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Reader Poll: What Should Tom Wolf’s First Priority Be?

Tom-WolfGovernor-Elect Tom Wolf has plenty of problems to deal with come January.

But which one should he tackle first?

Perhaps Wolf’s biggest campaign promise was a pledge to increase education spending. He also called for an extraction tax on the state’s natural gas drillers.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the legislature are still pushing for pension reform and liquor privatization.

Ultimately, whichever issue the next Governor decides to take on first will say a lot about the rest of his term.

What Should Tom Wolf’s First Priority as Governor Be?

  • An Extraction Tax on Natural Gas Drilling (35%)
  • Pension Reform (28%)
  • Increase Funding for Public Schools (18%)
  • Liquor Privatization (11%)
  • Something Else (9%)

Total Voters: 769

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14 Responses

  1. Repeal 2013 act 89 which increased our gas tax and also increased related DMV fees #1 title fee $50., tag fee$28.Reg fee unknown? plus other fees for special tags, etc.

  2. End the school property tax! The legislation is in place to do it; all we need is for the crooks in the GA to stop kissing the butts of the special interests that oppose the legislation.

  3. Medical marijuana. It passed 86% of the GOP-majority Senate last time, 100% of the GOP-majority Committee last time. Most in House support and that is solid bipartisan support. Not the frantic scramble by one party to find one supporter across the aisle so they can say “Phew, bipartisan.”

    Grab an easy win that shows cooperation to give PA something way over 80% (as high as 86%) of us want.

  4. Fund quality early ed for the neediest children. This will boost K-12 as more kids show up ready for kindergarten. It costs very little in the scope of things and makes a huge difference for children and their parents.

  5. Corbett had hope to ruin the lives of Pennsylvanians with his Healthy PA Crappy Program. Get rid of it if Wolf can. Corbett delayed this for years, as a buffoon known other wise as One Term Tom Corbett.
    Corbett was the worst person to ever line his own pockets in this state. Good riddance from all the people he short-changed

  6. He should pass the tax now, at the height of his popularity. Yeah, it’s popular, but it’s still a tax.

  7. B.J. – new Majority Leader was a cosponsor of last year’s house bill. It’ll get a vote.

  8. WHAT ABOUT THOSE SECRET ORDERS IN SECRET COURTS PREVENTING KATHLEEN KANE FROM PERFORMING HER JOB RESPONSIBILITEIS – preventing investigation, exposure, discussion and involvement in matter which affects the entire state.

    I am ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’ and I would really like to see the Constitutional and Injustice issues addressed.

    This link explains:

  9. Dork from York – Med Marijuana cannot easily pass the House, because the speaker is dead set against it.

  10. First, minimum wage could also pass the House and the Senate.

    Second, he will lead with paid sick leave. Bank it.

  11. Why medical marijuana wouldn’t be on here is beyond me. It’s the one thing that could easily pass the Senate and the House

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