5/2 Ups and Downs

Just over two weeks until the primary election and the vitriol determined this week’s arrows. See who all made the list!

Up ArrowGovernor Tom Corbett. Every time that the Democrats running for the gubernatorial nomination attack each other and dredge up opposition research, they make the Governor’s campaign just a bit easier. This week, Allyson Schwartz wailed Tom Wolf for his loyalty to Steven Stetler, Rob McCord essentially said Wolf was tolerant of racism in the City of York. They haven’t given up on the loan he took out either. All of these attacks are tailor-made for a negative advertisement against Wolf in the event that he’s the nominee, which will keep Corbett’s creative budget low for advertising. Not that he’ll have to worry much about cost, late last week, the Governor had a single fundraiser that brought in more than $500,000.

Down ArrowRep. Harry Readshaw. Last week, Readshaw was accused of producing a misleading advertisement about the transportation funding bill. This week, he released an ad with similar assertions, and in this one, lump his opponent, Rep. Erin Molchany into the old school Harrisburg establishment; however, Molchany is a first term representative, and has served a mere fraction of the time of Readshaw. Planned Parenthood also released an anti-Readshaw ad that will run in Pittsburgh. This is the second ad from a third-party attacking Readshaw. Keystone Progress unleashed a similar effort last week.

Up ArrowState Senator Mike Stack. Not only is Stack running in the Pittsburgh marathon, but he’s doing it to raise money for Planned Parenthood, an interest group that has been important in his work in the State Senate. He also unveiled his media buy this morning, with saturation far more impressive than any other candidate in the field for Lt. Gov. will be able to afford. He’ll also be starting earlier – May 6, giving him a solid two weeks on the air for one of the lowest profile races in the state.

Down ArrowMark Critz. Leading LGBT organization Equality PA released their list of endorsements this week, and while they are lending support to many candidates in General Assembly races and some congressional, they didn’t pick a favorite in either of the statewide races, Governor and Lieutenant Governor. They declared that each of the candidates satisfactorily represented their interests, all but one – former Congressman Mark Critz. According to Equality PA, his positions on LGBT issues are so unacceptable, they saw fit to issue an anti-endorsement, essentially an “Anybody But Critz” statement.

Up ArrowTom Wolf. The entire field on both sides of the aisle is after him, and it hasn’t mae a bit of difference in polling. The latest poll, and first in over a month, shows Wolf at 38% and his closest opponent, Allyson Schwartz at a very distant 13%. All of the candidates are on TV, each are attacking Wolf and still, he’s posting a double digit margin with just over two weeks until the big day.

Down Arrow Bob Guzzardi. After a Commonwealth judge ruled that Guzzardi could remain on the ballot, the Supreme Court overruled the decision and the Republican challenger will not appear on the ballot in the gubernatorial primary.


Tweet of the week goes to campaign lawyer Adam Bonin for nabbing Tom Wolf and his body double in the same place.

13 Responses

  1. ” . . . wailed on Tom Wolf”? Do you mean “whale”? Granted that Allyson was really wailing, but I think you have the wrong word.
    (from Merriam Webster) Definition of WHALE

    transitive verb
    : lash, thrash
    : to strike or hit vigorously
    : to defeat soundly

  2. Our acting governor is in the morgue with the Bakers, the Aicheles and all the crony necrophiliacs while the cavemen and women have themselves a rollicking good time with whoever is vulnerable at the bar. The moral munchkins are dancing and singing in their high pitched voices because they have neutered the Edmund Burke of Pennsylvania.

  3. Maybe Adam Bonin would be happier if his candidate Allyson Schwartz (he is paid by her) was running against Steve Haas instead of Tom Wolf. She might have a chance to win. But until then, no chance.

  4. Bob Guzzardi would not sit in the back of the bus. The GOP establishment had him arrested and sent to court for daring to challenge the status quo. The supreme court sent him to electoral jail for violating an unjust law designed to keep free thinking people from standing against the establishment. He is indeed the first martyr of the new civil rights movement to end participatory segregation by the political class of both parties. The motto of the Harrisburg cronies, consultants and lobbyists when it comes to participation by real people is “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”

  5. Bob Guzzardi does not deserve a down arrow. If you guys were around before the revolution, you would have given Crispus Attucks a down arrow for being murdered by the British in the Boston Massacre. The supreme court slew a modern day Attucks in Guzzardi … the first to defy, the first to die, the first to pour out his blood as a libation to liberty.

  6. I like Mark Critz because he is not ashamed to speak out about traditional gender roles, traditional marriage, being pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-jobs in extractive industries like coal and natural gas. Plenty of people are making ends meet by leasing their property to drillers. That means more marriages and more babies. Plus, those are good paying jobs which means mom can stay at home and dad can take the kids hunting. Not everyone wants to live at home with the grandparents and get deeper in debt by going to college.

  7. Standing up for “traditional marriage” is wrong because tradition is subjective and every day kids kill themselves because their society tells them they are hated by God because of their God given natural sexual urges.

    Standing up for making it incredibly easy for people to die violent deaths is morally wrong, just ask the parents of all those kids who died in Newtown, CT. And NRA voters have the temerity to call the liberals “baby killers” because of their recognition of the regrettable necessity of safe and legal abortion access. How many babies get killed in gun accidents and gun crimes every day?

    Standing up for fracking is wrong because anybody who thinks it’s just fine the environment be poisoned deserves to die of the cancer they will get from being contaminated with fracking chemicals. Too bad lots of other innocent people who aren’t moral morons will also get cancer and die meanwhile we love you has company masters oh benevolent gas company masters!

  8. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running as a Write In Candidate for Governor on The Democratic Ticket . He will run right up the Middle and Clinch the Nomination

  9. WHY CAROL AICHELE MUST RESIGN OR WE OUR ALL CORBETT FAMILY!!! So the State Department which is charged among other duties to promote a working democracy in PA failed in its bogus advice to Bob Guzzardi. I know that Carol is a 100% CORBETT political hack but shouldn’t she protect the interests of the 75% of the voting public who want Corbett to go to his retirement home in South Carolina, sooner rather than later? Bob Guzzardi: I know you see the world differently than Carol’s husband Steve Aichele, Corbett’s first FAILURE as Chief of Staff. The Aichele’s got you good; Now it is time for Carol to return to private life because her department is not representing the interests of PA: only those who want to continue feeding off the dead political body of Tom Corbett. http://youtu.be/oMVe_HcyP9Y

  10. The supreme court should get a down arrow for taking Pennsylvania’s one hope to overthrow corrupt institutional cronyism and lynching him. Mr Guzzardi dared to dream of freedom from consultants, lobbyists and parasites. They hanged him like John Brown. Comes the whirlwind, comes the fire.

  11. How is standing up for traditional marriage, gun rights and fracking wrong? Mr. Critz has the support of every leader in Allegheny county for his forthright defense of these issues.

  12. I’m sorry, I have to: “Allyson Schwartz *whaled* Tom Wolf for his loyalty…” Unless there was gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, I doubt she wailed.

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