Reader Poll: Will the Budget Situation Be Resolved in 2016?

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of Gov. Wolf’s inauguration, and we still don’t have a full budget.

Yesterday, we proposed that this strange situation may be the new normal and that annual budgets may become an archaic form of legislating.

Already planning is under way for the next fiscal year and lawmakers in the State House are preparing for primaries. Not to mention the fact that the budget stalemate provides a number of issues each side can campaign on.

Given all this, is it possible that no singular budget is passed in 2016 either?

We leave the question up to you.

Will A Comprehensive Budget Agreement Be Reached in 2016?

  • No (64%)
  • Yes (36%)

Total Voters: 455

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2 Responses

  1. The Republican rats have no fiscal model to move the state ahead. Oh, they claim to be defenders of the citizenry by holding the line on taxes, but mired deeply in debt and deficit with little new money coming in to address these issues, well, they live in absolute fiscal fantasy land.

    Oh, they’re tough guys too, sort of like mobsters who have taken over a town and tell the businessmen they shake down and the cops and the DA who tries to stop them, that, if you mess with us, well, we’ll just go after your families! You wouldn’t want to see your little Johnny in a wheelchair for the rest of his life would you?

    Yep, these traitors to the state are no better than mobsters. Criminals really, It is not the governor holding school children hostage as THEY will tell you, rather it is the whole system of good government they hold hostage when they play their partisan games. They hurt no one but the very people they serve. They are a joke wrapped in a farce! Any decent public servant elected has had it with these boys. It seems like thair is just a handful of them who are the real gangsters. The rest of the gang just falls in line because they are too fearful or timid to stand up to these bullies who “lead” them.

    When the history of this era in Pennsylvania politics is written surely their will be plenty to go around. However the blame will rest squae=rely on the Republican criminal gang running the show down their now. Funny though, how things don’t last forever. Thankfully.

    They will pay the price for being the rats they are. The bastards!

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