Reader Poll: McGinty or Toomey?

toomey-mcgintyKatie McGinty: 1 Pat Toomey: 1

That’s the scoreboard after two of our reader polls this year.

McGinty won in May by a 52% to 48% margin. In September, Toomey took their second match-up 53% to 47%.

In the aftermath of their first debate, we thought now would be the best time for the rubber match.

So what do think? Who will be the victor on the morning of November 9th?

If the Election Were Held Today, Would You Vote For Katie McGinty or Pat Toomey?

  • Pat Toomey (52%)
  • Katie McGinty (48%)

Total Voters: 3,748

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25 Responses

  1. All I need to know is that our corrupt police unions endorse Toomey. Nuff said.
    Otherwise I would have voted for him.
    Toomey…you’re FIRED!

  2. These posts are hilarious.
    just a few things.
    1. a 26 year old is NOT a child. They are a grown adult and should NOT be covered under parents insurance. Stop coddling your children and make them grow up! If you can vote, fight, and die for this country you can not buy an IPHONE and buy yourself insurance.
    2. Only the wealthy can run for or serve office? WRONG Tell that to Marco Rubio, elected to the Senate with a NEGATIVE net worth. What was Obama net worth in 2004 when he decided to run for Senate? ALMOST NOTHING.
    3.Eliminating regulations on businesses, lowering taxes on EVERYONE, and removing government from the marketplace has ALWAYS lowered unemployment, increased salaries, and increased GDP growth. The opposite has always been true as well. GOVERNMENT KILLS JOBS, it does not create them.
    4. A vote for one person is NEVER a vote for another person. voting for Toomey in no way shape or form equals a vote for Trump. If you have ever voted, you would know there are separate boxes for this very purpose. One can vote for Toomey and leave the top line blank, that is your constitutional right.
    5. Toomey wont endorse or chastise Trump because he is a GOOD REPUBLICAN. He is following Reagan’s 11th commandment, ” do not speak ill of other Republicans” He wont endorse, because he does not agree with everything the man says. OH MY GOSH, a principled politician, and you are all chastising him for being what everyone has been begging for, for years. He is the guy who votes based on principles, not party.
    6. Katie McGinty was a HUGE disaster at the state level. increase taxes, increase costs, increase regulations. lets face it PA, we

  3. I’m disappointed in the whole system. No good choice in any of the elections. The wealthy keep buying seats in government, making regulations to benefit themselves, while trampling the middle class. We pay all the taxes, yet have no representation. The best candidates to govern this country aren’t wealthy enough to mount a campaign for an office. The wealthy spend billions on elections to elect their puppets and we pay all the tax money for them to play with. Makes absolutely no sense. I think this country is on the fast-track to hell.

  4. Pat Toomey has been part of a Senate that has consistently, and proudly, avoided doing its job for his entire 6 years in the Senate. I have serious issues with someone who has been hired to do a job, and not done it. The meeting with, and hearings on, the Presidents SCOTUS nomination is case and point. He needs to step down, and let someone who will do the job take the job. I cannot understand why anyone would vote for any sitting Senator. Particularly a Republican considering the way that party has abdicated doing their jobs as part of an obstructionist ideology.

  5. Toomey is a smarter version of Rick Santorum. He is politically right wing free trader as Santorum. Toomey just doesn’t talk about his radical views in a Blue State. Example: Toomey as a Congressman sent our troops to war. Toomey as a Senator has voted 12 times against bills in the Senate that help returning Veterans. Toomey always talks favorably about the legislation before he votes against it. Pat Toomey is a weasel. Example #2 : Pat Toomey tried to Fast Track TTP legislation through the Senate for two years until he started losing in the polls to McGinty. Now he is against it. If reelected Pat Toomey will become friends again with his Chinese friends again and will support TTP. Pat Toomey is Club For Growth Poster Boy. Pat Toomey will never change. Pat Toomey will do and say anything right now so PAT TOOMEY CAN BE REELECTED !!!!!!

  6. At a time when the economy and national security are major concerns of the Congress, it is no time to send an ideological rookie to the Senate to represent the Commonwealth. Pat Toomey has earned another term as U.S. Senator.


  7. No one has worked harder for the citizens of Red China than Pat Toomey. His backers in that communist country will be much pleased when he wins. Our Manchurian candidate.

  8. @ FYI considering Fast Eddie Rendell is in business upwards to 8 million a year in profits with the owners of the Daily news inquirer his Stooge Lenfestv will endorse whatever they tell him. KATIE IS A HORRIBLE CANDIDATE WITH AN EQUALLY HORRIBLE TRACK RECORD.

  9. Glad to see Marcel Groen posting here again – he’s such an astute politician! Annointing a crappy candidate instead one of the two guys who would be wiping the floor with Toomey right now. Corporate Katie is as amoral and corrupt as Toomey, though – just like at the top of the ticket. It’s a Wave Year for corrupt lady politicans!

  10. Pat Toomey is too far to the extreme right for such a moderate state. His election was a fluke in a wave year and it’s being corrected.

  11. Inquirer Editorial: Katie McGinty for the U.S. Senate

    If corporations were people, Pennsylvania’s Republican freshman Sen. Pat Toomey would be the right senator for them. His approach to governance is to slash regulations and taxes to help companies, which he believes would provide good paying jobs. But that hasn’t worked for average people struggling with flat wages, job insecurity and wondering why so little of the good economic news isn’t about them.

    Toomey, 54, would eliminate Obamacare and let the marketplace decide to provide benefits like covering children up to age 26. He’d kill an agency that keeps lenders from preying on consumers and return to the days of low-regulation and low-oversight of Wall Street, which led to the financial meltdown.
    He opposes forcing companies to clean up greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming, a factor in the spate of floods and wildfires ravaging the country. And, he favors Supreme Court decisions that allow unlimited corporate funds to persuade voters in elections.

    A product of the radical right, Toomey voted to shut down the government over raising the debt ceiling rather than find a civil solution. But, in a stellar moment, he crossed the aisle to seek background checks for those who wish to purchase guns. He failed, but says he’d try again if re-elected. Let’s hope it’s with more conviction than his politically expedient equivocation over whether to support his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, an admitted serial molester.

    In contrast, there is no doubt that Toomey’s challenger, Democrat Katie McGinty, has the interests of Pennsylvania’s people at heart. She speaks as a woman who grew up working class in Philadelphia and struck out on a career in public service, advising President Bill Clinton on the environment, leading Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and serving, albeit briefly, as Gov. Wolf’s chief of staff.
    McGinty, 53, wants to raise the minimum wage, expand child care credits and fight for equal pay for women. She would invest in research, skilled manufacturing and renewable energy. McGinty wants to expand pre-kindergarten, improve public schools, make college affordable and training available to adults. She would lower health care costs by decreasing co-payments and high deductibles and cut abusive drug pricing.

    These candidates’ sharp disagreements on issues should be enough to distinguish them in a tight race, but they and their supporters are exaggerating each other’s ethical lapses. For example, after leaving the Clinton administration, McGinty worked with a law firm that erroneously listed her as a lobbyist for a few days on a disclosure form. The attack is a distortion. But when McGinty worked as the state’s environmental secretary, she oversaw contracts awarded to an advocacy group which hired her husband as a $3,700 consultant.
    The Ethics Commission rightly chided her. This isn’t good but not as egregious as Toomey’s forces claim. She attacks Toomey for sitting on the Senate Banking Committee while holding bank stock. That doesn’t violate ethics rules.

    Because she has a genuine grasp on the human consequences of government policies and seeks to improve the quality of life for all, The Inquirer endorses KATIE MCGINTY for U.S. Senate.


  12. A vote for Toomey is not a vote for Trump. That makes absolutely no sense. Looks like Clinton is going to win, so I’m happy to have a check on her power in place.

    Funny how Both Clinton and McGinty both seem to struggle with the truth.

  13. Like I’ve been saying all year, a vote for Toomey is a vote for Trump. And what’s more, he’s even ashamed to admit it.

    Katie was polite yesterday and said it was because he didn’t have a backbone. I guess I’m a little more crude — he just doesn’t have the balls to say where he stands.

  14. These polls don’t matter much. Toomey will vote for Trump. That means he does not care about our Country.

    I’m with her.

  15. “Need strong women in Washington to wipe out the old boys network.”

    Yeah, like we sent that criminal/clown/moron Kathy Kane to Harrisburg to clean up and now we have to clean up after her.

  16. ShadyKatie should lose. Why aren’t the TOOMEY and RAFFERTY campaigns calling on McGinty and Shapiro to give back Johnny Docs racketeering money?? It’s a nobrainer. For that matter why isn’t this site doing a story on it? That criminal is largest Democratic political donor in the State. The silence is deafening. GOP go thru Shady Katies emails when she was chief of staff to Gov Wolf. Use keyword LOCAL 98. After a half a million dollars in campaign donations they appointed him to every board in the city.

  17. I was disappointed the person who always posts”Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?” didn’t get to this post yet.

    She is hardly a viable candidate. Shouldn’t be in the same room as Toomey.

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