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Ups and Downs – August 5

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It’s time for our weekly feature – Ups and Downs – where we select who had a good week … and who could have had a better week … for the seven days ending August 5.   Up arrow Reproductive Rights advocates. The resounding victory in support of reproductive rights in the state of Kansas reverberated around the country, especially in Pennsylvania. With a potential constitutional amendment of its own staring it in the face as early as May 2023, it was a sign that advocates needed.   Up arrowMehmet Oz. The GOP candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat picked up a valuable endorsement from the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police this week in the group’s annual meeting in Erie.   Down arrowDoug Mastriano. The GOP candidate for governor continues to call out the media as biased and serving the left, then refuses to speak with local and state reporters. His campaign has also attempted to exclude credentialed reporters from attending events. Mastriano also called out the PA Supreme Court for its decision to uphold the constitutionality of Act 77.   Down arrowPat Toomey. The retiring U.S. Senator ended up on the wrong side of history as the PACT Act was passed by the Senate by a resounding 86-11 vote over his objections.   Down arrowPaige Riegner. The former director of election services from Berks County resigned her position last Friday after a five-month tenure. The County has been plagued with difficulties with its electronic pollbook rollout. She had previously served as chief of staff to Rep. Ryan Mackenzie.   Down arrowLeigh Chapman. The acting Secretary of the Commonwealth was under the gun from election directors around the Commonwealth, according to sources, during the group’s annual enclave at Seven Springs. As the Department of State continues to pursue counties to certify their primary election results, other counties cannot continue the process of preparing for the general election in the fall.   Brian Fitzpatrick. The incumbent PA-01 Republican was the lone member of the Commonwealth’s GOP congressional contingent not to sign an endorsement letter for Doug Mastriano for governor. He cited a scheduling conflict as the reason for not meeting with the controversial candidate.   Down arrowMatt Dowling. The 51st District state representative just wants his name off the ballot. However, since Fayette County is one of four counties that have not officially certified their primary election … he is not the official winner, despite earning 60 percent of the GOP vote. Dowling is now suing the Department of State to be declared the victor.

2 Responses

  1. Down arrow: Pat Toomey has not only spent his entire career on the wrong side of history… he ACTIVELY fought to be on that wrong side, and ALWAYS ignored advocates for positions that didn’t fit his religious adherence to extreme right wing positions and orthodoxy (despite significant majority support)

    1. Hey Dan, See you on here a lot and you’re always wrong so figured I’d step in here. Statistically speaking, Toomey in the top half of bipartisan Senators in the country over his time in the Senate…so you’re wrong (I know hard to believe right?!). Would you rather have Shady Katie McGinty, who only proved the nickname right by being the Chief Sustainability Officer of Johnson Controls, which is being sued for grossly contaminating the environment with PFAS chemicals? Stop the blind partisanship and read something, Dan.


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