Backstage at PA Society

waldorf-astoriaEvery year at around this time, every journalist writes a piece like this which attempts to convey what PA Society is to those who have never been.

It’s not an easy assignment, given that insight isn’t exactly welcome at the Waldorf.

Someone in my position is always asked what scoops I’ve picked up in my travels. In reality, there are few if any real breaking news stories that occur during PA Society. The idea, rather, is to make news beforehand and get everyone talking or to try and push a narrative that you hope is picked up afterward.

An example of the former was the report about Pat Meehan looking at a Senate run while an instance of the latter were the efforts to push Jim Cawley to jump into the Governor’s race.

No doubt the Republican establishment favors the former Lt. Governor over firebrand State Senator Scott Wagner. Yet Wagner was not absent from the Big Apple this weekend, in fact he hosted his own party.

You heard that right. The trash-talking, union-bashing, metaphorical baseball-bat swinging conservative threw himself his own New York City shindig.

Governor Wolf, on the other hand, chose to stay in Philadelphia instead. A decision that was, by the way, universally panned by all the attendees.

That being said the Governor should really take advantage of all this and portray himself as the true man of the people while chastising his critics and opponents as out of touch.

After all, if there’s one lesson Democrats should’ve learned this year it’s that a controversial, wealthy Republican can win over the hearts of populist America.

In fact, the one overarching spectre of this weekend was the man with the inexplicable combover who will soon become the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump didn’t make an appearance (like he did last year) but his was still the name on everyone’s lips, as those who believe Trump to be the coming of the apocalypse hobnobbed alongside those who helped him carry the Keystone State.

trump-towerAll the while, Trump Tower stood only a few blocks away. Good luck getting there though, as the NYPD has practically turned the surrounding area into a fortress. Still hundreds gather to gawk at the 58-story building and imagine life in Donald’s golden penthouse.

As I joined them, I was reminded of a quote from the interview Trump gave for his prized 1990 Playbook cover, in which he was asked about these gaudy lifestyle displays.

“Props for the show,” he replied.

It actually makes sense then that he would one day become President. After all, politics is the greatest show on Earth. It has 100% brand awareness and a whopping 60% participation rate!

So if you really want to know what Pennsylvania Society weekend is like, think of it as a trip backstage. You will gain a greater understanding of the actors, the dynamics and the theatrics.

Just be aware that you’ll never look at the show the same way again.

7 Responses

  1. Governor Rendell gets it. Senator Casey gets it. Attorney General Shapiro gets it. Auditor General Gets it. Treasurer Torsella Gets it. Chairman Groen Gets it.
    Attending PA Society building relationships. Bring jobs back to Pennsylvania. Bring money back to Pa.
    Wolf is a moron. Has no clue. Set up photo of soup kitchen instead of working to bring jobs to the poor he thinks scooping out soup helps. They need jobs not your 5 minute (all about you) photo.
    Wolf complete MORON.
    Thank God we have elected people that GET IT.

  2. Folks were really buzzing about the League of 1789 event on Saturday.

    This being Philadelphia Councilman Derek Greens shindig that he’s put on with a couple of his pals since ’11.

    Word has it that he proved that he has become a real power broker.

    Major law and financial firms sponsored it along with a big beverage company.

    New York AND Pennsylvania players were said to have shown up to bend his ear and chat up some folks.

    Apparently Mr. Green has arrived and folks are taking notice.

  3. Wolfe showed up once as Governor elect. Big mistake in my opinion for being a two year NO SHOW. It’s a party LIGHTEN UP.
    All that being said, Wolfe and Casey are in for a dog fight and maybe a primary fight in 2018
    Kane missed it this year also
    ps nice to see you Friday night at the Waldorf Nick

  4. When was the last time a popular politician was criticized for attending?

    Wolf stayed home because nobody likes him. If he was doing his job, nobody would care about a weekend in NYC.

    Same for the rest – do a good job, and nobody will care that you took the weekend off and went to NYC for a few drinks. Do a crappy job, and we’ll scrutinize every Starbucks run.

  5. Prediction #1 – the comb over will not be inaugurated. One of two things can happen: the Electoral college will vote against him; or, there will be a new election without Russia’s participation.

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