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Reader Poll: Katie McGinty or Pat Toomey?

McGinty Toomey 2With Labor Day just behind us, now is the perfect time to see where the PA Senate contest between GOP incumbent Senator Pat Toomey and Democratic nominee Katie McGinty stands.

Just like the presidential contest, we’re going to be doing periodic polls of this race to see how (or if) it changes.

Last May, McGinty edged out Toomey 52% to 48% in our reader poll.

Let’s see if anything has changed over the past four months.

So dear readers, what do you think?

If the Election Were Today, Who Would You Vote For in the PA-Sen Race?

  • Pat Toomey (53%)
  • Katie McGinty (47%)

Total Voters: 8,531

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25 Responses

  1. Pat toomey ran the “Club for Growth” a right wing group that advocated the privatization of SOCIAL SECURITY, was compared to be more conservative than Jessie Helms in his voting, and recently lost his NRA endorsement. Change is necessary! He is part of the “DoNothing Congress”

  2. Just like the Presidential election, I cannot vote for either. Toomey is forcing his religious beliefs on the rest of us. No woman should ever vote for him.Then there is McGinty.She is part of the Rendell group that made and is still making enormous money from fracking all the while claiming to be an environmentalist. She is and was a lobbyist for the fossil fuel companies who have paid her, Rendell, Corbet and now Wolf to sell out Pennsylvanians while getting rich off of our state. Shame to all of them.

  3. McGinty’s net worth exceeds Toomey’s? Provide proof or we’ll conclude it’s the same old Republican lies.

  4. I can’t vote in this poll b/c you left out some of the candidates (for example, the Libertarian Party candidate, Edward Clifford III). This is not a binary choice. There will be more than these two names on the ballot in November!

  5. Those “tired old Democratic values” are what built the American middle class after WWII. GOP wants to continue destroying the middle class and subverting women.

  6. McGinty is another well established democrat, who’s networth exceeds Toomeys. Toomey gets an A from the NRA? Good. Criminals don’t follow laws. Same old democrat rhetoric that never tires out.

  7. I represent women with breast cancer through the National Breast Cancer Coalition. It is a well respected organization. In his term as Senator and his terms in the House he has never met with us. Once he had his driver meet with us. He shows a total lack of respect toward women.

  8. All this nonsense about Toomey not respecting women is just that; nonsense. He has been a fair minded, steady handed Senator thus far. McGinty has nothing to offer other than the same tired old rhetoric of the Democratic party.

  9. The NRA gives Toomey a 100% rating. That in and of itself is enough to vote for his opponent.

  10. He’s really thoughtful when he imposes his religious beliefs on my rights and repeatedly votes against ensuring I can get paid as much as the idiot manchild that sits next to me. So thoughtful! What a thoughtful guy!

  11. John Smith says:
    September 6, 2016 at 11:34 am
    Pat Toomey has a voting record that proves he does not respect women.

    This shit just drives me nuts. Complete nonsense. Politics is fucking stupid

  12. Pat Toomey isn’t sexist. He is actually by all accounts a really decent guy (I’ve met him, he’s actually pretty warm — just a geeky dad type). He could be marketed better, I think but there should be more thoughtful people like him in the Senate. I’m glad he’s my Senator and I don’t see why he should be replaced, let alone by someone as uninspired as McGinty.

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    Total Voters: 112

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