Reader Poll: Who Had the Worst 2015?

Wolf-Turzai2015 is a year Pennsylvania and its political observers won’t soon forget (but more on that later).

Still, only one can take home the “award” for worst 2015. There are a number of contenders.

Governor Tom Wolf and Speaker Mike Turzai have each been unable to get a budget in place nearly a year into their tenures.

Ed Pawlowski and Michael Eakin both found themselves in legal trouble while Kathleen Kane simply defied description.

So we leave the question up to you our readers. Which elected official who is still in office (sorry Rob McCord) had the worst past year?

Which Elected Official Had the Worst 2015?

  • Kathleen Kane (65%)
  • Mike Turzai (13%)
  • Tom Wolf (11%)
  • Ed Pawlowski (6%)
  • Michael Eakin (5%)

Total Voters: 1,035

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December 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Poll, Top Stories | 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Who Had the Worst 2015?”

  1. GOPguy says:

    The real answer is Rob Gleason

  2. rsklaroff says:

    @ d2:

    Who is your nominee – excluding yourself, of course, no matter the justification – for this “honor”?

  3. Isaac L. says:

    Misfits – didn’t realize Tom Corbett was posting to PoliticsPA now. Sour grapes much?

  4. David Diano says:


    First I’m seeing this. I was busy at work, then saw Star Wars, and just now looked at this thread again.

    My take on the story: Cranga and Carlson sound like a couple of @ssholes.

    “wanted to testify about the successful investigation they had helped to conduct,”

    Sounds more like they wanted to lie and pretend the sting investigation was legitimate. Cranga is a republican, and there are two Carlson (one Rep the other independent. Who thinks it’s the Rep?).

    Adam’s county has a 66-to-1 white/black ratio, and Cumberland is 30-to-1. Gee, why would anyone suspect bias in going after legislators who were all black democrats?

    “They want to be promoted to the jobs they were denied, with back pay, and request unspecified punitive damages.”

    F*ck them.

  5. rsklaroff says:

    Regarding the latest attack on AG-Kane, D2 is uncharacteristically silent; wouldn’t he want to know who had conveyed the “message”?

    “Carlson and Cranga claim that when they were subpoenaed to appear before the DA’s grand jury, Kane, through a subordinate, directed them to lie to the supervising judge and say they wanted to get an attorney before deciding whether to testify. That was just a ploy to buy time for an effort to quash their subpoenas, the agents claim”

  6. Rob McCord's cellmate says:

    You forgot my cellmate Rob and his buddy Ed.

  7. Misfits says:

    Tax Payers of Pennsylvania worse year ever.
    What a total joke. Wolf brags “I don’t take a wage” But he has cost tax payers MILLIONS!! you moron with his “my way” or “no way” Games. You are a disgrace Tom Wolf. Go hand out soup and take your side kick with you. Leave running government to the people that know how.
    House what another total joke. We elect 200 and some, 10 of them run the show, the others play reindeer games, selfies, dancing, playing politics’ on tax payers dime.
    Senate same 5 run the show while the others give capital tours.
    NOW you say LAYOFF state employees, So the only people doing any work get layoff notices while you bunch of Misfits play games. VOTE THEM ALL OUT… EACH and every one of them. VOTE THEM OUT!!!
    Wolf return to the kitchen and take your worthless appointment wolf misfits with you.

  8. David Diano says:

    The year’s not over yet! LOL 🙂

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