

Total Voters: 11,755

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16 Responses

  1. Josh wins, this will be a walk in the park. In fact I would recommend josh start packing and rent a moving van to move into the AG office. Josh let me be the first to congratulate you.)

  2. When John Rafferty wins in November and I think for a Republican will also win his State Senate seat in a Special election in 2017.

  3. I think for John Rafferty will win this contest because he will work with Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is to clean up Pennsylvania and get rid of the corruption is going in Pennsylvania.

  4. RAFFERTY is a worthless piece of Crap He files suit against people for Libel and slander even when he knows the person never mentioned his Name and He Used Sprague in a quid Pro Quo as Sprague was representing Montgomery County against The Personal assets Tax in Montgomery County . There has never been a Bigger Scum than Rafferty that has ever run for Public Office . Just say NO To SCUM Rafferty

  5. Pat Unger-

    We all know that Shapiro will spend his entire time as AG running for Gov, when Wolf announces that he isn’t seeking a second term.

  6. Shapiro will win going away. And he will CLEAN HOUSE at the OAG. Bye-bye Fina pals! Bye-bye Corbett devotees!! Bye-bye Repervlican creeps!!!

  7. Shapiro in a landslide. I just hope they don’t schedule his swearing-in ceremony in a courtroom. He will never find it.

  8. Rafferty…. so he can’t find new and creative ways to tax me a la his parting gift of the nation’s highest gas tax.

  9. Has Shapiro ever been in a courtroom? I think we tried electing someone with no experience four years ago. Look where it has got us.

  10. Please vote for Rafferty. He is a good ol Boy Republican. He will help keep Hate-gate under wraps. My husband’s racist client, Frank Fina, wants this whole Hate-gate thing to just go away!!

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