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Scranton City Hall

Good morning politicos, lots of news today. Here’s the Buzz. Philly viewers will see $393K of anti-Kathleen Kane ads starting today. The PAGOP will elaborate this morning on internal polling showing Obama just 1 point ahead of Romney. And the congressional races are heating up.

Thursday: National GOP Group to Target Kane on Philly TV: A national group aimed at electing Republican state officials will unleash an attack ad against Kathleen Kane starting Thursday, two media-buying sources tell PoliticsPA.

PAGOP Poll: Obama 48, Romney 47: The Pa. Republican Party will release an internal poll on Thursday that shows Mitt Romney within 1 point of Barack Obama.

To Err is Human; To Forgive? Ask Eaton: Let he or she who has never committed a typo throw the frist stoen. Democratic challenger Missa Eaton aggressively criticized incumbent Rep. Mike Kelly over a statement by a spokesman that he was campaigning in northeast Pa. rather than northwest.

Politically Uncorrected: Electoral College Roulette: In this column, Madonna and Young discuss modern campaigns and the Electoral College. Specifically, they say the system is a flawed one that panders to “swing states” while largely ignoring problems faced by the rest, since their vote can already be predicted before Election Day.

Debate Drama Across PA Congressional Races: What’s the key issue in the U.S. House races in Pennsylvania this election? Where to debate. It’s a tale as old as time: challenger wants 100 debates, the incumbent agrees to one 30 minute forum at 7 a.m. the Monday before the election.

Josh Romney Coming to PA: Who needs candidates? This Thursday, western Pa. voters will have the opportunity to hear from Mitt Romney’s son, Josh.

Romney Taps Toomey for Redistribution Jab: Sen. Pat Toomey Wednesday lent his voice to Mitt Romney’s latest attempt to win some momentum from his “47 percent” comments.

Post-Gazette Backs Maher: Endorsement season is officially upon us, and Republican Auditor General candidate John Maher has won the first: from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Corbett for President? The Guv is heading to New Hampshire to raise money for GOP gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne. Here’s part of the lede from WMUR Manchester: “The visit could raise a lot of money for Lamontagne and raise the prospect that Corbett is testing the waters on a 2016 presidential run.”

Legislative Election Updates

The Political Action Committee of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association released its list of bipartisan state House endorsements this week. The list is at the bottom of the Buzz.

SD-47: The Pa. AFL-CIO officially endorsed Dem Kim Villella in her race against Sen. Elder Vogel (R-Beaver). “Kim understands that in order to have a strong economy and customer base, our region needs to have a strong middle class,” said Beaver-Lawrence Central Labor Council President Richard Galiano. “With her experience investing in our infrastructure and proven track record in manufacturing, Kim is exactly what our members and their friends and families are looking for.”

SD-49: Dem Sean Wiley Wednesday boasted an endorsement from Bob Spaulding, who served as the Director of the Economic Development for the County of Erie. Spaulding  wrote, “a successful economic area is built from the ground up, by having students receive the education they need, having safe communities, and a strong social services community. All of these things have suffered recently. Once those building blocks are in place, our community economy and job market will bloom. Wiley understands this.”

HD-131: Dem Kevin Deely, challenging Rep. Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) has a press conference today on education. It’s at 4pm outside of South Mountain Middle School, Emmaus Ave. and Church St., Allentown.

HD-134: John Reynard may be a long shot to unseat new Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh), but he knows how to throw a good jab: “What is the difference between me and Ryan?” he asked the approximately 20 people who came out in the rain for the program at Fire Co. #1 in Emmaus. “Ryan has done two things in his life — gone to Harvard and worked in politics. He’s never owned a home, never paid property taxes, and as far as I know, he’s never had a girlfriend.”

ThinkProgress: Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law [Rep. Daryl Metcalfe] Defends Romney, Says ‘Lazy’ People Also Shouldn’t Vote
National Journal: Maybe Romney Really Is ‘Severely Conservative’
Politico: Pew: Obama 51, Romney 43
The Hill: GOP ‘war on coal’ bill gets veto threat
Wall Street Journal: Topics Announced for First Obama-Romney Debate
FiveThirtyEight: Obama’s Lead Looks Stronger in Polls That Include Cellphones

Capitol Ideas: Not entirely bad news for Gov. Corbett in new Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll.
Capitol Ideas: PA Senate panel hears testimony on payday lending bill.
Capitol Ideas: Massachusetts Mayors: President Romney wouldn’t be a friend to public transit.
Capitol Ideas: Things To Look At: A state-by-state map of voter fraud cases.
State House Sound Bites: Links: An undecisive decision, a second plea for clemency, & PA’s tax shirkers
PA Independent: Expanding DNA collection comes at cost to taxpayer
Capitolwire: Supreme Court tells judge to ensure Voter ID available, report by Oct. 2.

Inquirer: Protesters disrupt Corbett’s town hall at Art Museum
Inquirer: Corbett, Christie defend Romney remarks
Daily News: Democrats at 30th Street Station blast GOP Amtrak platform
Inquirer: Latino group airs complaints about police in Norristown
Daily News: Controller blasts city for dispute over Point Breeze lot
Inqurier: Report: Philly becoming less taxing
Philly.com: Protecting Romney, Christie kills the messenger
PhillyClout: GOP group to slam Kathleen Kane in Attorney General race
PhillyClout: Bedlam at City Commission on salaries, promotions & hires
PhillyClout: Voter ID headed back to lower court
PhillyClout: City will get $1.5 million federal grant for crime prevention programs
PhillyNow: PA Must Prove to Commonwealth Court That It Can Provide IDs by Election Day
Philly Tribune: Rally provides information about voter ID
WHYY Newsworks: Tax burden lightens for Philly residents
WHYY Newsworks: Study: Tax burden on Philadelphians has gone down relative to suburbs
WHYY Newsworks: On the stump for Romney, Corbett defends candidate in wake of video

Pottstown Mercury: Court’s voter ID ruling draws reader reaction
AP: Attacks heat up in race for Pa. seat in U.S. Senate
Delco Daily Times: Reactions mixed in Delco as Voter ID law sent to lower court for review
Montgomery Media: Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears reapportionment arguments

KDKA: Panel Discusses Role of Twitter In Covering 2012 Election
KDKA: Local Internet Marketing Firm Profiles Undecided Voters
Post Gazette: Corbett to NH for gov. Candidate
Post Gazette: Hasen: ID decision “quite odd”

Daily American: Rothfus stumps for Romney in Somerset, blames Obama for coal industry woes
Indiana Gazette: CAMPAIGN 2012: GOP candidate for state attorney general speaks at IUP
Times Online: No doubt about it now, Mitt Romney has no shame

The Times-Tribune: Scranton Parking Authority denies grievances of furloughed employees
Daily Item: Northumberland County political parties offer Voter ID registration help
Standard Speaker: Latest city council political fight includes call for impeachment
Daily Review: Romney bus visits Towanda Pa. campaign manager speaks with local Republican Committee

South Central
AP: Report: ‘Fast and Furious’ report faults Justice Department, not Attorney General Eric Holder
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Report: Local Obama backers tout Amtrak at Lancaster Train Station
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Report: Pundits divided on Pennsylvania’s voter ID law

USA Today: Editorial: Electronic voting still too wild
The Times-Tribune: Court fumbles, another punts
Philadelphia Inquirer: Strike did raise valid topic
Philadelphia Daily News: Romney’s ’47 percent’ speech is 100 percent offensive
Philly Weekly: The GOP Fights a Losing Battle in PA
WHYY Newsworks: Voter ID decision seems like common sense
Tribune Review: The voter ID ruling: a poison pill

The Liberty Blog: Believe in Big Government: The Wizardry of Obama
The Liberty Blog: Democratic 1% of 1%: Harry Reid – Getting Rich From Government – Democratic Double Standard Double Talkers
Lehigh Valley Independent: Increase Total Immigration
Lehigh Valley Independent: HD-134: Burn!
PA Lu-Lac Political Letter: The LuLac Edition #2201
Pennsylvania Progressive: The Manufacturing Jobs Score by President Since 1948
Keystone Politics: Romney Bus Runs Over The Rights of Handicapped Drivers
Keystone Politics: How Might Romney’s Comments Trashing Half the Country Affect the Race?
Citizens’ Call: Township’s Budget Process Kicks Off Early Next Month
Citizens’ Call: Rally Against Fracking Set to Confront Gas Industry Leaders at Annual Philadelphia Conference

Here are the PSNA PAC endorsements:

1st     Representative  Patrick Harkins -D
5th     Mr.  Jason  White -D
10th    Representative Jaret Gibbons -D
18th    Representative Gene DiGirolamo – R
26th    Representative Tim Hennessey -R
28th    Representative Mike Turzai -R
36th    Representative Harry Readshaw -D
61st    Representative Kate Harper -R
68th    Representative Matthew Baker -R
94th    Representative  Stan Saylor -R
98th    Representative David Hickernell -R
116th   Representative Tarah Toohil – R
117th   Representative  Karen Boback -R
119th   Representative Gerald Mullery -D
121st   Representative  Eddie Day Pashinski -D
126nd   Mr.  James  Billman -R
129th   Representative  Jim Cox -R
132nd   Mr. Mike Schlossberg -D
143rd   Representative Marguerite Quinn -R
152nd   Representative Tom Murt -R
160th   Representative Stephen Barrar -R
165th   Representative William Adolph -R
183rd   Representative Julie Harhart -R
194th   Representative Pamela DeLissio -D

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