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SD-6: Not Enough Votes For Davis to Unseat Tomlinson

The GOP appears to holds on this seat in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

State Sen. Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) has “appeared” to have edged out Democratic challenger, state Rep. Tina Davis (D-Bucks) after the Board of Elections has worked through 100 provisional ballots in the race for the 6th state Senatorial district, according to the Patch.

The Patch was relayed this information via email with Bucks County spokesman Larry King, who said by this afternoon, does not see enough votes to “change the result of the race” between Tomlinson and Davis.

“The provisional ballots have not yet been broken down for the Tomlinson/Davis race, but obviously those numbers would not be enough to change the result of the race at this point,” King said in an email to Patch. “However, we would need to make sure all of the ballots are counted, including all of the absentees, before knowing whether the final unofficial margin has narrowed or widened appreciably.”

The deadline for military and overseas ballots to arrive, and be counted in the election, is 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

The unofficial results for this race showed that Tomlinson bested Davis by just 100 votes. Although the race appears to be over, the Patch reports that the race “likely won’t be certified by the elections board until next week at the earliest.”

Tomlinson declared victory Wednesday morning following the election, while the Davis campaign has yet to publicly concede.

The Patch reports that Davis is “well within” the state’s legal margin to request a recount, but observers believe it would unlikely change the outcome.

This looks to be a rare victory for the GOP in the Philadelphia suburbs, where four Republican held state Senate seats were flipped to Democratic control. The Republicans lost a total of 5 state Senate seats in this election, with the only one outside of Southeastern Pennsylvania coming in the Pittsburgh region. The Democrats also picked up a number of state House seats in the collar counties as well.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) was one of the other lone Republicans to have successful re-election bids in the Philadelphia suburbs, defeating Democratic challenger Scott Wallace in the majority Bucks County district.

Despite the victories from Fitzpatrick and Tomlinson, Bucks County voted for statewide Democratic candidates by overwhelming margins. Gov. Tom Wolf won the county by 18 points, while Sen. Bob Casey carried it by 14 points.  

Davis comfortably won re-election for her state House seat by taking down Republican challenger Anthony Sposato.

8 Responses

  1. Tina Davis is just a horrible person. Take it from someone who has known her for over a decade. Everything Tina does or has done is for the advancement of herself. She doesn’t care about her constituents. How many bills of hers have been passed into law? It looks like state rep is as high as she will go politically.

  2. Congrats Tina on running hard against a scum bag who needed to attack you and your family to retain his seat. Tomlinson you coward you should be ashamed of your race. Attacking a women who you know is a sweet loving wife and mother. She never attacked your family and everyone knows that past you’ve been hiding… you were crying that she would … well Tina took the higher road….
    You creep, call yourself a man, you didn’t have the guts to tell your campaign to not go after her family…
    The old saying came true when blowing out her candle to make yours shine brighter won this race…hope your satisfied…

    Bucks county should be ashamed to support you. Go to Harrisburg and sit at the bar by your lonesome self and consponsor bills… you suck !!!!
    One thing I know the out come proved that Tina Davis will be Bucks county next Senator!!!!!

    1. Tina, you lost. Relax. And stop saying you didn’t attack his family. You spent 500K attacking his funeral home. Go back to the house and pass 0 bills again you waste.

    2. the person you discribe sounds like tina davis to me ,who else would run for two offices and if she won the senate cost the taxpayers for a special election , i call this greed

  3. Keep thinking that way Makefield. Keep thinking that way. lolol. This was a high-water mark for Democrats in Lower Bucks. And lucky for Tomlinson and Fitzpatrick, John Cordisco picked two horrible candidates in Scott Wallace and Tina Davis. Otherwise D’s would have won. But now as the water’s recede, we’ll see who really controls things.

    1. Haha. As an R, I laugh at that. You think the suburbs are done flipping blue? This is why we are losing them. Rs are complacent.

  4. This proves that lower bucks is ample opportunity to see the next State Senate race go Dem. This area has been trending Dem for a long time and I just don’t see Tomlinson as an “R” being the future of Bucks. Dems should take heart with these results and realize that lower bucks is Dem territory.

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