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Reader Poll: Who Do You Believe Will Be the GOP Nominee in PA-9?

PA-9There will be a re-match this April.

Congressman Bill Shuster will once again try to fend off a primary challenge from Art Halvorson.

Rep. Shuster won in 2014 by a solid 53% to 35% margin but 2016 may have a different landscape.

The last few months Politico has published some damaging reports on Shuster’s relationship with an airline lobbyist. Halvorson, of course, is looking to capitalize as much as possible on these pieces.

Shuster’s critics believe he is now the most vulnerable he’s ever been, although this seat has been held by either the incumbent or his father since 1973.

So, we leave the question up to you.

Who Do You Believe Will Be the GOP Nominee in PA-9?

  • Bill Shuster (70%)
  • Art Halvorson (30%)

Total Voters: 5,451

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55 Responses

  1. We need integrity back in the 9th District. It is time for the Shuster DyNASTY to be shut down. Like his father before him Bill believes he can get away with wild un-Godly behaviors and political kickbacks from his crony friends. I hope and pray the good people of the 9th District will finally wake up and see the truth for a change. In 1974 I applied for an internship in Bud Shusters DC office. I was turned down. He didn’t want someone from the district in his office who would find out about his affair with Ann Eppert and the rest of his “ladies in waiting”. Now, Bill thinks he can throw it in our faces and believes we don’t care. Sorry Bill, WE DO CARE AND WILL VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE.

  2. The Shuster campaign is dysfunctional. Even with millions of dollars in the war chest, they have only just now, two months before the election, released one TV ad which recasts Shuster as an “outsider candidate.” Mail pieces from Shuster campaign are sporadic and their ground game is in shambles.

  3. This poll really doesn’t matter…Why wouldn’t Shuster get more votes as he gives $5000 a year to the Indiana County Republican Committee, a big donation to the IUP College Republican Club to do his dirty work like run up his numbers on this poll, and he gives lots of $$$ to our prominent local politicians. But it was Art Halvorson who was recently permitted to shake hands and hand out cards and bumper stickers at a HUGE church dinner in Indiana recently, had people lined up to meet him at the gun show (Shuster’s table was empty), and Art just had two large billboards erected by lots of local money donated by lots of small donations…Try all the tricks you want, Bill…the Indiana Co. people are leaving you in the dust or maybe in Florida lounging around the pool with Shelley. We need a REAL MAN of courage, honesty and integrity in D.C. ART HALVORSON IS GOING TO D.C!!!

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    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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